Furniture damage, one of many new features coming to Landlord’s Super


Month 10 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The majority of February was spent modelling the huge number of new furniture assets (coming your way next update). Yet, progress has also been made on new music and some bold mechanical changes. Read below to learn more.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Furniture Work (Again, again)

Furniture update continues to take longer than expected. The main issue is just workload. There’s a lot of new furniture coming to the game with a lot of new functionality. We’re not just bringing you sofas, ovens and beds. There’s washing machines, radiators, medicine cabinets, washing baskets, dining chairs, grills, toilet carpets, over 100 types of kitchen sinks (That’s not even including bathroom sinks!) and much more. Every piece also has colour variations and damage models. So it’s a steady process. 

Some – not all – furniture will have enhanced damage models.

Better Damage

Not only is furniture getting damage functionality, but we’ve also spent time reworking damage a little. We noticed players are getting frustrated seeing their property deteriorate too quickly. To help relieve this somewhat, damage will now have to pass a certain threshold before it shows visible wear and tear (currently set to 75%). While we’re also working on how tenants damage the property, this is a good first step in ensuring your properties holds their value and stay beautiful for longer. 

Another interesting feature we’re adding is that scrap will drop from destroyed components. This will mean players have something to sell if a tenant completely destroys something. Scrap dropped from destroyed objects is also very compact, allowing players to cart around more value in their wheelbarrows. 

New particle and audio effects are also coming to compliment the improved furniture visuals. 

Crouch Reworked

Accessing low down screws or placing cement onto bricks higher than the player in the current game is a pain. One reason why is that players have no control over their standing height. In the furniture update, we’ve reworked crouch to address this. 

Holding the crouch input will enter crouch state as before. Now, rather than walking, using the movement input will change player standing height.

Players can lower themselves to the ground to get a look under kitchen sinks, or stand right on their tippy-toes to see atop hard to reach bricks. That’s right, you’ll soon be able to stand on your tippy-toes in Landlord’s Super!


Jeremy is hard at work, more on this next month…

A new tool for you to play all your funky tunes on.

Community Highlight

More decoration this month, this time from @Nixinox over on twitter. And never one to let us down, Mar continues to impress with her wonderfully creative illustrations.

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