The community have been busy building throughout December

Month 20 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

In-between fixing bugs, introducing silos & mortar colour to Landlord’s Super, we’ve been busy with Yogscast’s Jingle Jam and visiting family for the Holidays.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Free Build Fixes

Majority of the work this month has been focused on attending to issues within the Free Build In Development version. With build 0.5.12, we’re now at the point where most of the significant issues are addressed and we can focus on getting the rest of the content in and pushing the update into the main branch. 

Mitchell Catalogue

To address the complaints of tedium and repetition in the game, we’re introducing the Mitchell Catalogue (or Document more specifically).
Mitchell’s catalogue provides the player with options in automating some of the more boring tasks (like demolishing the site and tiling exposed roof planks). The catalogue also provides opportunities for players to sell properties to the council, the option for players to retire into their home (end game state), and some more purchase opportunities like Pre-Mixed Silos.

Pre-Mixed Silos

Through Mitchell’s catalogue, players also have the option to purchase the Concrete, Mortar & No-Fines Silos. Once purchased, the Silos will appear at the Tool Shed, providing players with unlimited access to each.
Different strengths of mixture can be purchased as the player earns more money. To use the silos, players need simply push a button, and the silo will begin to fill the tub below it. Each tub has a maximum volume of 1000ltrs and can even be moved using the Pump Truck. 

Mortar Colour

With the introduction of new bricks to the Free Build update, it became clear we’d need to re-introduce mortar colour. Originally removed for performance, we think we’ve got a good solution in place for this. Though if you do find you’re experiencing poor performance, be sure to email Greg (greg@minskworks.net) with your save data and a brief explanation on the issue.

Mortar Colour can be changed the same as Concrete & No-Fines; by simply pouring paint into the mixture.

Jingle Jam

A huge thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Jingle Jam and the Yogscast for running the event. The total raised for various charities was a jaw dropping $4,432,436.89. A great way to end the year!

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