New police arrive in Sheffingham, player actions now have consequence

Month 31 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Phase 2 of the Yuppie update has now entered the InDev Branch on Steam. As stated last week, phase 2 contains Benefits, Caravan Customization & Crime & Punishment features. Phase 3, which will begin in December, is the final phase and will focus on retirement functionality and the end game state. More on that next month, for now, read on about phase 2.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Crime & Punishment

No longer will players get away with terrorising the locals, for the law has entered Sheffingham. Player actions now have consequences. Play without regard to your local residents and you could end up with a hefty fine or even jail time. The following actions are now considered a crime.

  • Vandalism (i.e. breaking windows / property)
  • Assaults (i.e. sledgehammer attacks)
  • Peeing (on NPC or their property)
  • Fraud (working or receiving income whilst on benefits)

Performing each of the above crimes can result in a Penalty Charge. Failure to address this Penalty Charge, or repeated offenders could face in jail time.

Penalty Charges are issued through the post via a Penalty Notice. Players will be given 28 days to pay off this notice. Failure to do so may see them issued with a prison sentence. Players who cannot afford to pay off the full fine may instead work off their debt through community service. 

Prison food; no good.

More Visual Improvements

Continued graphical improvements this month include new pee effects, stationary cars parked throughout Sheffingham and new posters advertising all three unlockable furniture catalogues.

Landlord’s Super in the Guardian

Greg did an interview with Rick Lane for his Guardian piece on “games currently exploring the causes and consequences of Britain’s political and economic crises“. It’s a really good article, check it out here.

Caravan Customization, Benefits, Crime & Punishment Available on InDev Branch

You can now play all the above mentioned – as well as the benefits and caravan customization features detailed in last month’s newsletter – through the InDev branch on steam. Details below.

What is InDev?

InDev is a separate branch on Steam that gives players access to updates earlier while they are still in development. It’s a great way to try out new features early whilst also helping to make updates release as polished as possible. Whilst InDev contains the majority of the content available in the upcoming Yuppie update, players who opt-in should expect bugs, performance issues and some missing features.

How to Access InDev?

1. Right Click on your Landlord’s Super install in Steam and select “properties”
2. Click the Betas tab and then select InDev In development access
3. The InDev build should start to download on steam!
Note: Steam may require a restart after stage 2 for the InDev to download.

Community Highlights

This month, Forzaguy125 spotted a Trabant in Washington DC sporting a Jalopy Sticker, and Manuuuu has built a home fit for even the most demanding Yuppie.