Plenty of decorating options are now available.


Month 7 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.
We’re happy to announce that as of right now, you can try the Painting and Decorating update. To get access, you’ll need to opt into the In Dev branch on Steam. Do keep in mind that In Dev builds are early access to content coming to the main branch of the game and as such, are more susceptible to issues. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator
Bathroom flooring made up of large tiles (white) with walls decorated with small tiles (white, yellow) and paint (old flax).


Continuing to build upon last months decorating focus, we’ve added the ability for players to lay carpet and wooden flooring. There will be various colours and styles to choose from and can be found inside the furniture catalogue. Carpets & flooring can be placed by hand and removed using the hammer tool. You can even place carpet onto the walls if you’re hankering for a P Diddy vibe.


Using the same implementation as Carpet & Flooring, we’ve been able to add tiles. Again, found in the furniture catalogue, and again placed and removed the same way. We’re excited to see what players create by mixing carpet, tiles, painted walls and wallpaper. Above is one of the more basic examples, but the interior décor possibilities are really open. Tiles can be placed on either the foundation floors, or secure plasterboards.


You spoke, we listened. In the next update, we’re introducing a dynamic phone box system. What year you progress to, the in-game phone box will be the correct British standard


Landlord's Super 0.2.06 Update (Painting and Decorating)
New Content
Added Paint Brush Set
Can now paint plasterboard with the paintbrush set
Added Paint Cans
Added Primary, Ugly, and Pastel paint colours.
Added ability to add colour to mortar, concrete and no-fines mixes (Change the colour of your house!)
Added Mix Buckets
Added ability to store and mix mortar, concrete, no-fines and paint
Added Wallpaper
Can now apply wallpaper to plasterboard
Added Carpet & Flooring
Can now apply carpet and flooring to foundations & plasterboard
Can remove carpet and flooring with the Hammer
Carpet, tiles and flooring now contribute toward the property value
Added Tiling
Added 3 new phone boxes, each appropriate to the year the player is currently in (1983, 1985, 1991)
Added storage for wallpaper, carpets, flooring, tiles, paint cans, mix buckets
Added "door-less" Door Frames

Removed Jimmy license plate
Can cut off nails with the Circular Saw
Plasterboard has been reworked to make it much simpler, easier to use.
 Can only order one size of plasterboard, which will auto-resize to the preferred size for static walls, or allow player to resize for player built walls.
 Plasterboard now snaps into place automatically.
 N.B. The above changes were made to allow players to easily line up plasterboard "flush" with one another, so as to avoid any unappealing seams with painting. I was also really unhappy with how awkward the task felt before hand, and this implementation feels much more enjoyable overall. 
Bricks now have outline rendered when aimed at with the Circular Saw equipped
Increased the damage threshold for bricks and shingles
Some changes to how Cement Mixer highlights foundations to make it much more obvious of interaction options
Can now repair concrete foundations with Storage Buckets, Shovel, and Cement Mixers (so long as they are containing a Concrete mixture)
Can now load empty cement mixers with shovel mixtures
Added nail removal animation and audio
Hammer can no longer be used on screws. (While I figure out a fair way to have hammer interact with nails, the previous solution meant the screwdriver was basically useless)
Resized some of the windows and window walls to help them fit nicely with tiles, the game should auto adjust your windows for you on first load.
Mesh optimisation for brick mortar.
Tenants will now damage carpet, tiles and flooring before damaging the foundation beneath
Tenants will now damage plasterboard, tiles and flooring before damaging the no-fines or brickwork behind it
Lowered likelihood of tenants damaging the roof 
Added save file location button to the front end
Roof task now updated when tile is hammered loose
Can now use the trowel to pick up mortar and no-fines from ground piles (puddles)
Using the trowel on wallpapered walls now removes wallpaper
Using plasterboard on a placed, secured & damaged plasterboard will now repair it
Empty cement bags are now collected and placed into the skip when tenants are moved in
Splash damage of sledge hammer reduced by 40%
Energy consumed using sledge hammer reduced by 40%
Splash damage of sledge hammer now deals reduced damaged based on distance from impact 
Rewrote how bricks are counted by the game to make it much more accurate.
Removed the Chimney till it's actually implemented in the game 

