Glorious new interior design available from the Argoost catalogue.

Month 26 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Power Tools Update for Landlord’s Super is now available for testing through the InDev branch. The update contains several new tools, powered by the new mobile compressor. There’s also a new wall frame type for complete brick wall builds. The update will hit the main branch soon.

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The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Grafter Tenant

Last month we took a sneak peak at the new furniture coming with the Grafter update. This month we’d like to showcase the new class of tenant players will be able to interact with.

The Grafter is the mid-tier tenant that provides a balance between medium negligence, medium expectations and a medium rental income. Grafters are no-nonsense folk who would rather stay in for their Sunday roast rather than host guests with a lavish party.

To unlock Grafter tenants, players will need to first successfully complete a 100% satisfaction tenancy of the Lout tenant. Players will then receive a congratulation through the post, with information on the new Furniture catalogue unlock and instructions on how to attract Grafter tenants. Players will then need to complete the Grafter Build Requirement checklist, in order to make the house viable for Grafter tenants. Instructions on how to complete these tasks are – as before – provided by our good friend Jimmy at the Anchor Tavern.


With the Grafter Update, we’ll be adding the ability for the Notebook to provide building Surveys

Surveys will provide detailed information on the property, better inform players of any potential issues or simply providing them with the square meter size of their property.

Changes to Rental System

We’ve started to work through much needed changes to the rental system in Landlord’s Super.

Previously, players would be given one randomly generated tenant, once per day. The new system will now allow for three randomly generated tenants per day. This allows players more agency over their tenancy agreements.

This also leads into the work we want to do for External Rental properties. Which we hope will allow players to have multiple properties (out of environment) that they can rent out and maintain in unison. More on this in the future.

MeblIQ’ERE’s Mod Loader

MeblIQ’ERE has created a mod loader for Landlord’s Super. More from the man himself below:

Hi everyone, I updated Water Launcher! (mods-manager). Here is a small changelogs: —FEATURES—

    New name & logo!
    UI rework
    Now, you'll know when there is a new update!


    exit() was not recognised by py-to-exe, and that causes huge problems (so I just change it by sys.exit())
    The button for going to @Moojuiceman-LSMods repo wasn't working (just a mistake in the keys)
    When you remove a mod, it was always showed as install on the list (because it wasn't updated)

Here is the main page link: I hope you would like the new version, and the last bugs wasn’t too annoying, Have a nice week! ^^ Edit: I have to build it again, for having exit totally fixed (if you read this, I didn’t do it for the moment)

New Discord Emojis

Ruta made some more Emojis for Discord. This time they’re developer focused! Be sure to join the Minskworks Discord here.

Community Highlights

I don’t think we ever shared this one, but Horn’s build based around the conspiracy theory of birds being fake still really does it for us.

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