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  1. I am hyped to read some of these replies and hear there are plans to make a spiritual successor to Jalopy. I know it is probably years out and work hasnt even started on it but I always felt like Jalopy was a goldmine of untapped potential with uniquely charming, excellent gameplay that got cut short content wise due to publisher interference which screwed them over in the long run after looking at the Road to Guangdong store page.

    Good luck on your current game and I wish for the best. I will probably purchase it myself at some point since I enjoy decorating homes and it seems like a neat concept but Jalopy filled a niche for me no other game has. Myself as well as many others will be waiting eagerly for your next project.

    1. Thanks for the support!

      We’re currently fleshing out a prototype for the spiritual successor and we’re pretty happy with it. The only downside is that it’s in Unity, so we may need to port the project which will delay things a fair bit. For now, we’re not entirely sure if Unity will backtrack on their changes so the plan is to produce a solid prototype, and see if it’s got legs.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out, it really does help guide what we work on knowing what the community is excited for.


      1. I’m realy Thrilled that there will be a successor for Jalopy. I have been Playing it since 2018 and Tbh I love it. All the Best for development and hope to see some updates soon

  2. i got a question will you guys ever think off bring out a remastered version off the game the game is a special game

    1. Would love to do a Jalopy Remaster some day, but there’s no plans right now. Maybe 2028 to mark 10 years? Mite b cool.

  3. I really liked the game landlord super. Of course, there are a lot of bugs that spoil it, some mechanics frankly cause irritation. Not by type, but by their implementation. Also, there is a lack of the possibility of repairing the purchase and sale of more than one site. Causes bewilderment of mechanics with the transfer of small parts. But the game is already worthy of its place among the games. By the way, why Minsk? You clearly have nothing to do with this city if you have not added the Russian language.

  4. Hey, I’ve recently bought Landlord Super and I was instantly hooked. I absolutely love it, it’s a great game, and I’m looking forward to what content is next.
    After playing it for 50 hours and looking that I probably still have 100 more to go until I get tired of it.
    So I wanted to ask, how much content do you plan on add to this game?
    Will it be the kind of game that is constantly updated and releasing content DLCS, or once the game is all rounded up you are going to go with another project?
    And on a side note, do you plan on adding wiring or plumbing, or even gas layout to the house construction? Or it would be an incredible chore for such a niche feature that probably would frustrate most of the players?
    Coming from base builders games I love the management of wires and tubes, but I’ve never watched it on a 3D game (satisfactory but that’s literally the deal of the game).
    I can imagine that having wires and tubes all over the place will lock your walls into one position and make any change of furniture and walls an incredible chore, but maybe you’re able to create a system that isn’t too punishing and actually enjoyable.

    1. Hey thanks for supporting us! Glad to hear you’re having a good time.

      So the next content planned is aimed at getting us out of Early Access. Achievements, controller support, credits, quality of life and bug fixes.

      This is mainly due to the long tail of the game teetering off enough that we now need to focus on developing a new game to keep the studio running.

      We did plan on adding plumbing, electricity, gardening and driving. These features are unfortunately too ambitious for the popularity of the game currently. Though with another project, and revenue stream, under our belt, it’s possible we’ll be able to return to big updates in the future.

      Thanks again, Greg

  5. I know a lot of people probably asked you already, but as a really big fan of both of your games i want to know if the next project is gonna be the succesor of Jalopy, but also thank you for the fun times i’ve had playing these masterpieces.

    By the way, I never knew there was an “Ask Me Anything” Tab!

  6. Just wanted to say I have enjoyed my time with Landlord Super but still think Jalopy has been my favorite. Maybe biased as I enjoy driving sims. Only just heard about the issues and the designs for a sequel, granted from a Dec 2020 article. Do hope we get to eventually see that come to life as well.

  7. Hi, I wanted to thank you for Jalopy. That game has a special place in my heart thanks to you. I just want to wish you the best in life, and ask you if Jalopy’s successor will be multiplayer?

    1. Hi, thank you so much! It’s really endearing to receive messages like this.

      Probably not, I can envision how it would work, but we’re such a small team and neither of us have ever worked with networking or multiplayer before, so I don’t think it’s something I’d be confident in doing.

      And the best in life to you too.