Bug Fixes
Urine now shows correct colour based on what the player has consumed
Urine puddles now show correct colour based on what the player has consumed
Increased max pool instance of pee & puke puddle particles by 10x
Pee and puke should no longer glow
Fixed issue where Mitchell would continue to think the property was un-liveable
Fixed missing fence collisions at Totter's Scrapyard
Fixed issue where players could get stuck on black screen when moving tenants into property while having unpackaged deliveries in the garden
Some minor optimisations to shadows
Conducted a general optimisation pass
Fixed save corruption caused by picking up the wooden pallets outside of Kashmiran's house
Fixed issue where damage visuals wouldn't show correctly upon load
Fixed a bunch of UI issues tied to the Tool Catalogue
Fixed issue where could place ladder on top of one another in storage (This requires removing all stored ladders first)
Fixed missing grass footstep audio for patch outside the property
Fixed issue where players could get stuck washing dishes or sitting on the toilet
Fixed shovel contents mesh normals
Fixed a bunch of issues with the Cement Mixers
Fixed issue where walking speed wouldn't return upon leaving the cement mixers
Furniture placement optimised and improved
Fixed toilet seat folding issue
Fixed a bunch of player animations
Fixed several bugs with storage
Fixed issue with plasterboard not adding to the value of the property
Fixed an issue where tenants would start to lose satisfaction daily, even if there wasn't any issue
Fixed an issue where tenants wouldn't damage player-placed brickwork
Fixed issue where tenants wouldn't damage shingles
Fixed issue where shingles breaking wouldn't always mark the roof task as incomplete
Fixed some issues tied to tool collection and storage
Fixed issue preventing some plasterboards (windows mostly) from being repairable
Fixed minor rendering issue with plasterboard repair 
Fixed brick task not always registering as completed 
Fixed issue where no-fines rubble would appear in the game world when waking up
Fixed counting issue with roof task 
Fixed being unable to place storage buckets at on their storage space
Fixed issue where tenant would tell you off for breaking something when they are out of the property
Fixed issue with ladders, wallpaper, paint cans, etc being collected breaking storage
Fixed wonky bricks registering as competing brick tasks
Fixed Large mortar not causing bricks to be placed wonky
Plasterboard placement should no longer be blocked by furniture 
Period appropriate phone boxes


More stunning work from community super star Mar (do remember her commissions are open). But also some check out this sweep Kino Gruppa vinyl concept from Lord of the Fords.

Wait, that colour doesn’t come as standard…

Month 6 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.
With the Lout update out for nearly a month now, you’re probably beginning to wonder, what’s next? Well, let us go through what we’ve been working on this month. Hopefully it’ll help paint a better picture for you…

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

New Plasterboard!


The world will soon be your canvas, or at least, the parts of the world that have plasterboard on them will. Wielding a variety of paint brushes and rollers, you’ll soon be able to paint or draw upon any secured plasterboard in-game. Draw anything you can imagine! Paint epic scenes or apply a minimalist approach. If you’re anything like me you’ll shriek in horror when looking upon your creations. Cower not, you can just cover your work up with a variety of wallpaper designs.


With the added ability to paint onto and apply wallpaper to secured plasterboard, we soon came to find that visible seams became an annoying occurrence. This was due to the fiddly nature of applying plasterboard (an issue many of you have raised before), and it being very hard to line up plasterboard “flush” to one another. To solve this, plasterboard will now snap into the “flush” position automatically. This means that you’ll never have any unsightly seams, and much of the frustrations of placing plasterboard have now gone.

Another way we’ve improved plasterboard is to group all plasterboard sizes into a single order. This means that there’s only 1 plasterboard order in the catalogue now. You’ll no longer have to worry about matching sizes with the correct number, as the single plasterboard order will automatically resize to fit. The game will handle the annoying work for you.

We’ve also given the player the ability to cut off any nails with the circular saw, so you can make your walls look really pristine.


Included in the next update, you’ll be able to repair foundations directly with either the shovel, the all new storage buckets, or the cement mixers.


A big request in the Discord Suggestions room was the ability to store and keep various cement mixtures. We’ve taken this suggestion onboard and are adding storage buckets. With storage buckets, you’ll be able to pour up to 250 litre of concrete, no-fines or mortar into a resealable bucket to be stored away for when you need it.

