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Spring brings vivid greens, but also an influx of out-of-town traffic.


Days are rolling by and so is the continued development of Landlord’s Super. Most of the focus this month has been on beautifying the game, but we’ve also begun to lean into bug fixes and optimisation. The aim of the next couple months now is to make sure the game enters Early Access with a solid foundation upon which we can build a really unique and remarkable game. We must apologise for lack of newsletter content, but we are very much in the thick of it.



The Quintessential Construction Simulator

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West Berklands is oddly peaceful during light snowfall in the winter period

Detailing & Environmental Work

Focus this month has been to keep chipping away on making the world look like a place worth exploring. Once the environment is looking to a quality level we’re happy with, we’ll be recording and releasing gameplay footage, and updating the Steam page with new assets.
The game looks dramatically different to how it was 12 months ago, and the extra year’s worth of work makes it feel like a game that can stand tall in it’s niche.

Greg tweeted a thread showcasing all 4 seasons. Click above to view.

Optimisation & Bug Fixing

As we approach the deadline for Early Access, more work goes into not only making the game look good, but also run great. There’s still a lot of work needed on bug fixes and optimisation, but each week that passes we can feel the game improving in both these areas. By the time Early Access arrives, we should have a pretty solid foundation to which we can build upon.


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Click above to see a recent play-through of Greg getting drunk in-game… (please ignore the UI, audio and collision bugs… they are fixed now I promise!)


Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to Wishlist Landlord’s Super, follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and join the discord!

Next Month, we’ll try once again to capture a play-through of the game. As always is the precarious nature of game dev, we can’t promise anything…

Till next month,
Ruta & Greg

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