Happy holidays and a happy new year from us at Minskworks!

Month 32 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

With the Yuppie update out marking Landlord Super’s arrival at 1.0, we answer why the game isn’t out of Early Access yet. We also look at what the coming year holds for both the game and the studio. Oh, and we can finally share the results of the survey from last month. Hooray!

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Landlord’s Super 1.0

Landlord’s Super has hit 1.0 and can now be considered content complete, so why are we still in Early Access? Well, there’s still work to be done in the following areas:

  • Controller support
  • Localisation (Languages to be determined, may come post full release)
  • Steam achievement integration
  • Bug fixes and polish

Once these 4 areas have been completed then Landlord’s Super will leave early access. Update from this point will continue, with the size and regularity of these updates matching the success of this launch.

Survey Results

At the start of the December, we opened a survey to the community asking you to help us determine what MinskWorks should work on next. The survey was comprised of 10 questions. We received 492 unique responses during the 20 day period it was active.

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey, and apologies from us for taking so long in sharing the data.

What is your favourite MinskWorks game?

As a studio we’ve released 2 games to market, with the community being built off of these two games. The purpose of this question was too see how big of a divide there was between interest in our games.

There was no “Other” option allowed for this question.
This question was optional and received 486 responses

Does the current price of Minskworks games feel value for money?

The purpose of this question was to understand if our pricing was fair. 
On reflection, we should have included an additional segment to ask users who voted “No” why they thought it was unfair, as there might be an issue with regional pricing.

There was no “Other” option allowed for this question.
This question was mandatory and received the full 492 responses.

What is your preferred social media for gaming?

The purpose of this question was to understand were we should be promoting our work.

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:
Mastodon, My Space, Help me find one please., definitely people like drea and dangerously funny on youtube would be great for your content., none, Telegram, Teamspeak 3.

This question was mandatory and received the full 492 responses.

How did you hear about MinskWorks games?

The purpose of this question was to understand how useful our current promotions are.

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:
friend, I bought jalopy, My friend show jalopy, Saw it on steam, Humble Bundle Monthly, Just found it mate. since am a fucking grafter it caught my attention, My friend, I’ve known about them for so long I have no idea, I think I heard about jalopy either through rps or the pc gamer podcast, Got Jalopy for free from Humble Bundle, A friend, RPS, tik tok, Just steam store page, EGX Rezzed (now WASD), Game gifted to me from family., Kotaku, I got jalopy from humblebundle monthly, Rock Paper Shotgun, Through looking for games similar to MySummer Car, Friend’s Discord

This question was mandatory and received the full 492 responses.

If you answered Youtuber Or Twitch, which content creator was it?

The purpose of this question was to broaden our awareness of content creators.