You’ll also be able to use these buckets to mix paint colours. Enabling you to create a specific colour for painting onto plasterboards, or if you’re really inquisitive, mixing into a no-fines mixture…

Wallpaper and paint coming soon(tm)


We were both so blown away by Mar’s contributions this month that we thought we’d dedicate the community highlight spot to her work. Her paintings capture the spirit of the game so well that we’ve started drawing inspiration from them. I mean, can you imagine a better haircut than the one she’s pictured on H. Abiff here?
She’s also available for commissions, right now!

Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and to join the discord!

Till next month,
Ruta & Greg

There goes the neighbourhood! (Officially now)


Month 5 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.
The Lout Update has been finished, and will be launched shortly (4:00pm 30th Sept). Most of the time this month was spent on getting this update as stable and polished as possible, though more recently I’ve begun to move over to working on the next content update for Landlord’s Super.

Special shout out to everyone who opted into the In-Dev branch over on Steam. Your input continue to help the game grow and expand in exciting new ways. 

Thank you!

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Lout Update will update automatically on Steam if you have the game downloaded.

Furniture Update Now Available in Steam InDev branch

Formally known as the Tenant’s Update, the Lout Update will go live at 4:00pm, 30th of September. You should receive a separate email detailing the contents of the update when it goes live. If you’re reading this on the website, then the details will be contained in the previous blog post to this one. 


With the added ability to paint onto and apply wallpaper to secured plasterboard, we soon came to find that visible seams became an annoying occurrence. This was due to the fiddly nature of applying plasterboard (an issue many of you have raised before), and it being very hard to line up plasterboard “flush” to one another. To solve this, plasterboard will now snap into the “flush” position automatically. This means that you’ll never have any unsightly seams, and much of the frustrations of placing plasterboard have now gone.

Another way we’ve improved plasterboard is to group all plasterboard sizes into a single order. This means that there’s only 1 plasterboard order in the catalogue now. You’ll no longer have to worry about matching sizes with the correct number, as the single plasterboard order will automatically resize to fit. The game will handle the annoying work for you.

We’ve also given the player the ability to cut off any nails with the circular saw, so you can make your walls look really pristine.

With the foundations for the game loop laid in the Lout Update, it’s time to start expanding upon the building options available to players. Particularly interior decoration. 

Whilst yet to be named, I can reveal the next update will focus on allowing the players to make the inside of the property much more appealing. Work is likely to focus on the following:

  • Ability to install Plasterboard on the interior and exterior walls of the house.
  • New Tools including Paint Brush and Paint Cans.
  • Ability to Paint and Wallpaper Plasterboard.
  • Ability to “dye” Concrete and No-Fines mixtures.
  • Ability to lay Carpet, Tiling and Flooring.
  • Squatters!

Work on this update has only just begun, so it’ll still be several more months before it hits the main branch on Steam. Expect features to gradually start hitting the In-Dev branch towards the end of October.


Included in the next update, you’ll be able to repair foundations directly with either the shovel, the all new storage buckets, or the cement mixers.

Champion of the game and exceptional writer, Jeremy Peel did a piece on the “Making of” Jalopy for Edge Magazine. It’s available in the November issue and contains never before seen in-development shots and an interview with Greg!

Spot the Laika…


Hot and fresh off the Discord this month. James Garwingle possible the first person to have the Landlord’s Super soundtrack on cassette (In it’s current carnation, anyway)?  and Jimmy looks rather dashing in this pencil sketch by Horn.

Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and to join the discord!

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We’re delighted in presenting you with the Lout update for Landlord’s Super.
Available on Steam Early Access Now.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’re delighted to announce that access to the Lout update for Landlord’s super is now available on Steam Early Access. If you have Landlord’s Super already purchased and downloaded on Steam, your game will automatically update. For everyone else, you can purchase Landlord’s Super Early Access here.

The Lout Update marks our arrival at Version 0.1 and what is the first in many big content updates for Landlord’s Super. The Lout Update introduces lots of new features, reworked systems and plenty of bug fixes.