    1. Entirely depends on the success of the 1.0 launch.

      If we can afford to continue to add content, we’d love to. Realities of paying bills and sales of the game mean more than likely we’ll have to focus on getting another game out though.

      There’s a lot of room for additional features on Landlord’s Super. Plumbing, electricity, gardening, vehicles, etc. The problem is finding a way to fund development of these.


  8. Hi there,

    I was wondering if there are any plans on porting Landlord’s Super to other platforms. (consoles, mac, Linux, etc.)

    1. We didn’t see enough interest for mac or Linux. We’re trying to talk with consoles about the possibility but that will have to come post PC release and depends on whether we can secure funding for it.

  9. Hello! When will Landlords Super be finished so you can start working on Jalopy’s successor?

    1. I’m hoping to get it finished by the end of this year and have enough funding to dive straight into development.

  10. First of all, good morning/night/afternoon ;) I still remember when I used to play JALOPY… 4 years ago I think I remember. I remember that I played for so many hours…I love it, like many others we are somewhat aware of the problem with the editor, I don’t know how those things work. But I would like to tell you on behalf of many that we LOVE and support the delivery of jalopy and that we hope in the future the problems can be solved because we are all of us who eagerly await an update or a spiritual succession of said game. From here I can not do much more than thank you for filling me with hours and hours of pleasure and fun. Please continue like this.

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to work on something similar after I’ve finished Landlord’s Super.

  11. Greetings
    Are there any future plans to release Landlord’s super on consoles once it’s nearing completion?

    1. Once 1.0 is achieved we’re hoping to get it on gamespass. Though if we can’t get a gamespass deal it I’m unsure if we’ll have the funding for it.

  12. Hey! I played your game – “Jalopy”. And I wondered – “Will the game continue?”. I also found out that you have a problem with the publisher and I hope this all gets fixed and everything will be ok :3

    Sorry for mistakes in text – i used google translate

    1. Beautifully translated, thank you for your message.

      Hopefully one day you will be proven right.

      Thank you.

  13. What happend to Jalopy? I’ve heard rumors about problems between you and the publishers. Can’t you just steal the game back or something? It’s yours after all, just take it back or buy it back?

    1. I don’t have enough booty to buy the game back, nor a band of merry men with which to devise a cunning plan to steal the game back.

    1. I’ll have to make a “spiritual successor” in the future in order to regain control of the game I’m afraid.

  14. You have probably been asked this question a lot but what do you want to do after landlord’s super break or possibly a new game?

    1. We’ve got the design written up for a spiritual successor to Jalopy. More details to come once Landlord’s is nearing completion!

  15. So as of today, there is no way to get a driving car? I read a forum somewhere saying that it was added and you just had to find out how.

    1. I assume this is for Landlord’s Super, in which there isn’t a drivable car.

      The original plan was to add one at a later date but we turned focus on the construction elements in the game, which have ballooned in scope.

      I’d love to add a drivable vehicle post-release, but Landlord’s is a niche project that doesn’t quite have the momentum behind it to allow this kind of addition. I’ll know more post 1.0 release.

  16. Hi there!

    Question about Jalopy. Have you considered this movie called “Mercedes Mon Amour”? as an inspiration?

  17. Is there going to be an electric screwdriver in Landlord Super? There are parts of the house that aren’t rendering fully when I look it and the plaster sheets/panels that I put up(and nailed) keep dissapearing.

    1. Better tools are planned.
      That’s the LOD, try setting the game to visual settings “fantastic” to get a better render distance.

  18. Can you update Jalopy on xbox one please. I really like the game but it is hard to play when the game crashes all the time. Please update to stop the crashes.

  19. are there any plans to add in a work van or truck similar to my summer car where the player can load up their stuff and haul it around town? Also, will you be adding coffee into the game?

    1. I want to add driving functionality to the little green van outside Jimmy’s house, but it depends on if the game still has a player base by then. Tea would come before coffee! This is Britain!

  20. Hey Greg,

    So I first discovered your work through Landlord’s Super, and then learned of Jalopy. From a few comments on the steam forums I’m aware there is some drama over Jalopy, confirmed by other comments on here, but I’m feeling very out of the loop. Everybody seems to know the details, but I don’t know where from!

    One comment seems to suggest the game actually got worse since you were last able to update it and more buggy? Rather than asking you to repeat information on a topic I’m sure you’re very fed up of, I’m wondering if you can point me to where everybody else seems to have learned about the situation?


