Earn your fortune with new scrap to sell.


Month 4 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.
Mostly bug fixing this month, but we did get to add some new content to the In-Dev Branch, such as Interior Doors, more scrap to collect and sell and white dog poo (remember that?). We also took some time off to visit family, which was much needed after so much social isolation (thanks COVID). Oh, and Totter has also been rewritten as a “bonnie Geordie lass”. Why? Aye. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Make you’re fortune with the expanded scrap trade!


Long awaited, not much to say regarding these other than they make the property look nicer and add to the total value. Oh, there was a spelling mistake regarding “Cream Doors” being written as “Crean Doors” which the community loves so shout out to that (RIP 2020 – 2020).


More work has taken place on the Scrap Generation system. Greg has added a bunch of new scrap items for players to scavenge and sell. They come in all shapes and sizes and the wheelbarrow has also been given a rework so that it is now much easier to use. One example being you can now drop items on top of one another. You’ll be reaping the benefits of a scrap empire in no time. 
Work is going to continue on this system throughout development. It’s our aim to have this be the backbone to how players earn money in the early game. Eventually we’ll remove the dishwasher job for this system to replace it. For now it’s still not quite ready so the dishwasher job remains.



One of the scrap items was a “Tin Can”. Greg wanted to know what we should refer to it as in-game, so we hit up twitter for the answer.
As different parts of the country refer to it as a different name, the thread was a bundle of contradictions. Neither “Tin” nor “Can” seemed to come out on top. As a result, we’ll be referring to it as a “Tin Can” in-game.


Remember when dog poo used to be white? What ever happened to that? Well, it’s now a feature of Landlord’s Super. Totter will even pay you for collecting it… We’re not sure why exactly, fertiliser maybe?


For those of you not on the In-Dev branch and eagerly wanting to play with these new features but are waiting for it to hit the main (stable) release, we’re looking at a release for the end of this month. 
Hooray, but do remember that delay can happen.


Discord regular Tuinkers claimed he would pet the horse 1000 times once it was available in-game. Few believe Tuinker’s bold claims, how could one person fulfil such ambitious claims? Yet…

Thanks again for your continued support. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Ruta & Greg on twitter, and to join the discord!

Till next month,
Ruta & Greg

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