Lout Tenants

Rent out your property to a collection of loutish characters. Beware, their low expectations may mean they are high maintenance guests…

Enhanced Construction Gameplay

Mix aggregate, cement and water to make no-fines concrete. Destroy and rebuild the entirety of your properties no-fines walls, foundations and roofing. 

New Tools

Strike the earth with the shovel or work comfortably at night with the all new work light and pocket torch.


Earn your fortune at the scrapyard with the all new scrap system. Your wheelbarrow has been reworked to accommodate much larger haulages!

Tool Shed & Supply Yard

A new area to store your tools and place your unused supplies.

New Characters

Meet your dodgy loan shark and property agent Mitchell (& Sons). Sell scrap to Totter & her old shire horse Six-pence.

And Much More

Interior doors, new audio, animations and tons of bug fixes make this the most polished and stable update yet.


For a full list of changes, please refer to the Steam In-Dev announcement updates here.

And finally, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the In-Dev access. Without your suggestions, bug reports and patience, this game might not be half what it is today.

Thank you.

Earn your fortune with new scrap to sell.


Month 4 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.
Mostly bug fixing this month, but we did get to add some new content to the In-Dev Branch, such as Interior Doors, more scrap to collect and sell and white dog poo (remember that?). We also took some time off to visit family, which was much needed after so much social isolation (thanks COVID). Oh, and Totter has also been rewritten as a “bonnie Geordie lass”. Why? Aye. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Make you’re fortune with the expanded scrap trade!


Long awaited, not much to say regarding these other than they make the property look nicer and add to the total value. Oh, there was a spelling mistake regarding “Cream Doors” being written as “Crean Doors” which the community loves so shout out to that (RIP 2020 – 2020).


More work has taken place on the Scrap Generation system. Greg has added a bunch of new scrap items for players to scavenge and sell. They come in all shapes and sizes and the wheelbarrow has also been given a rework so that it is now much easier to use. One example being you can now drop items on top of one another. You’ll be reaping the benefits of a scrap empire in no time. 
Work is going to continue on this system throughout development. It’s our aim to have this be the backbone to how players earn money in the early game. Eventually we’ll remove the dishwasher job for this system to replace it. For now it’s still not quite ready so the dishwasher job remains.



One of the scrap items was a “Tin Can”. Greg wanted to know what we should refer to it as in-game, so we hit up twitter for the answer.
As different parts of the country refer to it as a different name, the thread was a bundle of contradictions. Neither “Tin” nor “Can” seemed to come out on top. As a result, we’ll be referring to it as a “Tin Can” in-game.


Remember when dog poo used to be white? What ever happened to that? Well, it’s now a feature of Landlord’s Super. Totter will even pay you for collecting it… We’re not sure why exactly, fertiliser maybe?


For those of you not on the In-Dev branch and eagerly wanting to play with these new features but are waiting for it to hit the main (stable) release, we’re looking at a release for the end of this month. 
Hooray, but do remember that delay can happen.


Discord regular Tuinkers claimed he would pet the horse 1000 times once it was available in-game. Few believe Tuinker’s bold claims, how could one person fulfil such ambitious claims? Yet…

Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and to join the discord!

Till next month,
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The Scrapyard introduces a more involved way of earning money in Sheffingham.


Month 3 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.
This month, a look at even more content being added for the Tenant’s update. Introductions to some of the new faces joining Sheffingham. Lighting to help you work at night. And access to the in-development build through the InDev branch. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Meet Totter, Sheffingham’s very own scrap merchant.


Introducing Totter, Sheffingham’s Rag & Bone Lady! 
Totter will buy any scrap you bring her, and pay you the same day for it. She lives on a canal boat next to the Tip (Scrapyard) and also looks after an old horse called Six-pence (who loves to be pet). She can be found next to Mitchell’s, over the road from the Old Bill police station and is available to do business as soon as you arrive in town.


To compliment the addition of a dedicated scrapyard I’ve added a Scrap Generation System. At the start of every season in Landlord’s Super, a flurry of passers-by will travel through West-Berklands and dump their unwanted items all over the county. The shame! Well, one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure, as they say. So why not seize this opportunity to earn some extra money. You might even find something useful, and if not, Totter is sure to take it off your hands for a bit of cash. Just make sure you don’t forget your wheelbarrow.