  21. Hey, wanted to say i loved landlord super, helped me get through my covid days, i was wondering what engine you’re creating the 2 games on?

  22. do you know how much it would cost to re-obtain the jalopy ip? i have no doubt you could raise funds to breathe new life into the game

    1. I’ve tried asking, but they don’t wish to release the rights. I don’t really have enough money to put in a reasonable offer to buy it back and any sequel would have to go through them for approval. Jalopy is stuck in an awful state till the publisher releases it.

  23. Just wanna say thanks to Jalopy and Landlord’s Super! Both are great games. Havent quite felt some love in many games recently and yours made with a lot of passion! Rly miss that in todays gaming industry. So keep up the gorgeous work :DD

    1. Sorry missed this comment. Yes we have a discord, here’s the link to join :

      The update is still a few months away. It’s a very big update that changes a lot of the game, and as it will require starting new save data I want to make sure there’s substantial content available to entice players to start a new playthrough.


  24. Is there any possibility of increasing the cargo capacity of the delivery truck ? ordering furniture 2 pieces at a time is incredibly annoying. Also, any future plans to allow us to have our own vehicle ? Maybe a panel van or something like Totter’s van ?

  25. What happened to Jalopy? I’ve read here that you have some problems with the publisher, can you explain more in detail?

  26. I love, love, love this game. I can’t get but 12 fps on my toaster pc but I still love playing Landlord’s Super.
    The crazy pallet truck wrecks my nerves but so does real life construction.(That’s what I do IRL)
    Great game. Can’t wait for next update.

    1. I’d like to work on an idea I have but I’m not sure how to market it without the Jalopy IP.

      I also worry about the backlash with the drama surrounding Jalopy. I think ultimately it’s probably a no win situation.

  27. I just finished the available content in Landlord’s Super and read some of your interviews about what happened with Excalibur and as a fellow software developer I just wanted to congratulate you on getting past that incident and going on to make a truly excellent game. I had so much fun with Landlord’s Super, it really is a great piece of art.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. Regards,

    1. Hi Darren,
      Thanks for taking the time to write this, it’s really kind. I’m glad you enjoyed your time with Landlord’s Super!

  28. ive just downloaded the game and my character is in his caravan just spinning around in circles so at the minute it is unplayable… can you help I have gone through all the settings and nothing will stop the spinning.

    1. There’s currently an input conflict that needs fixing where Unity is reading input from multiple devices. Unplugging and controllers or steering wheels will solve this.

  29. Big question, and I’m sure you’ve heard it or thought about it yourself. But have you thought about making the pallets able to be loaded again? It would make organization so much better! 🤞

    1. This one comes up a lot, and I do intend to change it to work that way, but I’ve been putting it off as it’s a fairly big task and I still think the core building gameplay needs more attention. The storage area could also use this change too. I’ll get to it eventually.

  30. Can you please tell what’s the origin of Landlord’s Super? Did it start out of a joke? Also great fan of Jalopy. As a hungarian recently moved to the West Midlands i love everything you made so far. Please never stop gamedeveloping.

    1. I wasn’t happy with any of the construction games on the market so I wanted to make a really in-depth house building game. I used to be a concrete erector and steel erector before I got into games, so I drew a lot of the “salt of the earth” experience from that. Thanks!

  31. Would you ever consider re-making Jalopy or something similar to it? I imagine it’s an absolute slog to work on the game in its current state and outdated version of Unity, but I really respect the weird atmosphere and comfy gameplay loop that you were able to create with Jalopy and nothing since that game has quite scratched the itch. Just found out about Landlord’s Super and looking forward to picking that up too!

    Just as an aside, you’ve got such a great way with music & aesthetics that create an atmosphere in your games that I haven’t found anywhere else. I hope you’ll keep making these awesome, weird, endearing titles and I look forward to supporting your future work!

    1. Thanks for this, but I’m not legally allowed to remake Jalopy or make a sequel. I also don’t have access to Jalopy to work on it anymore.

    1. Yeah, this has been requested a few times. Quality of Life additions like this will come at a later date.

  32. Greg buddy, the game is absolutely divine. Features like smoking and the walkman gently massage my heartstrings and make a game for me, especially in this type of genre.

