The Power Tools Update

We’re delighted in presenting you with the Power Tools update for Landlord’s Super.
Available on Steam Early Access Now.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’re delighted to announce that access to the Power Tools update for Landlord’s Super is now available on Steam Early Access. If you have Landlord’s Super already purchased and downloaded on Steam, your game will update automatically. Otherwise, you can purchase Landlord’s Super Early Access here.

The Power Tools Update marks our arrival at Version 0.8 which sees the addition of the mobile compressor and various pneumatic & powered tools. The Power Tools update also includes new brick wall frames which allow even more versatility for your construction projects.

Overview & full patch notes below:


Dramatically improve productivity with a host of new tools. Powered by the mobile compressor, these tools require no energy to use.

  • Rapidly fill no-fines frames with the mortar gun
  • Tear down your creations with the pneumatic breaker
  • Hang plasterboard with the nail gun
  • Secure stairs with the bolt gun
  • Fit doors & windows with the powered screwdriver 


Redecorate your properties with an entire catalogue filled with new “traditional” themed furniture.


More fixes, visual improvements and quality of life improvements continue to improve the state of the game.


Landlord's Super 0.8 Update (The Power Tools Update)
New Features

Compressor & Power Tools
The all new mobile compressor allows the use of power tools that require no energy to use and are substantially more efficient
Pneumatic Breaker
Nail Gun
Powered Screwdriver
Bolt Gun
Mortar Gun
Brick Wall Frames - Allows the construction of brick properties
No-Fines trowel repair rate increased by 10 (now repairs 1000 Psi per use, previously 100)
No-Fines Damage Rate increased from 200psi - 1000psi per Sledge hammer hit 
Trowel & Mortar gun now show damage or fill UI when looking at No-Fines frames
Sledgehammer and Pneumatic Breaker now show the psi / damage units of items
Improved visuals for the Circular Saw
Added price tags to Ronnie’s Tool Shop window
Lowered amount of scrap that can spawn
Brick Wall Frames should now “hide” their structure upon completing the brick wall build task (all bricks placed) - This is to allow transparent bricks to look better but also helps performance
Made it easier to interact with the notebook
Loose objects should load in much faster
Can now carry up to 8 plasterboard at a time
Added a window frame visual to Brick Walls to better show intended brick layout
New TV screen specular and normal maps
New furniture normal and specular maps
New glass damage visual
New art for Agoost catalogue cover
Can now “place” objects into the skip similar to how placement works with the wheelbarrow
Added cap of £200 to pickpocketing from passing out
Fixed issue where cement piles could appear half transparent
Fixed movement issue caused by traveling on buses while pushing objects
Fixed interaction dropping out if using the bus stop them immediately exiting
Fixed players being able to move during search tool conversation
Fixed some placement render issues with No-Fiens frames
Fixed issue where players would sleep an additional day
Fixed Brick placement being blocked by generated ceilings and roofs
Fixed Mortar Gun not being able to collect from Storage Buckets
Fixed being unable to sleep multiple days
Fixed a bunch of issues with mortar placement collision checks (Mortar placement should feel a lot more comfortable now)
Fixed not being able to place bricks on frames if dropping one but still holding more
Fixed being unable to pick up Brick Frame walls
Fixed Mortar Gun unable to refill from Cement Mixers
Fixed sometimes being unable to use the chest light
Fixed soft-lock caused by breaking bricks in half with the bolster while on a tenant’s property
Fixed plasterboard placement sometimes placing inside wooden frames
Fixed cement pouring causing invisible foundations
Fixed soft-lock caused by picking up Roof Planks & Plasterboards
Fixed soft-lock caused by dropping plasterboard into the wheelbarrow
Fixed bathtub text description issue
Fixed mirror texture on Agoost medicine cabinet
Fixed IQ’ERE table placement

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