The first phase of Tenant AI has been finalised and ready for the update. This first phase only includes the Lout class of tenant – Squatters will unfortunately have to wait for a future update. 
I also managed to get the Property Value system setup. This essentially evaluates a players property and assigns a Sell Value and Potential Daily Rental Income value to it. As you develop your property (with future construction features and additional furnishings,) the Sell Value will go up. This will then allow you to ask for more rent from tenants, or attract a higher class of tenant entirely. The Property Value can be viewed in your player Notebook.
Beware though, whilst lower classes of tenants will accept a rougher living situation, they may also degrade the property at a faster rate, lower the Sell Value and Potential Daily Rental Income Value. Tenants will also refuse to pay rent if their property becomes unlivable. If this happens, you’ll need to move your tenants out and get to work before it’s too late.


Astonishingly, I’m re-adding the Shovel. Whilst all the features of the shovel aren’t there yet, it’s a good investment for retrieving some of the move valuable scrap that has got stuck in the ground. You can also use it to manipulate the dirt of the property, or for interacting with the cement mixers and foundation frames. An insider tip: Whilst holding the shovel, try using right-click on a freshly laid foundation to smooth the top of the cement. 
Even better tip: Expect this one to be buggy.

Need a loan but the banks won’t approve? Mitchell may be your solution.


Finally making an appearance is Mitchell and his two boys. You’ll remember him from the loan you’re given at the start of the game. In the Tenants update, Mitchell plays a much more prominent role, granting loans for not only the property but the new Supply Yard & Tool Shed area.
Mitchell will also work with you on getting your property occupied through the forwarding of tenant applications and also get his boys (His other boys) to move any scaffolding or loose supplies from the property over to your Supply yard once your’re ready to move a tenant in. Mitchell will even help you evict particularly troublesome tenants (for a fee).

InDev branch coming to Steam soon.


Often requested was the ability to use work lights so players could work at night. It seemed like a simple enough task so I managed to sneak not only Work Lights into the Tenant’s update, but also a Pocket Torch that the player can keep on them at all times.


As the update is taking time, I’m opening up an in-development branch for people to test the Tenant’s update before it launches on Steam. This branch will not be content complete, and will have even more bugs than the main game branch, but it will allow fans of Landlord’s Super to get a first look and hands on at the upcoming features and help guide us in the right direction.

Expect news of this to be announced through the newsletter, over on Discord, over on Twitter and on Steam in the coming days.


While eagerly waiting for the Tenant’s update, Hamster boi 2.0 has been recreating West Berkland’s in Minecraft. User bf3125 managed to catch a ride in one of the cars passing through town. And Mar (commissions open) created this wonderful rendition of The Anchor’s Tamsin. Phwaor!

Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and to join the discord!

Till next month,
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Construction gameplay is about to get a lot more involved…


We’re now 2 months into the release of Landlord’s Super. After spending a month on support and bug fixing, our focus has redirected towards producing the first major update for the game; the Tenants System.
Before we cover what this update will entail, an important statement from MinskWorks. 

We’d like to use this platform to say Black lives matter. Over the last month it’s been our aim to boost voices we think need to be most heard right now. Some of the voices worth sharing are below, but there’s much more that can be done :

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


The Tenants update is the current focus of the game. This update aims to bring a much more involved construction system, a refinded focus on how the player earns money, and the ability to rent out and maintain your property to varying tenants. 

There currently isn’t an estimated arrival date, but I can share some of the details of this update below.


As the tenants entering the world of Landlord’s Super can degrade the players property – forcing them to be called out to fix a variety of issues – deeper changes to the construction mechanics were needed. A brief insight into some of these changes below.


Roofing has been completely reworked. Players can now remove and replace every single tile and wooden plank on the roof. Starting damage to the roof is also now arranged differently for each players game.


Every foundation on the property can now be destroyed by using the sledgehammer, and replaced with a new foundation mixed by the player. Foundation visuals also now blend in together a lot better than they did.

No-Fines Concrete

Players can now mix No-Fines concrete which can then be used to repair or replace the outer walls of the house. 

A new location to store your tools and supplies.