    Just wonderin THO………… for smoking is it going to be 1 then done puff like it is right now and it is in red dead redemption 2 where I spend 20% of my wages on a packet of smokes then decide to have 1 drag of each cigarette then leave the rest in the dirt as a potential fire hazard and snack for transients or is there going to be a change in the future that keeps you actually smoking the blem for more than 2 carcinogenic seconds or at least having it in your mouth?

    Always been something that bugs me, especially in RDR2. I remember in the game the saboteur you could smoke on command which blew me and my mind but you’d chuck the ciggie away as soon as you started moving, I’d settle for something like that since I know there’s an actual (smell) mechanic to it in your game and smoking constantly might mess with the balance of that (not to mention vision if the smoke is too obtrusive). I know it’s difficult and I totes get it if it’s not getting changed up to be more realistic, but definitely wanted to throw my hair in the ring anyway, slowly whittling away at your lifespan with a cigarette that’s hanging out of your mouth while laying bricks and smashing up topps tiles after getting a gig at the job centre feels like it would be just right for the aesthetic of this game, but maybe that’s just me.

    Ploease respond and ty for jalopy go finish it when the publishers cure their aids.

    Best wishes and happy belated easter,


    1. Hey Someone,

      Thanks for this message, it gave me a chuckle reading it.

      For smoking, I did originally want to opt for a solution more akin to the one in Metal Gear Solid (1998), where snake equips the cigarette and it slowly depleting his health. The trade off being that he can see stuff like laser tripwires while it’s equipped. I wanted to have that with the smoke clearing out any smell the player had, whilst it depleted their energy, but it just had too many edge-cases that would cause bugs and slow game development down. What happens if the player is smoking during a conversation and they pass out? It’s a lot of work covering this stuff and I don’t want to frustrate players with an unstable game at this point. I agree though I think it’d be a much comfier experience to have one dangling out your beak whilst you’re splitting bricks in half.

      Jalopy is in need of a lot of love, I’m glad people could see the potential there though.

      Happy belated Easter to you too.


  33. Hi, Im here just to greet you and your teamworkers for a job well done in landlords, I’ve never had the opportunity to play Jalopy.
    Congrats from Uruguay.

    1. Hey! Thanks for reaching out. It’s really touching to hear someone from Uruguay is playing our games!

    1. I have a design and setting ready for something, but I worry without the Jalopy IP it probably won’t do very well.

      It’s 50/50 whether I try that idea or something else I have in mind. I’d really like to make a survival horror at some point.

    1. I have a whole design penned out for this and I really want to implement it. There’s a a time X cost calculation for me to consider first. So it’s defo possible, but it’ll depend on how healthy the player base is in the future. (Furniture, Food & Free Build updates are still in the roadmap).

  34. Hi! I really enjoy Jalopy amd wonder if there are any plans to update it ar all or make a sequel. Are there? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, just noticed this went unanswered.
      Unfortunately, I no longer have access to Jalopy and I also do not have the rights to make a sequel. So if I were to make a follow up it’d have to take on a different name and be a sequel in spirit only. I have a really fun idea I’d like to try but without the Jalopy IP I doubt it’d get much attention.

    1. Furniture! 

      There’s a new development roadmap I’ll be posting onto the blog later today.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  35. Hello, Greg! I wanted to ask you if you plan to add playable vehicles in Landlord’s Super, I don’t have the game yet, but I plan on buying it.

    Also, I’m deeply sorry for what happened with Jalopy.

    1. I’d like to, but the focus for this year is on the construction gameplay. A drivable vehicle will be added when it can complement the gameplay better.

  36. Hi Greg, I love your game Landlord’s Super, glad that Yogscast is letting you show your talent to the world, but I would like to know would cars that the player can drive ever be introduced to Landlord’s Super, possibly even a bus timetable, and an alarm so the player can decide to wake up?

    1. Hi, thanks!

      Bus stops currently act as a frustration-free fast travel for players. Timetables could render that feature useless.

      An Alarm makes sense, though probably a way off while I focus on the construction gameplay.

      I’m hoping to add Jimmy’s car as a drivable vehicle, but this is still a long way off.

