The Scrapyard introduces a more involved way of earning money in Sheffingham.


Month 3 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.
This month, a look at even more content being added for the Tenant’s update. Introductions to some of the new faces joining Sheffingham. Lighting to help you work at night. And access to the in-development build through the InDev branch. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Meet Totter, Sheffingham’s very own scrap merchant.


Introducing Totter, Sheffingham’s Rag & Bone Lady! 
Totter will buy any scrap you bring her, and pay you the same day for it. She lives on a canal boat next to the Tip (Scrapyard) and also looks after an old horse called Six-pence (who loves to be pet). She can be found next to Mitchell’s, over the road from the Old Bill police station and is available to do business as soon as you arrive in town.


To compliment the addition of a dedicated scrapyard I’ve added a Scrap Generation System. At the start of every season in Landlord’s Super, a flurry of passers-by will travel through West-Berklands and dump their unwanted items all over the county. The shame! Well, one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure, as they say. So why not seize this opportunity to earn some extra money. You might even find something useful, and if not, Totter is sure to take it off your hands for a bit of cash. Just make sure you don’t forget your wheelbarrow.


The first phase of Tenant AI has been finalised and ready for the update. This first phase only includes the Lout class of tenant – Squatters will unfortunately have to wait for a future update. 
I also managed to get the Property Value system setup. This essentially evaluates a players property and assigns a Sell Value and Potential Daily Rental Income value to it. As you develop your property (with future construction features and additional furnishings,) the Sell Value will go up. This will then allow you to ask for more rent from tenants, or attract a higher class of tenant entirely. The Property Value can be viewed in your player Notebook.
Beware though, whilst lower classes of tenants will accept a rougher living situation, they may also degrade the property at a faster rate, lower the Sell Value and Potential Daily Rental Income Value. Tenants will also refuse to pay rent if their property becomes unlivable. If this happens, you’ll need to move your tenants out and get to work before it’s too late.


Astonishingly, I’m re-adding the Shovel. Whilst all the features of the shovel aren’t there yet, it’s a good investment for retrieving some of the move valuable scrap that has got stuck in the ground. You can also use it to manipulate the dirt of the property, or for interacting with the cement mixers and foundation frames. An insider tip: Whilst holding the shovel, try using right-click on a freshly laid foundation to smooth the top of the cement. 
Even better tip: Expect this one to be buggy.

Need a loan but the banks won’t approve? Mitchell may be your solution.


Finally making an appearance is Mitchell and his two boys. You’ll remember him from the loan you’re given at the start of the game. In the Tenants update, Mitchell plays a much more prominent role, granting loans for not only the property but the new Supply Yard & Tool Shed area.
Mitchell will also work with you on getting your property occupied through the forwarding of tenant applications and also get his boys (His other boys) to move any scaffolding or loose supplies from the property over to your Supply yard once your’re ready to move a tenant in. Mitchell will even help you evict particularly troublesome tenants (for a fee).

InDev branch coming to Steam soon.


Often requested was the ability to use work lights so players could work at night. It seemed like a simple enough task so I managed to sneak not only Work Lights into the Tenant’s update, but also a Pocket Torch that the player can keep on them at all times.


As the update is taking time, I’m opening up an in-development branch for people to test the Tenant’s update before it launches on Steam. This branch will not be content complete, and will have even more bugs than the main game branch, but it will allow fans of Landlord’s Super to get a first look and hands on at the upcoming features and help guide us in the right direction.

Expect news of this to be announced through the newsletter, over on Discord, over on Twitter and on Steam in the coming days.


While eagerly waiting for the Tenant’s update, Hamster boi 2.0 has been recreating West Berkland’s in Minecraft. User bf3125 managed to catch a ride in one of the cars passing through town. And Mar (commissions open) created this wonderful rendition of The Anchor’s Tamsin. Phwaor!

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