Putting the property onto the market opened up another issue, what to do with all the players excess supply and loose tools? They couldn’t be left on the property with the tenant, and they couldn’t be left strewn across the street either…
To solve this problem, we’ve introduced an additional area where the player can store their tools and supplies. This unfortunately incurs an additional loan from Mitchell, who will provide the land for the Tool Shed & Supply Yard. Though, as a sweetener, whenever the player has a tenant move into the property, Mitchell will get one of his boys to gather up any tools or supplies lying around, and have them placed neatly within the supply yard without the player ever having to lift a finger. (That means more time down the pub).


While beautifying the notebook, we added Cement, Mortar & No-Fines mixture tracking. Each time the player creates a new stronger mixture of one of these compounds, details of the ratio will be added to the notebook. This allows players to refer to their own ingenuity when mixing a compound, and helps them track the strongest mixture ratios. 

Also, Greg thought a lot of players will be curious to see what their tenants are doing once they’d moved in. So to make players feel creeping for peeking through tenant windows, glass now fogs from player breath. Players will also begin panting if they have been running and jumping about a lot. Steamy fun. You can view this here.


Landlord’s Super appeared in this months issue of MVC Develop! You can view the article here.


Landlord’s Super appears in this months issue of Wireframe mag! You can order your copy here.


alopy got a mentioned in Top Gear España. You can view the article here. It’s in some really great company and is an honour to be featured. 


Courtesy of Falphaugh, enjoy a space Laika. 

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Landlord’s Super; best enjoyed with a sprinkle of ingenuity

Note: This feature is taken from our monthly newsletter. As such, the content included is a month out-of-date. Though the following states the game releases tomorrow, Landlord’s Super is available in Steam Early Access right now.


We released a game last month. After 26 patches, containing hundreds of fixes and changes, let’s take a look at how this first month went.

First though, I must say thank you to the Yogscast for believing and supporting the project, all the journalists that covered ups, all the influencers that made content on us and a huge thanks to Seb for the community support. I owe you all a beer once this pandemic is done. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

There was a request for the key layout on twitter, so here’s a reference for anyone else interested

Landlord’s Super Release Overview

We released a game into Early Access last month. The second game under the MinskWorks moniker. For those unaware, Landlord’s Super is a “Quintessential Construction Simulator” set during the polarising years of 1980’s Britain. 


Knowing the niche appeal of a British construction simulator, I expected Landlord’s Super to do markedly smaller units than our previous game, Jalopy. But then I never expected Jalopy to be anything more than a portfolio piece, so it’s success is something I’m still wary of. Using the established wisdom that your launch wishlist’s convert to 45% of your first month’s sales. With a launch price of $19.99 (10% discount), I had the goal in my mind of aiming for 10,000 wishlist’s before launch.


The barometer I opted to use for predicting success was Steam wishlist numbers. The main reason for this is there just isn’t much else you can work off to help predict how well a game will do.

Two weeks out from launch, we sat at about 4,000 wishlists. This meant we’d likely be losing money on the project long-term.

On launch day, following a great trailer, great pickup on the social medias, great influencer campaign by Yogscast and great traditional outreach by Honest PR, we managed to hit over 11,000 wishlist’s. Thus, the project had surpassed our internal target.

At close to 70%, our first month wishlist to sales ratio has been much, much stronger than expected. I think this probably indicates that the game has a larger appeal than the current niche we’re targeting. Especially considering our actual wishlist conversion rate is about as expected.

There’s been a lot of talk about the value of predicting sales through wishlist’s. With people often citing Goodhart’s law (“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” – which, appropriately, was used to criticise Margaret Thatcher’s monetary policy). Whilst the established guidance of a 45% sales prediction from wishlists numbers was off for Landlord’s (Incredibly in the more positive direction). I still think it’s a valid metric to use. Like I mentioned above, what else do we have at our disposal?

Higher Price Point

One aspect I wanted to cover was why I priced the game so high. First, development of Landlord’s Super is planned to be continued for a few more years. I wanted to make sure I could support this financially without having to resort to price increases down the line. We raised the price of Jalopy by a dollar when we exited Early Access and the review score hit was significant enough that I wouldn’t want to launch lower than our target price again. The messaging of Jalopy’s price increase was consistent and clear but did little to prevent a backlash. 

