The Yuppie Update

MinskWorks presents the Yuppie update for Landlord’s Super.
Available on Steam Early Access Now.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’re delighted to announce that access to the Yuppie update for Landlord’s Super is now available on Steam Early Access. If you have Landlord’s Super already purchased and downloaded on Steam, your game will update automatically. Otherwise, you can purchase Landlord’s Super Early Access here.

The Yuppie Update marks our arrival at Version 1.0 which sees the addition of the Yuppie class of tenant, the Harold’s furniture catalogue, caravan customisation, benefits system, crime & punishment systems, graphical improvements, gameplay changes and bug fixes.

Overview & full patch notes below:


The final tenant has entered Sheffingham and is looking for the best digs in town. Build a property to suit their demands and fill it with all new furniture from the Harold’s catalogue to entice their application. Yuppies are rude, demanding tenants but when taken care of, they pay exceedingly well…


“Slinging the lead, kid?”
Whether you’re struggling for work, or injured yourself, you’ll be able to claim unemployment’s benefits and invalidity benefits by making a visit to your local Job Centre. Just be sure you’re not caught working while claiming…


The local police station has finally opened up and Constable Gareth is looking to bring order to Sheffingham. Players will now need to answer for their petty crimes, including vandalism, benefit’s fraud and disorderly conduct.
Players caught disrupting the peace may be issued a Penalty Notice, which they’ll need to pay off through community service or fine payments. Failure to address this notice – or repeat offenses – could result in players seeing the inside of a prison cell. 


Lots more changes to the environment with this update. There’s a whole new police station, more suited to the small town vibe of Sheffingham. The flats in the distance have been rebuilt. Bridges have been redesigned to better reflect those found in the English countryside. Players will also notice parked cars are now dotted around the map, adding more visual flavour. 


First impressions are important, and the old caravan was an eye-sore. We’ve decided renovating it ourselves wouldn’t make sense in a game that features interior decoration, so we’ve adapted the caravan to be fully customisable by players.
Paint the walls, lay carpet, install furniture. Why not install a television to get the morning weather reports? It’s up to you! 


Players can now purchase 4 new properties from the Mitchell document in town. The properties are all in depilated states and require unique solutions to get back onto the market. 
Special thanks to JohnFister for creating these properties, if you’ve created a property that you think would feature well in-game, reach out to us and we’ll take a look.


The end-game state, retirement option, is now available. Retiring will remove the caravan, hoarding and skip from the environment, whilst allow players to live in the home they’ve built. Upon sleeping in a retired property, players will reach the end-game screen, summarising the motivations and themes of the game.
Retirement isn’t permanent, though. Players have the option to return their property to the market, and resume living in the caravan.


Store consumables in fridges, skip the tutorial stage of the game and more detailed in the change list below.


Landlord's Super 1.0 Update (The Yuppie Update)
New Features
Added Yuppie tenants
Added Harold's furniture catalogue
Added New Police Station
Added Constable Character
Added Crime and Penalty systems, penalty notices and prison sentences
Vandalism, assault, public urination, fraud are now considered crimes
Added caravan customization which can now be customised with carpet, paint and furniture
Added UB40 & Incapacity Benefits claims to the job centre
Added Unemployment & invalidity benefits that players can claim at the Job Centre
Benefits cheating is now considered a crime
Added ability to retire allowing players to hit the end-game screen and live in their property
Added end-game outro screen
Added 4 new properties to the Mitchell purchase document, built by the incredibly skilled JohnFister.
These 4 properties are all run down and require renovating each in their own way, offering new challenges for players
(If you have a property you think should be included in the game as a purchase option, please let us know!)
(Property details still being written for these)

Changed extractor fan screws to small
Tiles & wooden flooring now utilise specular and normal mapping, greatly improving the visuals
Made some of the wooden floorings look less deteriorated
Rounded carpet & flooring prices up to make them consistent with the rest of the catalogue pricing structure
Improved the text quality on the bubble UI for carpet and flooring
Added tool tip ui for muck (previously incorrectly displayed as #!##!#)
Added Index UI selection on Furniture & Building catalogue pages
Returned interest rates to loan document, in preparation for the retirement feature
Jimmy’s Regal Runner Super van doors are now locked, meaning players will have to risk committing a vandalism offence to obtain the blank tape
Added new indestructible glass shader to better illustrate which glass cannot be broken
Can now again break pub, Reggie & Jobcentre windows
Added Harold’s catalogue art
Can now use Drop & Escape inputs to exit zipper state
New more realistic pee stream and pee puddle effects
Zipper now shows Tool Tips for functionality
Can now skip tutorial segment of the game when first talking to Jimmy, opening up Mitchell business opportunities earlier
Slippery surfaces is now reliant on ground wetness level and not just rain intensity. This means players have a grace period where if they are working on the roof and it starts to rain, they can pack up their tools and safely climb down.
Are now signed off of benefits when going to jail
Improved prison eating visuals