  37. Hello, it seems like i accidentally placed and nailed my tarred roof planks on top of each other instead of nailing them to the roof beams. Not it looks very ugly when looked from the ground and on top of this i cannot fix the roof altogether. I tried to remove the nails, tried to break the planks with the sledgehammer but no luck. How do i solve this problem? Can i go back to older saves if this is possible?

    1. Email me your save data greg [at] minskworks [dot] net. Also. are you using the In-Dev branch on steam? If not you will need to start a new save for that branch anyway (same for when the new update comes out).

  38. Hello Greg, Landlord’s Super is a great game but is there any chance you can tone down the VHS cassette effect? This way the graphics look too muddy and ugly. If it looked like Jalopy it would be great.

    1. Hello!

      You can turn off the effect in the VIDEO OPTIONS of the pause menu. Just select TV EFFECT till it’s set to OFF, then make sure to APPLY AND SAVE changes.


  39. I have been a fan since Jalopy was in-early access, and have been enjoying Landlords Super, and I have a design question, what made you chose a Trabant and by extension the eastern bloc setting for jalopy? And ( I understand the dispute with Excalibur, but) if you were to hypothetically make a jalopy 2 what setting and car do you think would make an interesting game/story?

    1. Hey, thanks! I’ll breakdown this question into 3 parts. First, addressing the vehicle choice in Jalopy. 2nd, addressing the Setting in Jalopy. And 3rd, addressing potential sequel cars / settings.
      So the Laika took inspiration from the Trabant for a few reasons. I was and still am really into the simplicity a 2-Stroke engine provides, which the Trabant uses. The Trabant also has a lot of features that lend itself to streamlined gameplay too. For example, the engine is only 60kg in weight and thus can be lifted out of the car by hand. The car also fits perfectly into the story and setting.
      The setting came about probably because I was just visiting that part of the world a lot at the time and was really interested in it. Using it for my work gave me an excuse to read more about it and develop my own interests .
      For a sequel it’ll all depend which setting and mechanic sticks. I’ve got a few design documents penned up with various settings and their relations to the car, but I’m not ready to talk about that yet as the focus is on Landlord’s for now.
      Hope that helps, sorry for the delay I’ve been on holiday.
      All the best,

    1. I use Unity. I think the engine I’ve had most fun working in is probably Source, but that’s more down to a mixture of the tools and my abilities at the time restricting how much creative freedom I had.
      I think if you’re picking an engine now, it’s foolish to invest in Unity as they look to be gearing up to sell. Besides, if you can stomach using Blueprints, Unreal seem so far ahead of the game now it’d be silly not to go with that.
      Godot looks like it could be the engine us small teams need. It still needs more time and features, though.

  40. Just wanted to let you know Jalopy is a super comfy game and I’m really bummed that the publisher ripped you off. Will definitely check out Landlord’s Super, looks like fun and I’m excited to see what will come of it. Glad to see all the positivity coming from it as well!

    1. Hey thanks, I’m hoping Landlord’s develops into a super comfy game too! Thanks for your support and kind message, it really means a lot.

  41. I would like to ask you such a question, why do not you publish games under your name? Maybe I’m not asking the right question, well, here’s an example (the developer is you (minskworks) and the publisher is excalibur games), why don’t you publish games under your own name? Well, and another question that you probably already tired of, will there be updates on the jalopy, well, or a new game about jalopy? :-)

    1. I cannot publish under my own name until Excalibur releases Jalopy from contract.
      I’ll make a Jalopy successor one day but I’m busy with Landlord’s Super.

  42. I have played through landlord super 3 times now and love it each time but i have 2 questions do you have a estimation when the next big update with content will be. and are there anything like roadmaps available.

    1. Jalopy came out in 2018. The publisher chose to focus on the Guangdong games. I no longer have access to Jalopy source.

  43. I just bought landlord’s super and have stolen my first bricks. Having enjoyed Jalopy immensely, a question immediately popped into my head as I was lugging them home: will there be a ‘jalopy’ of my own in this game at some point? That would be wonderful.
    On another note, it’s really terrible the experience you had with the publisher on Jalopy. I personally find Jalopy to be a work of art, and I really loved playing it (I have more hours in Jalopy than I care to admit).
    I hope one day you can make a spiritual succesor to Jalopy, as this has so much potential. If you are worried about how the publisher would react to a sequel, consider making jalopy… in space! A rundown spaceship (with some parts to maintain/replace) peacefully travelling from planet to planet (while picking up bottles of wine along the road, of course, haha) would be the best game ever!

