We’re delighted in presenting you with the Paint & Decorate update for Landlord’s Super.
Available on Steam Early Access Now.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’re delighted to announce that access to the Paint & Decorate update for Landlord’s super is now available on Steam Early Access. If you have Landlord’s Super already purchased and downloaded on Steam, your game will automatically update. For everyone else, you can purchase Landlord’s Super Early Access here.

The Paint & Decorate Update marks our arrival at Version 0.2, with focus on content that enhances the building gameplay of the game. The Paint & Decorate update introduces plenty of new features, reworked systems and bug fixes. Overview & full patch notes below:


Apply wallpaper to secured plasterboard, or pickup a can of paint and express your artistic side with the paintbrush tool.


Plasterboard has been reworked to be much more intuitive. There is now a “one-size-fits-all” plasterboard solution which will resize to fit the placement area. Plasterboard also snaps into place now to remove unsightly seams. You can repair plasterboard by using one board on another. You can now also plasterboard all interior walls.


Finally, cover that unsightly foundation with various types of carpet, floorings or tiles. Or if you’re feeling particularly eccentric, apply them to the walls.


Stop wasting cement mixtures! Store excess concrete, no-fines and mortar mixes in up to 10 storage buckets. Use the storage buckets to mix paint together to create unique shades, or simply add paint to you concrete or no-fines mixtures to change the colour of your houses walls and flooring.


Repair foundations, cut off nails with the circular saw, period-appropriate telephone boxes and plenty of bug fixes to boot.


Landlord's Super 0.2.06 Update (Painting and Decorating)
New Content
Added Paint Brush Set
Can now paint plasterboard with the paintbrush set
Added Paint Cans
Added Primary, Ugly, and Pastel paint colours.
Added ability to add colour to mortar, concrete and no-fines mixes (Change the colour of your house!)
Added Mix Buckets
Added ability to store and mix mortar, concrete, no-fines and paint
Added Wallpaper
Can now apply wallpaper to plasterboard
Added Carpet & Flooring
Can now apply carpet and flooring to foundations & plasterboard
Can remove carpet and flooring with the Hammer
Carpet, tiles and flooring now contribute toward the property value
Added Tiling
Added 3 new phone boxes, each appropriate to the year the player is currently in (1983, 1985, 1991)
Added storage for wallpaper, carpets, flooring, tiles, paint cans, mix buckets
Added "door-less" Door Frames

Removed Jimmy license plate
Can cut off nails with the Circular Saw
Plasterboard has been reworked to make it much simpler, easier to use.
 Can only order one size of plasterboard, which will auto-resize to the preferred size for static walls, or allow player to resize for player built walls.
 Plasterboard now snaps into place automatically.
 N.B. The above changes were made to allow players to easily line up plasterboard "flush" with one another, so as to avoid any unappealing seams with painting. I was also really unhappy with how awkward the task felt before hand, and this implementation feels much more enjoyable overall. 
Bricks now have outline rendered when aimed at with the Circular Saw equipped
Increased the damage threshold for bricks and shingles
Some changes to how Cement Mixer highlights foundations to make it much more obvious of interaction options
Can now repair concrete foundations with Storage Buckets, Shovel, and Cement Mixers (so long as they are containing a Concrete mixture)
Can now load empty cement mixers with shovel mixtures
Added nail removal animation and audio
Hammer can no longer be used on screws. (While I figure out a fair way to have hammer interact with nails, the previous solution meant the screwdriver was basically useless)
Resized some of the windows and window walls to help them fit nicely with tiles, the game should auto adjust your windows for you on first load.
Mesh optimisation for brick mortar.
Tenants will now damage carpet, tiles and flooring before damaging the foundation beneath
Tenants will now damage plasterboard, tiles and flooring before damaging the no-fines or brickwork behind it
Lowered likelihood of tenants damaging the roof 
Added save file location button to the front end
Roof task now updated when tile is hammered loose
Can now use the trowel to pick up mortar and no-fines from ground piles (puddles)
Using the trowel on wallpapered walls now removes wallpaper
Using plasterboard on a placed, secured & damaged plasterboard will now repair it
Empty cement bags are now collected and placed into the skip when tenants are moved in
Splash damage of sledge hammer reduced by 40%
Energy consumed using sledge hammer reduced by 40%
Splash damage of sledge hammer now deals reduced damaged based on distance from impact 
Rewrote how bricks are counted by the game to make it much more accurate.
Removed the Chimney till it's actually implemented in the game 

Bug Fixes
Urine now shows correct colour based on what the player has consumed
Urine puddles now show correct colour based on what the player has consumed
Increased max pool instance of pee & puke puddle particles by 10x
Pee and puke should no longer glow
Fixed issue where Mitchell would continue to think the property was un-liveable
Fixed missing fence collisions at Totter's Scrapyard
Fixed issue where players could get stuck on black screen when moving tenants into property while having unpackaged deliveries in the garden
Some minor optimisations to shadows
Conducted a general optimisation pass
Fixed save corruption caused by picking up the wooden pallets outside of Kashmiran's house
Fixed issue where damage visuals wouldn't show correctly upon load
Fixed a bunch of UI issues tied to the Tool Catalogue
Fixed issue where could place ladder on top of one another in storage (This requires removing all stored ladders first)
Fixed missing grass footstep audio for patch outside the property
Fixed issue where players could get stuck washing dishes or sitting on the toilet
Fixed shovel contents mesh normals
Fixed a bunch of issues with the Cement Mixers
Fixed issue where walking speed wouldn't return upon leaving the cement mixers
Furniture placement optimised and improved
Fixed toilet seat folding issue
Fixed a bunch of player animations
Fixed several bugs with storage
Fixed issue with plasterboard not adding to the value of the property
Fixed an issue where tenants would start to lose satisfaction daily, even if there wasn't any issue
Fixed an issue where tenants wouldn't damage player-placed brickwork
Fixed issue where tenants wouldn't damage shingles
Fixed issue where shingles breaking wouldn't always mark the roof task as incomplete
Fixed some issues tied to tool collection and storage
Fixed issue preventing some plasterboards (windows mostly) from being repairable
Fixed minor rendering issue with plasterboard repair 
Fixed brick task not always registering as completed 
Fixed issue where no-fines rubble would appear in the game world when waking up
Fixed counting issue with roof task 
Fixed being unable to place storage buckets at on their storage space
Fixed issue where tenant would tell you off for breaking something when they are out of the property
Fixed issue with ladders, wallpaper, paint cans, etc being collected breaking storage
Fixed wonky bricks registering as competing brick tasks
Fixed Large mortar not causing bricks to be placed wonky
Plasterboard placement should no longer be blocked by furniture 

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