Construction gameplay is about to get a lot more involved…


We’re now 2 months into the release of Landlord’s Super. After spending a month on support and bug fixing, our focus has redirected towards producing the first major update for the game; the Tenants System.
Before we cover what this update will entail, an important statement from MinskWorks. 

We’d like to use this platform to say Black lives matter. Over the last month it’s been our aim to boost voices we think need to be most heard right now. Some of the voices worth sharing are below, but there’s much more that can be done :

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


The Tenants update is the current focus of the game. This update aims to bring a much more involved construction system, a refinded focus on how the player earns money, and the ability to rent out and maintain your property to varying tenants. 

There currently isn’t an estimated arrival date, but I can share some of the details of this update below.


As the tenants entering the world of Landlord’s Super can degrade the players property – forcing them to be called out to fix a variety of issues – deeper changes to the construction mechanics were needed. A brief insight into some of these changes below.


Roofing has been completely reworked. Players can now remove and replace every single tile and wooden plank on the roof. Starting damage to the roof is also now arranged differently for each players game.


Every foundation on the property can now be destroyed by using the sledgehammer, and replaced with a new foundation mixed by the player. Foundation visuals also now blend in together a lot better than they did.

No-Fines Concrete

Players can now mix No-Fines concrete which can then be used to repair or replace the outer walls of the house. 

A new location to store your tools and supplies.


Putting the property onto the market opened up another issue, what to do with all the players excess supply and loose tools? They couldn’t be left on the property with the tenant, and they couldn’t be left strewn across the street either…
To solve this problem, we’ve introduced an additional area where the player can store their tools and supplies. This unfortunately incurs an additional loan from Mitchell, who will provide the land for the Tool Shed & Supply Yard. Though, as a sweetener, whenever the player has a tenant move into the property, Mitchell will get one of his boys to gather up any tools or supplies lying around, and have them placed neatly within the supply yard without the player ever having to lift a finger. (That means more time down the pub).


While beautifying the notebook, we added Cement, Mortar & No-Fines mixture tracking. Each time the player creates a new stronger mixture of one of these compounds, details of the ratio will be added to the notebook. This allows players to refer to their own ingenuity when mixing a compound, and helps them track the strongest mixture ratios. 

Also, Greg thought a lot of players will be curious to see what their tenants are doing once they’d moved in. So to make players feel creeping for peeking through tenant windows, glass now fogs from player breath. Players will also begin panting if they have been running and jumping about a lot. Steamy fun. You can view this here.


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alopy got a mentioned in Top Gear España. You can view the article here. It’s in some really great company and is an honour to be featured. 


Courtesy of Falphaugh, enjoy a space Laika. 

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