Progress continues to be made on the Free Build Update.


Month 17 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Free Build update sure is taking a long time, huh? We appreciate players are probably starting to lose patience with it, so this month, we’ll be looking into why exactly this update is taking longer than previous ones, but it’s important to know that the guts of the game are really being torn out and refitted. We’re confident, however, that this work will give the game the longevity it deserves. 

We’ve also done a bunch of work on RoofingNewspapers and Curtains. We’ve even took on an extra pair of paws to help us speed along development.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Our Biggest Update Yet

The Free Build Update is by far our biggest update to the game thus far. Due to this, save data from previous versions of the game will not be compatible with The Free Build Update (oof). All players will need to start a fresh save when the update comes out.

There’s a justification for this. Big changes to how construction gameplay works have also meant reworking how the save and load system works. We understand that losing save data isn’t any fun, so we’re making sure to add as much new content to the game as possible. Starting a new save in The Free Build Update should feel like playing a whole new experience.

We’ve spoken over the last few months of the changes incoming. Interior Wall PlacementExterior Wall PlacementCeiling GenerationStaircasesHot Bar, and a raft of quality of life improvements and bug fixes. But there’s still even more to come. Let’s take a look.

Save data from previous versions will not be compatible with the Free Build update.

Newspaper Changes

Greg managed find time to sneak in a long-planned feature with the in-game newspapers. 

With how hidden some features are in Landlord’s Super, we’ve always worried that a lot of the depth of the game gets over-looked. Our Discord channel can usually help mitigate this, with users pointing out unknown features to new players, but we really wanted an in-game way to address this.

Newspapers are our chosen solution for this. They are now generated on a daily basis, come with a period appropriate headline – which have been drawn from an array of real-world press articles – and a “tool tip” headline hinting at some of the mechanical depth and hidden features of the game. It’s really neat!

Newspapers change on a daily basis, and can be viewed anytime a player used a toilet (We’ve adjusted the UI a bit so you can read without skipping time). 

Roofing Changes

After adding the ability for players to determine placement of both interior and exterior walls, we found that a solution for roof placement was also needed. Both the ceiling and base of the roof are generated automatically upon an exterior wall loop completing. Players can also place gable and square roof frames to build various slanted and flat roof styles.

We’ve also taken a look at addressing how fiddly roofing was. Roof planks can now be resized during placement. They also snap into place. Shingles also snap to grid, allowing quick and easy placement. 

Roofing is still a work in progress, with more on this coming next month. You can see this new feature in action here.

New Windows & Doors

Finally, players will be able to fit new colours, sizes and styles of windows and doors!

We’ve added 6 new sizes of window and 3 different style types (Functional, Traditional, Post-Modern). Each of these can be customized in a variety of colours or materials. Doors have also been given the same treatment, with a variety of new styles and colours to choose from.


Extra time this month meant we managed to sneak curtains into the game too. Finally, some privacy! 

UI Changes

Another thing we spent doing this month was tightening up the UI for the HUD and various catalogues. UI should no longer overlay elements. Phone dialogue should no longer obscure player view. Additionally, players can read the newspaper without skipping time now. The HUD has also been moved closer to the screen edge, with visual issues being fixed, allowing much more screen space to be dedicated to the game world. 

Discord Level Up

the Official MinskWorks Discord server has now been boosted to level 2! A huge thank you to discord users Tea, ShipMasterCaine, BLKWave , Rūta and 87isaiah8718 for server boosting us to level 2.

Level 2 means we are now eligible for server discovery, have a fancy new banner and most importantly, can share up to 50mb of in-development footage. Thank you all!

Meet Our Newest Hire

Welcome Bija, the newest member to the MinskWorks team!

Bija is a Cockapoo who is very sociable and loves stealing team members slippers. She is currently 13 weeks old and enjoys morning and evening visits to the bark park. She is also looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the coming update!

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