Buy, sell and trade houses with other players!

Month 21 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Free Build update will release soon (mid Feb). An extraordinary amount of work has gone into this update. If you haven’t played since the start of Early Access, Free Build provides a completely new experience. Read on to see what we’ve been working on.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Buying & Selling Property

Players have been asking for more properties since the start of Early Access. With the coming release of the Free Build update, they will finally be able to buy, sell and trade properties with one another. 

For performance reasons, we’re unable to allow the loading of more than 1 property in the game world at a time. This is unfortunately a concession that needs to be made with a construction game with as much depth and complexity as Landlord’s Super. This implementation method was chosen to give players the ability to build multiple properties, but without needing to reduce the depth and complexity of the construction elements in the game. Hopefully it’s a compromise players are happy with.

For the initial Free Build update release, players wanting to purchase properties will need to either build and sell them themselves, or trade with other players. We do plan on adding a selection of “fixer-upper” properties, but right now our focus is on bug-fixing and implementing missing features. That said, if any of you want to send over save files for a half-finished property that you think would make a fun fixer-upper, feel free to send them over and we’ll add them to the game.  

Annoying Stuff

If you’ve kept abreast of the patch notes the last few weeks, you’ll see that we’re finally making time to fix a lot of long standing and annoying features in Landlord’s Super. 
The Pallet Truck was causing players trouble with unloading their goods, so we’ve rewritten and reworked it to be far more reliable.
Dropping items has also been reworked. Players will now only damage thrown items and the property when launched with maximum charge. Essentially allowing them to place items down without worry.
The UI “Bowels” is now written as “Bladder”. This wasn’t a spelling mistake, originally there was going to be poop functionality in the game, but that has since been cut. 
The holding positions of certain items blocking view have also been adjusted so players can better place them. Work on the “annoying stuff” like this will continue over the coming months as the final game comes together. We appreciate the patience with this stuff!

Shiny and Rain Effects

Many objects now have metallic or specular maps allowing them to react realistically to lighting and reflections. Rain now also works similarly to snow, in that it persists within the environment through wetness depending on the current rain intensity.

Jalopy on Wikipedia

Thanks to MeblIQ’ERE for pointing out that Jalopy has it’s own page on Wikipedia. It’s touching to see that the game continues to leave a little digital footprint for players.

We Got a Bug Report Through the Post

This was great to receive, thank you Mikale and keep an eye on your post for our reply!

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