Landlord’s Super now available in Steam Early Access

Note: This feature is taken from our monthly newsletter. As such, the content included is a month out-of-date. Though the following states the game releases tomorrow, Landlord’s Super is available in Steam Early Access right now.


While we’re still in lock-down over here in the UK, MinskWorks is a part of those lucky few still able to do their jobs from home. This means the release of Landlord’s Super into Early Access can still go ahead tomorrow. We wanted to extend our thanks to the key-workers carrying us through this unprecedented global pandemic. It is because of you all that we’re able to continue working and living in safety. Thank you.

We’d also like to thank everyone for promoting the game. Special mentions towards the Yogscast, Fourth Floor and Honest PR. All the influencers who have created great content, and helped with bug fixes and suggestions. With all your work we’ve managed to hit our internal wishlist’s milestone. So thank you!



The Quintessential Construction Simulator


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A white van trundles through the undergrowth


Landlord’s Super Releases in Steam Early Access Tomorrow!

Can you believe that the day is almost here!? Landlord’s Super enters Steam Early Access tomorrow!

While the game is very much playable, and contains a glut of quality-of-life features, I’d like to take this time to remind people that this is a work-in-progress. While you can renovate and repair the property. Purchase tools. Order supplies. Load a wheelbarrow full of bricks. Get drunk or wash dishes. There are still major features missing. The Rental System, in which you lease the property out to potential tenants – ensuring to attend to their needs, isn’t included. There are no driveable vehicles. And earning money is limited to one job.

While we can give you our personal promise that these features are coming with future updates. We ask that people only buy into the Early Access of Landlord’s Super if they are patience and understanding. Game development can be a precarious effort. Things can (and often do) take much longer than first anticipated. Features, once implemented can be thrown out if they aren’t working. Ideas can be dropped. If you understand this process, then I believe that whatever form the final game takes, the journey will be worthwhile.

With that said, the game is bigger and better than we ever thought, and we can’t wait to see you all down the Anchor!




Landlord’s Super Development Road-map

Landlord’s Super Development Roadmap

This is the road-map we’re sharing with content creators. The column on the left side of the road is the current development road-map. Keep in mind that this can and will change. It is used only as a visual explanation as to where we intend to work towards.

For more accurate and up-to-date access to what I’m working on, Join the Discord and check out the #Change-Log channel under Landlord’s Super.



Landlord’s Super Development Road-map

How much will Landlord’s Super cost?

$19.99, £15.49, 16,79€ with a launch discount of 10%

Do owners of Jalopy get a discount?

Unfortunately, as  Landlord’s Super and Jalopy have different publishers, we can’t offer any discount to owners of Jalopy.

What is the goal of Landlord’s Super?

Players are tasked with renovating a dilapidated, old property for the purposes of selling or renting out to tenants. While attending to the needs of their tenants, players can use the rental income to improve the property with hopes of attracting more lucrative renters. A clearer representation of this gameplay loop can be seen here. Additionally, players can ignore the core gameplay loop, and enjoy the open-world folly’s found within West Berklands.

Is there more than one property?

As with Jalopy choosing to explore how deep we can make one car, Landlord’s wants to explore the depth of gameplay within one property. With the focus on one property, this allows us to explore deep content, such as brick by brick placement, renting, plasterboard installation and more, rather than development being focused on setting up more instances of what would only be repeated content.

Can we build the house from the ground up?

No. We originally tried this approach but showcasing in summer 2019 showed there was little interest in the concept. Players were quickly confused and annoyed at the slow and punishing concept. In order for this concept to work, we would have had to fall back onto already established building systems found in games like Rust and Conan Exiles. As Minskworks is a tiny indie developer, we cannot try to compete with juggernauts like these, and instead need to focus on niche and interesting gameplay concepts.

Okay, will there be a free build mode where we can build the house from the ground up?

Probably not a separate mode. It’s more likely I’ll add cheats that allow you to ignore things like energy & money.


No. Minskworks is a tiny developer also lacking any experience with multiplayer game design or programming. If we were to try adding this it would probably be a disaster.

Mod Support?!

No, again for the same reasons as above.

Will Landlord’s Support my language?

Probably yes, it’s English only for the moment as the script files are still being worked on. Once the game is closer to being content complete, we’ll begin to add more language support.

Can I translate Landlord’s to my language?

Yes! We used community localisation for Jalopy and it’s something we want to look into again.

Is there a feature road-map?

Yes, the current road-map can be found over here. Though this is subject to change.

When will Landlord’s Super leave Early Access?

Once the game features the core rental gameplay loop, a complete story arch, achievements and trading cards and is as bug free as possible. There is currently no accurate timeline for this. Leaving Early access will not mean the game is no longer updated.



Landlord’s Super Youtube Content

If you’re struggling to hold your excitement, there’s various gameplay videos up on Youtube.





Jalopy in Eurogamer

Greg was by Jack Yarwood over on Eurogamer. The piece covers the backlash aimed at him and Jalopy when Excalibur announced Road to Guangdong – A project he had no involvement in or knowledge of till it’s announcement. Yet received a large swathe of criticism for.

While it’s a great peace that looks to educate players on the difference between a Publisher & Developer, it leaves out a lot that has yet to be said on this whole saga. For legal reasons we’re still not confident in sharing these details.


Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to Wishlist Landlord’s Super, follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and join the discord!

Till next month,
Ruta & Greg


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