The Compressor & Power Tools speed up construction and save a bunch of energy.

Month 26 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Power Tools Update for Landlord’s Super is now available for testing through the InDev branch. The update contains several new tools, powered by the new mobile compressor. There’s also a new wall frame type for complete brick wall builds. The update will hit the main branch soon.

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The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Mobile Compressor & Power Tools

To help speed up constructions and add more progression options to the game, we’ve added the option to purchase a mobile compressor and an array of power tools. 

The mobile compressor is powered, so needs to be turned on to use. The benefit of this, however, is that the tools powered by this do not deplete player energy. Along with the mobile compressor, there are 5 new tools that can be purchased. Each of these tools can be stored on the compressor for ease of transport. The new power tools are as follows:

  • Nail Gun
    • Applies nails to surfaces and instantly secures them
  • Mortar Gun
    • Holds significantly more than the Trowel
    • Applied mortar to surfaces and instantly flattens it
    • Holding input fills No-Fines frames significantly faster
  • Powered Screwdriver
    • Instantly secures screws
  • Bolt Gun
    • Instantly secures bolts
  • Pneumatic Breaker
    • Significantly speeds up destruction of construction elements

Brick Wall Frames

We’ve finally added support for brick wall builds, meaning you can now easily build structures entirely of brick – with automatic roof generation. Brick walls can be access from the wall frame hot bar, as with other wall frame types.

Robbaz Stream

Robbaz streamed Landlord’s Super over the course of two days. If you’d like to watch, both streams can be found here and here.

What is InDev?

InDev is a separate branch on Steam that gives players access to updates earlier while they are still in development. It’s a great way to try out new features early whilst also helping to make updates release as polished as possible. Whilst InDev contains the majority of the content available in the upcoming Free Build update, players who opt-in should expect bugs, performance issues and some missing features.

How to Access InDev

1. Right Click on your Landlord’s Super install in Steam and select “properties”
2. Click the Betas tab and then select InDev In development access
3. The InDev build should start to download on steam!
Note: Steam may require a restart after stage 2 for the InDev to download.

Jalopy Fan Faction

Spotted in the Discord, Jalopy seems to have some interesting fan fiction for it…
You can read the fan fiction hereWarning NSFW!

American Daydream by Jeremy Warmsley

The ever talented and inspiring Jeremy Warmsley (Composer of Both Jalopy and Landlord’s Super) has a new album coming out, American Daydream.

American Daydream is an album of original songs paying homage to the life and music of Brian Wilson, lead singer and songwriter of the Beach Boys.

You can listen and purchase the album here. Full release is expected in September. 

Community Highlights

This month we hosted a community evening. It went really well and is something we’d like to do again in the future. Not sure if we shared before, but DialUpDude over on the discord recreated the in-game cassette player. Wolf Wings also created a really inspired “pyramid haus” build.

The Job Centre is being given a face lift, and filled with some new jobs!
Giz’a job Maggie )


Month 11 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Furniture Update is beginning to look like one of the biggest and most important updates we’ve done for the game so far. So much so that with all the additional content, calling it “The Furniture Update” might not make much sense upon release. Let’s take a look at all this additional content to understand why.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


All original furniture has now been replaced with their new models and colour variants. Creating new furniture is the most time consuming aspect of working on this update. With this consideration in mind, we’re likely to release into InDev with what we have now, and add more furniture with smaller updates as time goes on. Still, no date for InDev release yet.

Job Centre Facelift

As we’re adding new jobs to The Furniture Update (explained in the Tamsin’s Wall segment of this post), we thought it a good time to polish up the environmental art of the Job Centre. It now looks a lot prettier, and more period appropriate It also now contains a public toilet for players to pass time in town.
You can see the new Job Centre in action here.

Tamsin Wall can now be fixed with a rewards for doing so. (Watch here.)

Tamsin’s Wall

With The Furniture Update we’re beginning to address the lack of stuff to do whilst renting the property. Part of this is introducing new jobs for the player to complete.
The first Job we’ve implemented for players to complete is the repairing of Tamsin’s wall. Doing so the first time will reward the player with a unique item with repeated completions of the job resulting in a flat fee. You can see what this unique reward is here. The job is unlocked when the player has purchased a Hammer & a Cement Mixer.


The Cassette Player and Tapes are now implemented and functional. The Cassette Player allows players to listen to music through the use of Tapes. There are 4 Tapes. Each Tape is unlocked by completing a unique job or task within the world.
One of the Tapes is blank, allowing you to add your own music through a folder in the game files.

One of the tapes you unlock will be blank, but don’t worry, you can add your own music to it through a folder in the game files.
(See it in action here.)

Community Highlight

Some Jalopy content from Die Ente des Ostens, and Cameron! has really brought Mar’s H. Abiff character concept to life.