Progress continues to be made on the Free Build Update.


Month 18 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

A short one this month, as we’ve entered another gear in order to get the update completed.

We’re looking at getting a test build of the Free Build update into the InDev branch before Christmas. Let’s look at how that will look.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Free Build? When?

Work on the construction elements is finally drawing to a close. However, development still needs to complete on two more areas of the game before the update can hit the public branch. 

First is making sure that the new construction gameplay is presented correctly. This means revisiting how the start of the game plays out. Answering questions such as “how do you complete tasks in the notebook with free build?”. Enhancing areas of the game such as the loan system, reworking how the tool shed is unlocked and of course, tutorials for the new mechanics. 

Second is bug fixing. Once we enter this phase we’ll share the game on the InDev branch where players can try the new features early and help us out with bug tracking.

Also of note; we’ll start releasing builds on InDev with debug tools. So you’ll be able to spawn money, refill energy, fly around, etc. This is to ensure playthroughs are faster and bug tracking is easier.

New Shingles, New Bricks

A variety of new Shingles and Bricks are making their way into the Free Build update. Each with their own price and style, allowing our players even more creative freedom.


The ability to build wooden housing has been a popular request, so we’re adding in the ability to panel your homes in plasterboard and wood panelling. Both the insides and outsides of your homes can be fully panelled and painted. 

We look forward to seeing how creative players get with this once Free Build is released!

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