Fixed bubble not appearing on opening IQ’ERE wooden flooring furniture catalogue
Fixed small tiles UI not deactivating correctly when additional pages opened in IQ’ERE furniture catalogue
Fixed work light tool search functionality incorrectly returning the circular saw
Fixed collisions on Agoost kitchen cabinet and drawers which prevented item placement atop
Fixed tenant UI not displaying correctly on tenant application letter
Fixed maintain 20% / 40% tasks not ticking off after repairs
Fixed weird dirt pile issue on property
Fixed rounding point error caused by ladders falling through the world, which could cause game to soft lock
Fixed pressing esc / RMB while in furniture catalogues not returning to the index.
Fixed a bunch of minor catalogue UI issues such mis-numbered amounts and mislabelled surface types
Fixed issue with large window, brick-only walls not checking for windows, therefore preventing the task from being completed
Fixed issue where brick-only builds were unliveable due to the game thinking it needed No-Fines added
Fixed time not stopping during phone catalogue use and drink ordering
Fixed soft lock caused by tiles breaking in wheel barrows
Fixed UI overlap issue with the Tab UI
Fixed some areas using the old Agoost catalogue art
Testing a fix for painting leaking into walls on the opposite side
Fixed shading on big willow tree trunk
Fixed issue where sledgehammer & breaker couldn’t break car windows
Fixed issue where window repair wouldn’t take into account sleeping multiple days
Fixed issue with £ icon on speech bubble text
Fixed issue with Agoost green flower tiles delivering blue flowers tiles and vice versa
Fixed being unable to pause when exiting the UB40 application without signing on or off
Fixed “get well soon” car having snow on it during winter
Fixed left UI arrow being hard to select on some furniture catalogue bubbles
Fixed unclaimed invalidity benefits doubling each day
Fixed hammer being able to remove caravan plasterboard
Fixed loan payback not working on retirement UI screen
Fixed issue where Tamsin would blame player if someone else damaged her wall
Fixed issue that could compress the Status UI
Fixed descriptive text on Windows page of the Building Supplies catalogue
Fixed players being accused of benefits fraud for sitting on toilet while signed on
Fixed issue where players watching tv then triggering the postal delivery could get soft-locked
Fixed ordering IQ’ERE wall drawers delivering ground mounted drawers
Fixed Harold luxurious carpet being incorrectly mislabelled as green to gold
Fixed spelling mistake “sweatness” to “sweetness”
Fixed caravan potentially being locked when player exits jail
Fixed furniture placement issues within the caravan
Fixed spelling issue with windows description “are” to “our”
Fixed tool tip UI not always fading away
Fixed issue with caravan shower plasterboard not saving
Fixed Harold’s catalogue toilet seat naming issues
Fixed Harold’s catalogue large picture frame naming issues
Fixed Harold’s catalogue sink frame naming issues
Fixed small blue curtain UI incorrectly using the black icon
Fixed Harold’s curtain’s opening too wide for certain sizes
Fixed hammer being able remove the plasterboard on the caravan door
Door states should load in correctly - This should fix the caravan curtain load states
Fixed naming of “Black Walnut” incorrectly shown as “Dark Walnut” in Harold’s catalogue
Fixed Sink W/ Drainboard naming of “Counter” incorrectly shown as “Oven & Hob” in Harold’s & Agoost catalogue
Fixed Single Sink naming issues on Harold’s catalogue
Fixed Small Shelves & Wide Shelves naming issues on Harold’s catalogue
Fixed naming issues with Agoost kitchen wall drawers
Fixed incorrect icon showing for Harold’s blue kitchen wall drawers 
Fixed Agoost table lamp incorrect name showing
Fixed kitchen sink double naming issues in Harold’s catalogue
Fixed door locking issue
Fixed issue where windows and doors could be counted incorrectly and not complete the task.
Fixed asking Ronnie to search for the work light resulting in him returning the circular saw
Fixed some instances of floating trees
Fixed issue with plasterboard repair causing soft-lock
Fixed issue where house and rent price wouldn’t change on Mitchell catalogue purchase page
Fixed Harold catalogue shelves having broken names on frame types
Fixed caravan shower plasterboard being removable with the hammer
Fixed issue with police warning text continuing to pop up even after player is going to jail
Fixed issue where cars wouldn’t spawn in town
Fixed green sofa missing from the environment (Fix only applies to new saves due to the way this works)

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