New consumable options can now be ordered from the Anchor Tavern and stored in the player’s pouch.

Month 28 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Consumables Update for Landlord’s Super is now available for testing in the InDev branch on Steam. The update contains new consumable drinks & food, graphical overhauls to the Anchor Tavern and in-game characters, the ability to gamble money on the fruit machine, new Mitchell construction services, the possibility to suffer hangovers, and much more.

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The Quintessential Construction Simulator

New Consumables

With the Power Tools update enabling players to complete their construction projects faster, the Consumables Update aims to keep players building longer.

By introducing new new food & drink options, and also the ability to carry these consumables in the tool belt pouch, players will be able to restore energy easily throughout the day. Allowing them to work harder for longer, just make sure not to overdo it, otherwise you may suffer a hangover.

New consumables include:

  • Bottles of Landlord’s Super & Doyle
  • Shots of whiskey, vodka & rum
  • Bottles of whiskey, vodka & rum
  • Glasses of red, white & rosé wine
  • Bottles of red, white & rosé wine
  • Packets of fish, bacon & pork pub snacks

Graphical Overhaul

Work continues on improving the visual quality of the game. Rain effects are now more pronounced to give a better impression of it’s effects, but we’ve gone even further with characters and the Anchor Tavern.

All characters in Sheffingham have had a visual overhaul. Animations have been redone, with every character having their own unique talking and emotional states. Textures and shading on the models have been improved, and each character now has their own set of eyes and teeth.

The Anchor Tavern has also had a renovation. Furniture has been remodelled and textures to include specular and normal effects, bringing them up to the quality of other furniture in the game. The stage has been given a set of speakers and microphone. There’s two TVs that players can use to check the weather report. There’s now a fruit machine to lose money on, and the pub has been given it’s own beer garden.

Fruit Machine

Players can now gamble their earnings away at the Anchor Tavern on the brand new “Peachy Bums” fruit machine.

Hangovers & Other Changes

Players will now wake up later than normal, and with a hangover, if they drink too much the day before. Hangovers blur vision occasionally and can cause your character to vomit. With the addition of new alcoholic consumables, achieving a hangover is easily done.

Other changes are included in the change list below. 

Landlord's Super 0.9 InDev Access (The Consumables Update)
New Features

Added a Fruit Machine (Slot Machine) to the Anchor Tavern
Added Beer Bottle, Stout Bottle, Whiskey Shot, Whiskey Bottle, Vodka Shot, Vodka Bottle, Rum Shot, Rum Bottle, Red Wine Glass, Red Wine Bottle, White Wine Glass, White Wine Bottle, Rose Glass, Rose Bottle, Fish Snack, Bacon Snack, Pork Snack
Reworked how ordering from the bar functions, players now have to select the item they wish to buy from the shelf behind the bar
Mitchell now offers the fill in foundation frames service
Mitchell now offers the fill in no-fines frame service
Additional rain screen effects to help give better feeling of wetness
Players can now get hangovers if they drink too much
Hangovers will mean players wake up later than usual, have blurred vision and a chance to vomit which will cause a loss to energy and hygiene
All NPCs have been givens significant visual improvements including better animations, unique eyes and teeth, and an overall visual touch up
Improved visuals inside the Anchor Tavern
Added beer garden area to the Anchor Tavern
Can now watch TV in the Anchor Tavern
Shower now fully cleans on one use
Rewrote some of the toilet dialogues
Winston now mentions he’ll be in the Anchor Tavern if you refuse to give him the job
Tamsin Player barred dialogue re-written to feels much more natural
Re-priced consumables (drinks & food) to be period appropriate
Added “Norman” & “Bogtrotter” to the Lout name pool
Increased Item Details font size and added an outline for better readability
Moved over Item Detail texts to the localised format - this may produce some errors so please report if you see any text issues here
When Mitchell’s boys moves tools and supplies to the tool shed, they will now put junk and damaged items into the skip
Adjusted Mitchell dialogue to better explain the use of the construction services document
Construction services document is now restricted until player has accepted Mitchell’s business agreement
Fixed issue where Mitchell wouldn’t start rental dialogue
Fixed Mobile Compressor containing incorrect item detail text
Fixed spelling of “Seti” to “Settee”
Fixed caravan using old shower art
Fixed Tamsin some Tamsin dialogue flows that could mean players are locked out of completing jobs
Fixed issue where being smelly would break flow for Mitchell dialogues if player used catalogue
Fixed some text references for Concrete, Mortar and No-Fines that incorrectly reference strength class (should now be Standard, Strong & Prime)
Fixed rare placement issue with No-Fines walls on site
Fixed Totter’s roof job spawning supplies everyday
Fixed tier 3 window lintels preventing brick placement
Lintel colliders now enabled on load even if the window isn’t secured
Lintel colliders now enabled on securing of the window
Fixed issue that could spawn multiple job tickets for the same job
Fixed issue where selling a house to the council build with brick no-fines could hang the game

How to Access InDev

1. Right Click on your Landlord’s Super install in Steam and select “properties”
2. Click the Betas tab and then select InDev In development access
3. The InDev build should start to download on steam!
Note: Steam may require a restart after stage 2 for the InDev to download.

Community Highlights

This month Horn shared a suss build, while Hooken’s shared their finished works too.

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