Greg_01MinskWorks is a one man video game company based in the UK. Formed by Greg Pryjmachuk in 2014, MinskWorks have released Jalopy, and are currently in full production on the next unannounced title.

Greg designs and builds all of the MinskWorks titles himself. Coming from an industry background working at the likes of Codemasters and Rare, Greg believes that by eliminating the 20-ish hours of meetings per week, he can better execute his ideas by just doing it himself. Greg does not like design documents.

Greg has worked as a Concrete & Steel Erector, Won a gold medal at European level amateur boxing (Welterweight), Ridden a Minsk motorcycle from Saigon to Hanoi, lasted a measly 3 weeks in the Potential Royal Marines Course, has no GCSEs.

However, Greg cannot make music, so he gets Jeremy to do that for him.