Time to start building…

Month 19 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Access to the Free Build update is now available from the InDev branch on Steam. Details below.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Free Build update enters InDev

After many months of development, the Free Build Update is finally available through the InDev Branch!

What is InDev?

InDev is a separate branch on Steam that gives players access to updates earlier while they are still in development. It’s a great way to try out new features early whilst also helping to make updates release as polished as possible. Whilst InDev contains the majority of the content available in the upcoming Free Build update, players who opt-in should expect bugs, performance issues and some missing features.

What’s in Free Build?

Free Build is our biggest update yet. Removing all restrictions and introducing the ability to build homes from the ground up. Move and place walls, build an extension, install staircases and add multiple floors. With the Free Build update, Landlord’s Super leaps closer toward being THE Quintessential Construction Simulator!

How to Access InDev?

Details on how to access the InDev branch through Steam follow the patch notes below.

Free Build Patch Notes

  • Free Build
    It’s time to knock down the walls of your home and begin designing and building your dream home!
  • Staircases & Additional Floors
    Build staircases to gain access to additional floors in your home. Up the wooden hill, son!
  • Hot Bar
    Better interaction options for certain building supplies. Just hold RMB to open it up!
  • New Windows & Doors
    Many new styles and colours to install
  • New Bricks and Shingles
    Dozens of new bricks and shingles to really express yourself Can now place bricks freely
  • Improved Visuals
    Various improvements make the game look even better!
  • Curtains
    Finally, privacy
  • Balance & Quality of Life Changes
    Completely revamped Roofing including Shingles snapping to grid Balanced energy for longer work days
  • Many Bug Fixes 
    Details on this at a later date
Debug features are enabled in this build!
Q = free fly
N = add energy
M = add money
Additionally, the trowel will never run out of mortar / no-fines

How to Access InDev

  1. Right Click on your Landlord’s Super install in Steam and select “properties”
  2. Click the Betas tab and then select InDev In development access
  3. The InDev build should start to download on steam!

Note: Steam may require a restart after stage 2 for the InDev to download.

Special Thanks

With such a big update, we required a closed “testingbranch” period to ensure the game was stable and functional. A select group of players over on the discord elected themselves to help out. Without the help of these players, the Free Build update would likely not have made it into InDev before Christmas. So we wanted to give a special thank you to the following players.

Special thanks to Johnfister, Luke Capicchioni, Trust37, Sparkz, Nargin, steam train, kinghingle, Gyger, G1n_rumZz, Silky, BrownTown, gv05, ShawbertoCarlos, RustyShack, Im The Dronk Tracktore Man, Mulex, Hoopsure, markuzz, vanGogh, Inevitable K, tuinkers, Kapitan Elementu. 

Thank you all for the help, all your support, and all your patience during this period. 

Jingle Jam

Happy December 1st. But do you know what that means? Jingle Jam is back!

Over the last 10 years, people raised over $20 million for charities across the world. It’s honestly mind blowing. And this year we’re back again!

But what’s even better by making a donation (between 1st Dec and 14th Dec 2021) of at least £35 (around $47 USD) in a single transaction to one of the charities you will receive keys for 56 games!

List with all of the games and charities are in the link below.

Check it, maybe you will see something that you like!

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