Another reason is that, while of course we want to make sales, we’re really not ready to handle support for much more than cheerleaders and the enthusiast crowd right now.

Jalopy Audience Conversion

Due to a dispute with Jalopy’s publisher, we have very little access to that audience. We launched with no announcement on Jalopy’s store page, and no real access to our previous fans. Couple that with the fact Landlord’s is entirely new assets and code, we were for all intents and purposes starting from scratch again.

Regardless of not being able to access our previous audience didn’t concern me much for several reasons. Firstly, any goodwill we had built up from developing Jalopy had largely been burnt by the publisher’s actions. Before launch, we tried try to clear this up.

Thankfully, none of this seemed to matter much.


(I feel like I’m back in school writing a scientific paper with how I’ve structured this.)
 Landlord’s Super has been a bigger success than I hoped or predicted. With the benefit of keeping the player-base small enough that I can reply to everyone’s support emails and even some steam reviews. We’re in a position now where the game has hit the ground running, and I can continue to add content, breathing more life into the project as it develops.

Remember that this is just the start. I’d like to again thank everyone for their understanding and patience with this project, but most importantly thank you for your support. 

Community Highlight

(from left to right) Einin discorving their own free build glitch, Jonthefuzz with a cryptic meme, tuinkers with a visual representation of gameplay and Seals3051 with probably our first meme post launch. Thank you all for the content!

Remember to Join the Discord to get involved.

Jalopy A Story in Three Parts


Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and to join the discord!

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Landlord’s Super now available in Steam Early Access

Note: This feature is taken from our monthly newsletter. As such, the content included is a month out-of-date. Though the following states the game releases tomorrow, Landlord’s Super is available in Steam Early Access right now.


While we’re still in lock-down over here in the UK, MinskWorks is a part of those lucky few still able to do their jobs from home. This means the release of Landlord’s Super into Early Access can still go ahead tomorrow. We wanted to extend our thanks to the key-workers carrying us through this unprecedented global pandemic. It is because of you all that we’re able to continue working and living in safety. Thank you.

We’d also like to thank everyone for promoting the game. Special mentions towards the Yogscast, Fourth Floor and Honest PR. All the influencers who have created great content, and helped with bug fixes and suggestions. With all your work we’ve managed to hit our internal wishlist’s milestone. So thank you!



The Quintessential Construction Simulator


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A white van trundles through the undergrowth


Landlord’s Super Releases in Steam Early Access Tomorrow!

Can you believe that the day is almost here!? Landlord’s Super enters Steam Early Access tomorrow!

While the game is very much playable, and contains a glut of quality-of-life features, I’d like to take this time to remind people that this is a work-in-progress. While you can renovate and repair the property. Purchase tools. Order supplies. Load a wheelbarrow full of bricks. Get drunk or wash dishes. There are still major features missing. The Rental System, in which you lease the property out to potential tenants – ensuring to attend to their needs, isn’t included. There are no driveable vehicles. And earning money is limited to one job.

While we can give you our personal promise that these features are coming with future updates. We ask that people only buy into the Early Access of Landlord’s Super if they are patience and understanding. Game development can be a precarious effort. Things can (and often do) take much longer than first anticipated. Features, once implemented can be thrown out if they aren’t working. Ideas can be dropped. If you understand this process, then I believe that whatever form the final game takes, the journey will be worthwhile.

With that said, the game is bigger and better than we ever thought, and we can’t wait to see you all down the Anchor!




Landlord’s Super Development Road-map

Landlord’s Super Development Roadmap

This is the road-map we’re sharing with content creators. The column on the left side of the road is the current development road-map. Keep in mind that this can and will change. It is used only as a visual explanation as to where we intend to work towards.

For more accurate and up-to-date access to what I’m working on, Join the Discord and check out the #Change-Log channel under Landlord’s Super.



Landlord’s Super Development Road-map

How much will Landlord’s Super cost?

$19.99, £15.49, 16,79€ with a launch discount of 10%

Do owners of Jalopy get a discount?

Unfortunately, as  Landlord’s Super and Jalopy have different publishers, we can’t offer any discount to owners of Jalopy.

What is the goal of Landlord’s Super?

