The Grafter Update

We’re delighted in presenting you with the Grafter update for Landlord’s Super.
Available on Steam Early Access Now.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’re delighted to announce that access to the Grafter update for Landlord’s super is now available on Steam Early Access. If you have Landlord’s Super already purchased and downloaded on Steam, your game will automatically update. For everyone else, you can purchase Landlord’s Super Early Access here.

The Grafter Update marks our arrival at Version 0.7 and introduces players to their second tier tenant and an entirely new furniture catalogue. The Grafter update also revitalises the rental gameplay, allowing players to choose between several tenants each day rather than just one. Skirting boards allow players to add authentic interior design to their properties. Survey properties and new build tasks allow a deeper understanding on the value and necessity of properties. Utilise more varieties of furniture, wallpapers, tiles and lighting with the new Agoost furniture catalogue. As before, we have further improved the visuals and performance. Sleep multiple days to advance through awkward tenancy periods or rainy days. Jump back in now and experience all the fun!

Overview & full patch notes below:


Grafter tenants have arrived in Sheffingham. Voiced by Lewis of the Yogscast, these hardworking folk provide a decent balance between income and expectations.


Redecorate your properties with an entire catalogue filled with new “traditional” themed furniture.


Add authenticity to your interior design with all new skirting boards.


Better understand the faults and benefits of your builds with an extensive survey system, available right away in the in-game notebook.


Hundreds of new fixes and another optimisation pass make this the most stable & performant the game has ever been. 


Landlord's Super 0.7 Update (The Grafter Update)

Fixed No-Fines not rendering UI fill info once placed
Fixed positioning of tiles & carpets when placed on second and third floor plasterboard
Fixed tiles & carpet placement acting strange when handled at a certain angle / direction
Fixed small window placement being blocked
Fixed door & windows blocking placement on each other
Tweaked player height and plasterboard colliders in order to prevent players getting stuck on staircases
Fixed Agoost cupboard w/ draw screws misalignment

Fixed paintings being difficult to pick up once placed
Fixed some tenancy data tracking issues
More environmental graphical improvements, particularly related to shaders for the Anchor Tavern and other buildings in town
Maybe fixed pouffe falling through the world on placement

Fixed furniture catalogue not unlocking correctly
Fixed screws being un-targetable on Agoost Kitchen cabinet
Fixed Agoost Grill only screw positions
Fixed lamp shades not loading in correctly when ordering a standing lamp from Agoost catalogue
Fixed issue where players couldn’t order cookers from Agoost
Agoost washing basket should now require input to be held to pick it up if it has been placed in the property
Fixed Agoost toilet lid colour not setting correctly on order
Toilet seats should always load in closed now, preventing rotation issues
Fixed collisions on Agoost kitchen cupboard with drawer
Fixed issue where players couldn’t order a white oven from the Agoost catalogue
Trying a fix for Agoost chairs falling through environment (not sure if it will work as cannot reproduce the issue)
Fixed issue where placing Brown carpet or Blue carpet from the Agoost catalogue would save them as vice-versa. 
Fixed job centre visual issues

Fixed missing text string “orange”
Fixed a bunch of issues with Agoost oven only and oven only wall furniture
Fixed a bunch of issues with Agoost extractor fans and grill only furniture
Brightened up the Agoost furniture coloured oaks
New interaction audios for dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and ovens
Fixed screw placements on Agoost kitchen cabinets
Fixed exposed area on certain Agoost kitchen sinks
Fixed IQ’Ere screw placements and collision issues
Mirrors now secure on placement preventing pickup outline rendering and requiring players to hold input to remove
Fixed outline renders not disabling when moving to look at No-Fines walls
Fixed Agoost medicine cabinet UI visual issues
Fixed Agoost medicine cabinet order delivering kitchen cabinet
Added damage visual to lid of the Agoost wash basket
Fixed Agoost single mattresses not being delivered
Fixed some audio issues on Agoost wardrobe drawers
Fixed some minor naming issues on Agoost wardrobe UI
Fixed couple instances of Agoost standing shelves using incorrect UI images
Fixed Agoost lounge cabinet damages
Fixed a bunch of Agoost catalogue naming issues

Fixed sink UI visuals in the Agoost catalogue
Significantly Boosted LOD distances
Fixed tenant applications only showing Grafter tenants
Updated art of furniture catalogue unlock pamphlet
Added 100s of new Agoost furniture
Added Agoost furniture catalogue
Agoost furniture catalogue can be unlocked after having 1 perfectly happy tenant
Added Grafter tenants voiced by Lewis of the Yogscast!
Fixed an incorrect response from Mitchell when asking to talk about something else during the Tenants dialogue introduction
Fixed Black Fridge doors not functioning
Fixed mesh issue with Blue Post-Modern Front Door
Fixed inconsistency with Jimmy referring to “Cupboard” and Furniture catalog listing items as “Cabinets”
Fixed missing collisions on church railing
Removed tarp from an area on the church scaffolding to help stop players getting stuck there
Various visual improvements to the Notebook
Removed the Notes page on the Notebook
Potentially temporary, though likely to return if we introduce the tape measure feature. More thought on this area needed for now.
Fixed crash caused by selling the house with cement piles on site
Fixed Furniture value not being calculated into house price
Fixed Shingle value not being calculated into house price
Fixed Shower bubble UI reading “Bath Tub” in the furniture catalogue. Should now correctly read “Shower”
Tenants who leave early due to reaching zero satisfaction now trash the property before leaving
Trashing property values buffed (Uh oh!)
Fixed soft-lock caused by tenant trying to damage curved roof tiles
Fixed issue where tenants wouldn’t damage roofing
Fixed exploit where players could run into a tenants house if the tenant answered the door and remarked on how smelly they are and the player was quick enough
Fixed visible mesh seam on Hob Only cabinets
Fixed potential soft-lock caused by dropping wallpaper while applying it
Removed Tool Shed purchase option from Mitchell Document
Fixed plasterboard misalignment on Tall small window frames
Added 2 types of Skirting boards. Each come with 15 varieties of color & style
Fixed issue where placing sofas could damage the house
Fixed plasterboard placement misalignment above doors
Fixed issue where players couldn’t place nails on unsecured frames that were loaded in from a previous play session
Added space between character name and occupation in the dialogue UI
Added ability to sleep more than 1 day away (day skipping)
Caravan bed now only removes 5 hygiene per day
Fixed issue where ceiling lights could soft lock selling of houses
Fixed issue where Cement mixers on site could be broken when selling / demolishing properties
Cement Mixers should now correctly save added colour
Trowel should now correctly apply, receive and save colour
Returned Mortar colour functionality (mortar colour should now save / load correctly)
Added Tool Tip on Trowel equip to explain size change functionality
Added little icons to the hold-able trowel mortar board to better differentiate between mortar and no-fines piles 
Optimized framerate when using Mortar Towers
Fixed Painting save load issue caused from buying and selling properties. (properties would load painted walls wrong)
Added more aggressive occlusion culling to give better framerates when facing the town
Fixed issue where half blue bricks would load in as a pallet of blue bricks
Added Property Surveys
Added new build tasks

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