Furniture Update access is now available through the Steam In-Dev branch


Month 12 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Landlord’s Super has been in Early Access for an entire year! Since entering EA a year ago, we’ve seen the addition of a number of features. Including painting, no-fines, new tools, wallpaper, flooring, carpeting, new jobs, tool shed, Totter’s scrapyard, and more. We’ve still got plenty to come, starting with the up-coming Furniture Update.

As it’s been a year, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has played during Early Access. Thank you for all the Steam reviews, for all the save data sent to Greg, and for all the bug reports and suggestions. You cannot imagine how helpful it all is, and we are truly grateful.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Furniture Update Now Available in Steam InDev branch

InDev access for the Furniture Update is now available. You can opt in here

What is InDev? InDev is short for In-Development. The InDev branch is even earlier access to content updates. Want to help out with early testing and can’t wait for new content but aren’t scared of bugs, crashes and save corruptions!? Then InDev is a perfect way for you to play new content, whilst helping to speed up the development of Landlord’s Super. 

The Furniture Update has been in the InDev branch for over a week now, so is pretty stable. But do be aware, it can still contain early and untested content.

Furniture Update

Content and bug fixes are being added to the Furniture Update’s InDev branch on a daily basis. With this in mind, we’re looking at a mid-May release for the Furniture Update. This release will be tied to a 20% sale, so if you’ve been holding off buying, this could be a great time to dive in.

New Furniture is being added daily, 15 types of Standing Shelves made it in yesterday!

Mix Tape Channel

We added a Blank Tape to Landlord’s that allows players to add their own .WAV files to play in-game. You can add up to 20 tracks to the blank tape. A channel to for players to share their mix-tape playlists was requested. So we’ve added the #mix-tapes channel to the MinskWorks Discord. Got an in-game playlist you want to share? Head on over.

Community Highlight

This month’s highlight comes from u/ShorsIsExpTime over on the subreddit and nickisdoge through email. 

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