Players are tasked with renovating a dilapidated, old property for the purposes of selling or renting out to tenants. While attending to the needs of their tenants, players can use the rental income to improve the property with hopes of attracting more lucrative renters. A clearer representation of this gameplay loop can be seen here. Additionally, players can ignore the core gameplay loop, and enjoy the open-world folly’s found within West Berklands.

Is there more than one property?

As with Jalopy choosing to explore how deep we can make one car, Landlord’s wants to explore the depth of gameplay within one property. With the focus on one property, this allows us to explore deep content, such as brick by brick placement, renting, plasterboard installation and more, rather than development being focused on setting up more instances of what would only be repeated content.

Can we build the house from the ground up?

No. We originally tried this approach but showcasing in summer 2019 showed there was little interest in the concept. Players were quickly confused and annoyed at the slow and punishing concept. In order for this concept to work, we would have had to fall back onto already established building systems found in games like Rust and Conan Exiles. As Minskworks is a tiny indie developer, we cannot try to compete with juggernauts like these, and instead need to focus on niche and interesting gameplay concepts.

Okay, will there be a free build mode where we can build the house from the ground up?

Probably not a separate mode. It’s more likely I’ll add cheats that allow you to ignore things like energy & money.


No. Minskworks is a tiny developer also lacking any experience with multiplayer game design or programming. If we were to try adding this it would probably be a disaster.

Mod Support?!

No, again for the same reasons as above.

Will Landlord’s Support my language?

Probably yes, it’s English only for the moment as the script files are still being worked on. Once the game is closer to being content complete, we’ll begin to add more language support.

Can I translate Landlord’s to my language?

Yes! We used community localisation for Jalopy and it’s something we want to look into again.

Is there a feature road-map?

Yes, the current road-map can be found over here. Though this is subject to change.

When will Landlord’s Super leave Early Access?

Once the game features the core rental gameplay loop, a complete story arch, achievements and trading cards and is as bug free as possible. There is currently no accurate timeline for this. Leaving Early access will not mean the game is no longer updated.



Landlord’s Super Youtube Content

If you’re struggling to hold your excitement, there’s various gameplay videos up on Youtube.





Jalopy in Eurogamer

Greg was by Jack Yarwood over on Eurogamer. The piece covers the backlash aimed at him and Jalopy when Excalibur announced Road to Guangdong – A project he had no involvement in or knowledge of till it’s announcement. Yet received a large swathe of criticism for.

While it’s a great peace that looks to educate players on the difference between a Publisher & Developer, it leaves out a lot that has yet to be said on this whole saga. For legal reasons we’re still not confident in sharing these details.


Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to Wishlist Landlord’s Super, follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and join the discord!

Till next month,
Ruta & Greg



The developer of Jalopy is proud to introduce you to the world of their next game. Coming to Steam Early Access April 30th


The Quintessential Construction Simulator


Landlord’s Super, is a First-Person Life-Simulation set in the murky midlands of the British Isle during the polarising years of the 1980s. Build stuff, get drunk, build stuff while getting drunk. Your choice.



Explore the Fictional County of West Berklands.

Interact with a diverse cast of characters, during the polarising years of the 1980s. An honest insight into ‘English Culture’.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator.

Order supplies! Mix your own cement! Assemble scaffolding to reach high places! Build walls brick by brick! The most ambitious construction gameplay ever seen!

Plan & Execute

Carefully manage your time and energy around time of day, weather, seasons, world events and your own well-being. Some days it’s better to soak yourself down the pub than risk working in the rain.

Speak the Queen’s English!

The game is localised in both American English and British colloquialisms.



Landlord’s Super, has been in development for close to 2 years already. If you’ve been following us since the announcement, you’ll have been with us since we added dynamic seasons & weather. Shared with you the Motors of Landlord’s Super. Were with us when we expanded the open-world of West Berklands to 20x it’s original size. And by our side when we delved into the inspirations and influences around the game. Thank you. While there’s still plenty of work ahead of us, we’re really grateful you stuck by us and we can’t wait to get you into the game on 30th April. Wishlist if you haven’t already, and we’ll see you down The Anchor tavern – it opens at 12:00 by the way.

Early Access coming 30th April.
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