LUCse_MENSEN showing that brick builds can be done.

Month 23 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

After hitting our latest milestone, we spent the past month between working on the Traditional Furniture & Tenant Update, and attending the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. Let’s take a look at what we’ve worked on and what we’ve learned.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

New Furniture

We’re well into Phase 1 of the current roadmap, meaning work on the Traditional Furniture & Tenant Update is underway. 

Most of the traditional furniture has been modelled, textured and hooked up into the game. Though we still need to set up the new furniture catalogue, create the new tenant and design and implement logic regarding furniture unlocks, and tenant tiers.  

No dates as for when this stuff hits either InDev or Main Branch yet, but we’re excited to get more build freedom into players hands soon!

New Furniture

Yes, Landlord’s Super now has Mods! 

All credit goes to Moojuiceman over on the Minskworks Discord for these. Details from them below:

How to install mods: You will need BepInEx 5, which you can get from github. Here is a direct link to the 64-bit version of 5.4.19 which works with the game https://github.com/BepInEx/BepInEx/releases/download/v5.4.19/BepInEx_x64_5.4.19.0.zip Unzip the contents into your Landlord’s Super game folder, next to the LandlordsSuper.exe. You can find it via Steam by right clicking the game > Manage > Browse local files, or by clicking “Streaming Assets” from the game’s main menu then going up a folder. Start the game once so BepInEx creates all the necessary files and folders. You can then download any of these mods and put the .dll file into the BepInEx\plugins folder. Some mods have configurable options, these are stored in BepInEx\config\<Modname>.cfg IMPORTANT: Since the game is still in development, some mods might change or break with updates. Also since these alter how the game works, any bugs might be due to the mods and shouldn’t be reported to bug-reports unless confirmed to also be present when playing without mods. You can report suspected mod bugs over on the discord.

None of my mods should affect save files, but as a precaution it’s wise to backup your save files anyway. They can also be useful for developers to debug issues, both with mods and the main game. To backup saves: From inside the main menu of the game, click “Save Data” to open the save folder. Make a copy of the “LandlordsSuper” folder, either to another location or as a new folder name in the same place.

To backup saves:
From inside the main menu of the game, click “Save Data” to open the save folder. Make a copy of the “LandlordsSuper” folder, either to another location or as a new folder name in the same place.

Name: Better Wheel Barrow
Functions: While moving the wheelbarrow, you can hold the alt fire button (default right mouse) to dump the contents. This restores physics to the cargo (like when you stop moving it), and tilts the front down a lot. You can then walk backwards to remove the wheelbarrow and leave the contents there. You can also pick up multi-stack items (bricks/shingles/tarred roof planks) from the barrow by holding the run button (default Shift). If you don’t hold it, the default behaviour of re-placing the item you just picked up remains. With it held, the hovering blue indicator won’t appear and you can take multiple items like you can from the ground.

Download here : BetterWheelBarrow.dll

Name: Strongman
Functions: Allows you to increase the amount of multi-stack items (bricks/shingles/tarred roof planks) you can hold, and the amount of weight you can carry without losing your ability to sprint and jump, or losing hygiene when picking/placing heavy items.
Config options: Max Shingles (also used by tarred roof planks), Max Bricks, Weight Limit

Download here :Strongman.dll

Name: Site Cleaner
Functions: Adds keybinds for cleaning tools and materials from the build site, as happens when someone moves in.
Config options: Clean Tools Key, Clean Materials Key

Download here : Sitecleaner.dll

Name: Xray
Functions: Adds a keybind to toggle visibility of the currently held item. Useful to see where you’re going when carrying large items.
Config options: Toggle Key

Download here : Xray.dll

Name: Express Delivery
Functions: Makes Winston teleport from the store to your house and back again instead of driving. No more waiting for items to arrive or being able to use the shop again (and no more driving mishaps)

Download here : ExpressDelivery.dll

Name: Shifty Shingles
 Adds a “left align” option to shingles. When placing shingles, right click to toggle between centre, right align, and left align

Download here :ShiftyShingless.dll

Join the discord to support Moojuiceman’s work, report any issues and follow all the new mods and updates. 


We spent a significant portion of last month over at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

We spoke to many other developers and publishers trying to learn as much as we could about how to make and sell games in 2022. Our goal was to try to understand what we could be doing better to extend the dev life of Landlord’s Super, and how we could get better awareness of the game. We really think the game deserves the moniker of being the Quintessential Construction Simulator, and we’re committed to building a game to reflect that. 

Expect to see us trying new things, and asking our communities input on this in the near future. This is going to be a big year for the game, our studio and the community. 

Community Highlights

Special thanks to Moojuiceman for the modding support, but also shout outs to Dialupdude showing us the way Landlord’s was meant to be played (Check out dialupdude on twitch for more https://twitch.tv/dialupdude ) and Cleetus for showing us how the soundtrack was meant to be heard.

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