New furniture catalogue is in the works, to help entice the demanding Yuppie tenants.

Month 29 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Last month we released The Consumables Update for Landlord’s Super. The update contained purchasable consumables for players to replenish energy throughout the day and new ways to earn (or lose) money with the pub fruit machine. 

This month, we’ve been hard at work on assembling the furniture for the final furniture catalogue. (bonus surprise PICO-8 logo design from JWBstuhr over on the discord)

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Harold’s Furniture Catalogue

To allow players to better express their interior design abilities, and to entice the demanding Yuppie tenants, we’re working on adding one final furniture catalogue, the Harold’s furniture catalogue.

The items in this catalogue provide a luxurious-classic style, with stand out pieces such as patterned carpets, brass & gold trimmings and modern bathroom stylings. You’ll be sure to impress any visiting guests with a full leather settee and walnut coffee table combination.

More on this next month, but here’s a small sneak peak. 

Tiles Visual Improvements

Continuing the work to improve the visuals of the game, we’ve added specular and normal maps to all tiles and wooden flooring in the game. In layman’s terms, this means the tiles now accurately reflect light, making them stand out better and look a little shiny. 

This was actually surprising difficult to figure out, with the way these surfaces are rendered in-game, but we’re confident the results really add to the interiors.

Yuppie Tenants

As we’re mid-through the Yuppie update, we’re not quite ready to show off the Yuppie tenant just yet but she is coming soon.
Yuppies will be the final tier of tenant, and require the most work to keep satisfied during their stay. These out-of-town visitors are sure to demand a lot from players. More on this next month.

CHRBRG Played Landlord’s Super

CHRBRG did a great showcase of the game over on youtube, they even managed to show the creepy breathing on glass feature we added. Be sure to show your love over in the comments!

Community Highlights

This month Artgut shares a creative Kitchen build, The literal Dronk Tracktore man spends a little too much time in the pub, ThisPenguinCanFly proposes how buying damaged properties could look in-game, and not happy with the job centre in town, Horn decided to build his own…

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