    1. I’m hoping to add a drive-able vehicle eventually.
      Thank you for your kind words on Jalopy.
      I have many ideas for a Jalopy-esq follow up. Though I’m not able to work on them due to contract stipulations.

    1. I needed a name and it popped into my head. Actually named after a motorbike I owned in Vietnam, rather than the city. Which is fun because people assume I’m from Belarus because of my name.

  44. Absolutely love the game so far! May I ask, is the hand-operated forklift supposed to be so problematic? I feel like i’ve either encountered a bug or i’m missing something. it only ever pushes the pallet into the middle of the truck, rendering it impossible to reach with the machine.

    any plans to allow you to ‘put your hands down’? Also can’t wait for some tools to remove the debris from the yard!

    Really enjoying all the details you’ve put into this so far, will be watching closely!

    1. Thanks so much!

      A tip for the forklift is that the forks don’t collide with the truck, so you just need to lower them further.

      Hands up is how the player character likes to hang, but if it’s bugging enough people I’ll remove it.


    1. It’s doubtful. I’d like to create a “spiritual successor” one day but I do worry about the legality of it. There’s a lot left to be done in that space.

  45. Hi, enjoyed my first look at Landlords Super.

    Just wondered if there was a plan for the future, perhaps a set of milestones?

    Few suggestions:
    Beer should be 4 sips, otherwise it is over too quickly.
    Food as we have a cooker, and #2’s


    Keep up the great work.

    1. Yep, there’s a roadmap on this website. Current focus is to iron out the severe bugs. Then I’ll be working to get renting into the game. Thanks for checking the game out, it really does mean a lot!

  46. Hi, I finished playing the game this weekend, I loved it. Thanks for your hard work I loved Jalopy too.

    A very nice addition would be a stereo that plays 80s inspired pop music (a tad too loudly) :D

    1. Thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to be able to do this work.

      Your suggestions has a very good chance at making it into the game…

    1. I’d need it to be more inspired idea than just a bar ticking down that you have to keep topping up. Those systems I find really annoying.

  47. Hey, watching a friend play Landlord’s Super on Steam Early Access made super interested, so I wanted to ask if you are thinking about porting to other platforms like Ps4 at a later date?

    1. A lot of fictional makes inspired from British classics. None drivable, yet. That comes in a future update.

  48. I think you did an amazing job on Jalopy and I am gutted that the publisher is being difficult over the game!

  49. Do you have an estimated ETA for Landlord’s Super? Or have you planned a sneek peak type thing? I really just would love to see more of the game because I LOVE Jalopy and it got me into Trabants which are now my dream car XD So I have high hopes for Landlord’s.

    1. Thanks!
      It’s looking like Early May for the Early Access release. Though the final game is another year away.
      We’re going to get gameplay videos and more media put together before then, so you’ll have plenty to hype you up!

    1. Ask Excalibur, they have the code. Though they may try selling you imitation goods…

      Wishlist Landlord’s Super. I’m unable to work on Jalopy any further.

  50. Have you ever heard of a German Youtuber named LPN05?
    Because of Jalopy he has gained a Trabant. He is a fan of Jalopy and I think he played it twice already.

    1. No I haven’t! I’ll have to check out the channel. That’s really great to hear if he bought a Trabant after playing Jalopy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I can only speak for the Birmingham offices, but 5 years ago it was pretty dire. They’d constantly miss pay day with no notice, whilst people in Southam were getting bonus’ and promotions.

      Promotion in the Birmingham offices were non-existent. People were so desperate for any semblance of pay increase that you’d end up spending half your day in meetings because people were using them to promote their worth to their line-managers.

      There were a lot of good, competent people working there. The tools were archaic, and the practices of the design team were antiquated. There were also incompetent, or maybe just hateful people working there. The entire design team for one of the F1 titles is fucked up because the guy who spent the entire project doing the game manual listed himself as sole designer on the project, and we all got put as assisted design. I have no idea how you manage to fuck that up, but it was never changed.

      The wages were awful. I saw a guy cry after a meeting where he begged for a promotion because he had a baby on the way, but was turned down.

