The Landlord’s Super Soundtrack is now available for purchase on Steam.


Month 14 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

This month saw the release of The Landlord’s Super Original Soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Warmsley. Available for purchase now on Steam.

Steps are also being made towards the release of the Free Build update. Though we’re not yet at the stage where we can provide a release window.

Tragically, we’ve also had to say goodbye to an old friend. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Soundtrack Now Available

The Landlord’s Super Original Soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Warmsley, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Purchase now to receive 17 tracks, including the full in-game mix tapes and theme song, and support a talented and hardworking musician.

Free Build Progress Report

Development was slowed this month due to a house (and with it home office) move, but progress is now getting back to full steam. Here’s an overview of what we’ve worked on.

Interior Wall Placement

Players will soon be able to remove & place interior walls. Create an open-plan living space, or finally make that bathroom smaller.

Each Plaster Frame can also be resized using our new “Hot Bar” functionality (details further on).

Hot Bar

Relying on clicking the right mouse button to change the shape or selection for things such as the Trowel was proving to be annoying. We’d long planned to replace this solution with a hot bar system and finally, with the introduction of Interior Wall Placement, the Hot Bar is making it’s way in. 

Holding down the right mouse button for a short time will now open the Hot Bar (restricted to applicable items). From the Hot Bar, selections can be made to change the type or style or placement for the object the player is currently holding.

Objects that make use of the Hot Bar include the Trowel (for mortar placement), Plaster Frames (interior walls), No-fines Frames (exterior walls) and Plaster Board.

Exterior Wall Placement & Roof Generation

Along with Interior Wall Placement, we’ve now started work on Exterior Wall Placement. The aim of this feature is to allow players to remove and place exterior (No-Fines Frames) walls. Essentially, this will allow players to design the layout and size of their property. Making them both builder and architect!

Whilst in theory the execution of this feature should be the same as Interior Wall Placement, there’s a couple considerations needed. One thing to consider is how we handle roofing? Do you have players build the roof themselves? Do you generate the whole thing? How does the game decide then, what should be a flat roof or a gable roof?

The current solution is a mixture of both generated an placement. Once a full loop of the exterior wall is completed, a flat roof mesh will be generated (pictured). Placement of gable frames will then be allowed on this roof, so players can design what parts of their roof will be gabled and flat. 

There’s still a lot of work left to be done on this feature, but it’s looking promising that customising the layout and size of the house will be possible soon. 

Farewell Simba

Tragically, this month saw the passing of our dear friend and companion Simba. Simba was a Chihuahua who loved sleeping under the covers and watching Daniel Day Lewis films. He was a funny dog, wearing himself out with excitement before a walk to then take himself home for an early bed. Rest in peace dear friend, you will not be forgotten.

Simba you were a huge part of Jalopy and Landlord’s, thank you for all your support.

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