Furniture Update, out now on Steam!


Month 13 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Last month we finally released the Furniture Update into the main branch of Steam! Combined with the positive support of our fans, a couple of sales and some really great streamers picking up the game, the update really got the attention it deserves. 

With that milestone complete, we’re sure you’ll be interested in what’s next. Well, for us, we’ll be spending a little bit of time moving home, but once that’s out of the way it’s back into the next update for the game. Read on to find out what the plans are there.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Furniture Update Now Available

The Furniture Update is now fully available on Steam. If you missed the announcement, or patch notes, you can view them here. The Furniture Update not only adds in 100s of new pieces of furniture but also includes new music, jobs, and mechanics further enhancing the Landlord’s Super game experience. It is the biggest content update the game has had since starting Early Access, making it a perfect time to jump back in.

Try it now


As the core of the game becomes more fleshed out, we’ve started to add in a few moddable elements to the game. This is a trend we’ll likely continue if it’s something the community likes. For now, the moddable elements in the game are as follows.

  • Blank Tape Audio Files
    • Fill the blank tape with up to 20 .wav audio files of your choice, listen to a podcast, or load up the first album you ever purchased!
  • Blank Tape Texture
    • With the audio loaded, change the appearance of the tape so you can show off what you’re listening to
  • Paintings
    • There’s currently 5 paintings featuring Ruta’s beautiful art with more to come. Each one can be swapped out for any .png image through the StreamingAssets folder.


Those of you who have seen the current roadmap will noticed that the next planned step is shown as the Supper & Tea update. This won’t actually be the focus for the next update. Instead, we’ll be moving straight onto the Free Build update
The reason for this change is partly that the Furniture update took us longer than expected, but mainly because we’re uncomfortable being a year on from starting Early Access and still missing an end game.
The plan then, is to start work on this update as soon as we’re done moving. Bug fixes will be at a break for now, as the work required for Free Build will require rebuilding fundamental aspects of the game.
If you’re not comfortable waiting for an extended period of time for the content update – and are prepared for buggy content – we’ll be opening up the In-Dev branch again as soon as it’s available to do so, releasing content in phases.
The first phase of this update will likely focus on the removal and placement of interior walls. With us finding a workable solution for this that still allows tenants to rent the property. Then moving onto foundation and outer wall placement (the struggle here currently is figuring out how roof generation will work, but we’ll figure that out as we understand the problems better).
Regardless, this is likely be the hardest and most demanding change the game has had since starting EA last year, so we please ask for patience and understanding while we’re working away at it. We never originally planned for this, but we really don’t want to let the community down so we think it’s worth the effort.
Other than interior and exterior wall and foundation placements (Finally! Bigger properties!), we’ll be using this update to add an end game loop and game ending state, more jobs, pad support and hopefully open up the way to start localising the game. Though this last point is dependent on whether script files are complete.


In this month’s highlight we look at the exceptional interior design skills of Kallecarlund’s from over in the Discord, and also from the Discord, Horn shows us a unique perspective of Ronnies Supply Store. Nice!

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