      The work that’s coming out of the studio now looks 10 times the work that was being produced while I was there. So I’m happy for them, and these things may have changed.

      My final day someone laughed in my face about my plans for Jalopy.

      Thanks for the stroll down memory lane,

  51. Can you build a tower??

    Is there a squatter feature like when you rent out a house but then they decide to stay longer designated amount of time, and this might lead you to repairing stuff inside the house?

    I was thinking about the game and it just poped in my head

    1. Squatter feature is planned! If you leave the property un-occupied for too long then you’ll get squatters moving in, which provide you with no income and degrade the property at a high rate!

  52. When will more gameplay be released?

    I think Jalopy is great and i cant wait for Landlord’s super. I wish i could pre-order it but i will definitely be purchasing it on release date

    1. I’ll be doing Monthly updates from here on out. Sent first out to the mailing list, but then post onto the blog for archiving. I’ll be tweeting, and posting announcements on the discord for these updates, so it should be easy enough to find them.

      Thank you for such kind words! Steam has requirements for a game being able to take pre-orders, and I’m not sure what they are so we can’t take them unfortunately. Wishlisting, however, helps massively! If we can hit a certain number before launch, we should get placement on the store.

      Anyway, thank you so much for reaching out and messaging, it really does mean a lot to hear such kind words when we’re busy grinding away at the game. Thank you.

    1. No, the focus is on creating a living, simulated world for players to be immersed in. While I think multiplayer building would be really cool, that’s not what Landlord’s Super is. Multiplayer would be just too much work for me to take on, and would dilute a lot of the game design as it would need to work across a networked connection.

  53. I was pleasantly surprised by this game, it reminded me of old Atari games that I liked and had a nice setting/atmosphere. The challenge of both mechanical and financial survival made for an enjoyable journey, roadside punctures have never been more fun! Not a question, I just wanted to share my encouragement.

    1. We worked with Yogscast to do a video series on the Trabant. They bought Sebi the Trabbi and I’m hoping I can take it off their hands when they’ve finished with it.

    1. No, the name MinskWorks originates from a Russian Minsk Motorcycle I used to own.

    1. We are working on getting Jalopy over to a new engine, so that it will run fast, and have much less bugs.


  54. So I just finished playing jalopy, its an amazing game, and you should be proud of what you accomplished with it. But everything feels incomplete, I know that you have (at least according to what I’ve read) no more plans for updating jalopy due to problems with the outdated game engine; but do you have any plans to remake the game, or at least port it to a newer engine and fix all the bugs.
    I love the ending (I cried a little after reading the note) but it feels too sudden, like there should be something more, just a thought if you ever do decide to revisit jalopy development

    1. We’re actually now working with another studio in porting Jalopy to a newer engine. This should hopefully open up opportunities for bug fixing, additional content and console ports.
      Thanks for playing!

  55. Хотел искренне поблагодарить Вас за создание такой чудесной игры, как Jalopy. К этому проекту не стоит относиться поверхностно, поскольку при внимательном прохождении становится виден тот глубокий смысл и посыл, который создатель так великолепно вложил в игру. От лица меня и моих друзей, поддерживающих Ваш проект, выражаю надежду на то, что Jalopy не будет заброшена и мы все сможем и дальше наблюдать развитие игры. I hope our friends from Belarus still understand Russian and I don’t need to make any English translation.

    1. It’s always a rush when I translate comments, but thank you sincerely for such a kind message. These really do mean a lot, and the more positive feedback I get the more I want to grow Jalopy. Thank you for playing.

  56. The steam forum of Jalopy has accumulated several minor bugs of the game since the release of Jalopy 1.09. I understand that you are committed to new projects at this moment, but do you have any plan of fixing these minor bugs in Jalopy before release/announce new titles?

    1. Welcome, thanks for trying out the new system.

      So I’m unsure if this is the same question as from the tumblr, but I’ll repeat the answer from there.

      Jalopy is built on a really old version on Unity which is no longer supported. As such fixing stuff now introduces more bugs than it solves. I know it’s not the answer you wanted to hear, and believe me I’m not happy with how the thing ended but I just want to be honest.

      I’ll be announcing a new project next week. Once I start sharing the work from that it might make more sense why it’s time better spent in a newer engine, rather than spend time on a poorly reviewed game which is built on an unsupported engine.

      Really sorry.

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