We’re delighted in presenting you with the Paint & Decorate update for Landlord’s Super.
Available on Steam Early Access Now.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’re delighted to announce that access to the Furniture update for Landlord’s super is now available on Steam Early Access. If you have Landlord’s Super already purchased and downloaded on Steam, your game will automatically update. For everyone else, you can purchase Landlord’s Super Early Access here.

The Furniture Update marks our arrival at Version 0.4, and our biggest single content drop so far. The Furniture update completely replaces all old furniture assets, introduces dozens more pieces, with 100s of variants of styles and colour. Add to that 9 new musical tracks from composer Jeremy Walmsley played on through the in-game cassette player, smoking, environmental overhauls, and new jobs to complete around the world. There has never been a better time to jump back into what we are committed to delivering as the quintessential construction experience.

Overview & full patch notes below:


All previous furniture has been replaced with higher fidelity models and we’ve added dozens more non-essential pieces. Each furniture piece now comes in a variety of colour or styles, each has wear and tear simulated. This update means there are now hundreds of options to decorate your home with, and there’s still more to come.


Residents of Sheffingham need a handyman, do you have the tools to help out? Rebuild Tamsin’s wall, Lay Kashmiran’s foundation, repair the church roof for Totter. Each will provide a unique reward, or a cash bonus for repeat call-outs… 


9 new tracks, mixed into 3 music tapes, each waiting to be played on your very own in-game cassette player. Complement your working day by jamming it out to either Tamsin’s Synth-pop mix, Totter’s Ska collection or Kashmiran’s post-punk tape. Not a fan of those genres? Find the blank tape and build your very own mix-tape by adding up to 20 tracks to the game files. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!


The residents of Sheffingham can now smell you. This will affect how they perceive and deal with you. So, if after a hard days graft you find yourself struggling to convince Tamsin to pour you a pint of Super, you may want to consider taking up smoking for a short term hygiene solution.
User caution is advised however, smoking is hazardous to your health, particularly to your in-game character’s lung capacity. Smoke too much and you’ll develop an annoying smokers cough that’ll whittle down energy levels. Continue to ignore these warning signs and you may cause permanent damage to your health. You have been warned!


Split bricks with the Brick Bolster – a cheap alternative to the Circular Saw. New crouch solution that allows players to stand on their tippy toes. The Job Centre has had a refurb allowing you to skip time in their bathroom. You can open the doors and look inside Jimmy’s Reliant Runner Supervan. There’s so many changes, fixes and improvements! 


Landlord's Super 0.4 Update (The Furniture Update)
Key Features & Changes
New Jobs available at the Job Centre
Job Centre has been rebuilt to look more period appropriate
Added bathroom (incl. Toilet) to the Job Centre, allowing skipping of time during mornings in Sheffingham town
Added Tamsin Wall Job
Added Kashmiran Foundation Job
Added Totter Church Roof Job
Under certain conditions, NPC are aware if player tries to scam them into paying for additional work
All Furniture items replaced and enhanced, with colour selection and full damage tracking
N.B The number of new furniture is currently low for focus testing purposes. Once we're confident of the stability of the available furniture, we'll begin adding new furniture in batches.
Added a Cassette Player & 3 Music Tapes - each with a unique sub-cultural theme
Added 9 new original music tracks by Jeremy Walmsley
Added Blank Tape, allowing players to play their own .WAV files in-game
Added smoking
Characters now react to player smell
N.B Smoking will provide quick and easy relief to smelly players who forget to shower. Be aware that smoking is very bad for your health, and this is reflected in various ways in-game. You have been warned!
New adjustable crouch height.
Players can now stand on their tippy toes
N.B To help ease of access to screws on certain types of furniture, players can now adjust their standing height whilst crouched. Using the movement input whilst crouched will mean players can adjust their height with more precision, albeit movement whilst crouched will no longer be possible. As a bonus, players can stand on their tippy toes if the stretch high enough.
Various environmental improvements and changes to support new jobs around the world
Added new tool “Brick Bolster”, a cheap addition to the Hammer for splitting bricks in half

Minor Changes
Furniture Catalogue reworked to accommodate new furniture
New improved water visuals
Can now open Jimmy’s Royal Runner Super van
Pub now fills with Smoke when Winston arrives
Added Cigarette machine to the pub
Tidied up the artwork for the toolbelt
Loose furniture now needs "Interact" input to be held in order to be picked up
Thrown objects now damage both the object they impact as well as themselves
Furniture won't show damage till it reaches below <75% condition
Changed fridge pivot point, making them easier to place
Sledgehammer no longer deals double damage to the impact point
Sledgehammer splash damage only applied to objects of the same type
Debris impact no longer causes damage
Furniture placed on walls now snaps to grid
Furniture placed on walls now also snaps into rotation
Half brick outside Tamsin pub swapped with full sized brick, allowing wall to be repaired without need for any orders

Bug Fixes
Fixed Totter’s eye makeup
Fixed performance hit on furniture placement
Fixed naming issues in the furniture catalogue
Fixed a bunch of areas where player footsteps wouldn't change to snow during snow conditions
Fixed minor "disabled" UI colour for the Shovel selection within the Tool Catalogue
Fixed issue where Plasterboard tutorial wouldn't appear in the notebook
Fixed issue where No-Fines could be damaged below zero
Players should no longer slide off roof when game is paused
Fixed Wheelbarrow disappearing if player went under the blocked bridge with it
Fixed typo "oppertunity" to "opportunity" in M&Sons letter
Fixed UI text becoming truncated on job slips
Fixed issue where couldn't place small tiles in corners next to each other
Table in tool shed no longer accumulate snow
Pub bathroom light now works
Fixed issue where game would think furniture is placed inside the property when it wasn't
Fixed issue where tenant wouldn't find a new favourite bed or sofa if many were placed but their original favourite was removed
Fixed Winston and Jimmy unable to show sadness
Fixed minor Junk TV visual issue
Fixed winter tree branch visuals

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