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Winston delivering the player’s building supply order. Also, patiently looking forward to getting back down the pub, presumably.


The Christmas break will soon be upon us, though here at MinskWorks we’ve opened our presents early with our very own break away in Japan.

Japan in November

We spent most of November visiting Japan. Whilst the majority of the trip was spent gathering reference materials and researching for a potential future project, we did manage to sneak in getting a portrait done at the Kyoto Manga Museum…


It was a privilege to be able to visit Japan. Especially during a Rugby World Cup, a World Boxing Super Series final, and the last days of the Kawasaki Arcade. Japan as a host country is second to none, with hospitality that is unmatched. Japan hosting the 2020’s Olympic games next year will be very special.

Due to spending the majority of our time abroad, this month’s content may be a little thinner than usual. Fear not, we’re still making progress on Landlord’s Super, especially so that the Xbox release of Jalopy is now behind us.


The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Landlord’s Super in Edge Magazine

For the 3rd time this year, Greg was asked to be interviewed for Edge magazine. This time, however, it was specifically for previewing the intriguing concept of Landlord’s Super.

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Featured in page 50 of E339 of Edge, Jeremy Peel interviewed Greg to discuss how “Thatcher’s Britain lives on as an idiosyncratic construction simulator”.

If Landlord’s Super isn’t your thing, it’s still worth picking up a copy as this issue of Edge features the games which defined the decade. Community member and personal support guru Seb had a copy delivered all the way to Germany! Thanks for the continued support Seb! You can order your copy here.


Jalopy in Forbes

Jalopy made it into Forbes this month. Matt Gardener reviewed the road trip ’em up and seemingly loved it, warts and all.

Titled “Jalopy is Charmingly Anodyne, Drawing Strength From The Mundane”, you can read the full review, here. Jeremy was quite pleased with how much praise the soundtrack got, deservedly so!

A Year

Talking of Jeremy, the last song in his Album ‘A Year’ comes out on December 6th. Titled December, the track closes an album chronicling the passage of time. It’s been a joy to listen each track against the backdrop of seasonal change, and also to continue to see Jeremy grow as an artist. You should give it a listen too.




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Next month, Greg’s year in review, more Landlord’s Super content and plans for the year ahead.

Ruta & Greg

Early Access coming to Steam soon.

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