NerdCubed, Robbaz, WhyBeAre, Charborg, ManyATrueNerd, i don’t know, Squirrel, Jacksepticeye, Drae, Funhaus, Splattercat, Neilogical, It’s been so long I can’t remember, Cazum8, splattercatgaming, Charborg, I watched Vinesauce Joel play Jalopy several years ago.,I can’t remember., LPN_05, Mark Hates Kittens, WhyBeAre, Yogscast trailer for the game, jacksepticeye, Not sure, but I have a feeling it was RevScarecrow (lines up with when their first Jalopy VOD was released and when I bought the game), Spycakes, Mark hates kittens, VoodoheadsTv, MATN, Squirrel, squirrel, Getaway Driver (he only played Jalopy not LS), Dont remmember, Jolate, TearOfGrace, I do not remember, it was 5 years ago, Callmekevin, jacksepticeye, Squirrel, Closetyeti, LPN05, Jacksepticeye, Sips, Sips, MaxInfinite (Romanian Youtuber), Northernlion, Drae, Tomato Gaming,  I don’t know, it was a very long time ago but it would have been one of those YouTubers that play all sorts of indie games, The deep voiced fella who sometimes plays with sovietwomble, can’t remember the name., Gopnik Gaming (Life of boris), Squirrel, Paluten, Dreagast, It was LifeOfBoris like way back when Jalopy was still being updated, Grillmastah, Don’t remember, Northernlion, The yogscast, Draegast, This was so long ago I have absolutely no idea., SpyCakes, Spotman (Youtube 631k),OfficialNerdCubed, northernlion, I don’t remember as it was a long time ago., Squirrel, Charborg or Tomato, Draegast, Skape goat, Charborg, unsure, slimt, luksor and bonkol at the same time, Dont remember, Unsure, heard about Jalopy before it was released, bought it the day of release., Luksor, Spycakes, Maxinfinte, LoadingReadyRun, Northern Lion, I cant remember, sorry :(, Triforce podcast, Cool ghosts, SpyCakes, It was Polish youtuber Juniorsky. Back then his content was so great., Cool ghosts, Spotman // he’s a Russian creator on YouTube, It was so long ago. Maybe Sips_ or Robbaz, spycakes, Splattercatgaming, HCL hr, Beautiful O.B (It was a long time ago, ok? Don’t judge.), northernlion, Squirrel, CallMeKevin!, Unsure,Gamehard, Squirrel, Charborg, Markhateskittens, Menos Trece, Anas-Le Bléd’art, TearOfGrace, Sparkz 25 on youtube, Squirrel, NerdCubed, Nerdcubed, Dreagast, Cannot remember… sorry!,Paluten, Cant remember, Youtuber, i dunno maybe spotman, Menos trece, Northernlion and michaelalfox, Squirrel, MarkHatesKittens and Luksor, Squirrel,WhyBeAre, Charborg, Robbaz,So long i dont remember, Northernlion like 6 years ago or something idk, GrayStillPlays, Robbaz, drae and camodo gaming, It was so long ago i can’t really answer to that., Polish YouTuber Luksor, he first made a video on Jalopy in 2018, that’s who I thank for introducing me to the game., Comodo Gaming, Grill master
Failrace, Camodo Gaming, Too long ago to remember, Charborg, Tex from Black Pants Legion, Squirrel, Drae, Nerd3, Whybeare, Gamerz+, WhyBeAre, Robbaz, A sheer lot, I assure you of that, drae, WhyBeAre, Bonkol, Bonkol, SpyCakes, GrillMastah, PaulSoaresJr, Likely Jacksepticeye playing Jalopy in 2017, Sips, I forget because it was so long ago, Maxinfinite a romanian content creator with almost 3 millions subscribers, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EXa3vGESek&t= now i only watch english-speaking youtubers, but first it was from that guy, Spycakes, WhyBeAre, The Yogscast, CHRBRG, Dont remember., Markhateskittens, LPN05, SpyCakes, Northernlion, Charborg, Sips, Radex, Yogscast, Drae,Tom Walker (Tom Walker Is Good), Il Gatto Sul Tubo, ilGattoSulTubo, Yotobi, Whybeare,spycakes, sips, Don’t remember his name, all I know he was Swedish and was playing Jalopy alpha, friend and fellow content creator grillamastah, Paluten, Grillmastah, Szerwony, Menos Trece, Vicio OMT, Rosgamer, A Finnish creator back in the days called TenhoPro in 2017, Callmekevin, Spycakes, CamodoGaming, Sips, Many a True Nerd, Grillmastah

This question had 189 responses as it was only presented to people who had answered Youtube or Twitch in the previous question.

Which of these games do you enjoy?

The purpose of this question was to get a basic understanding of what genres, mechanics and settings interest our player-base. 

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:
Cs Go:), Jalopy, Beamng.drive, American Truck simulator, hitman, fps pvp games, RTS, MOBA, medieval RPG, etc, War thunder, but I really love mudrunner games, Hydroneer, Glying Gorilla, Sims4, Minecraft, Sailwind, Hardspace Shipbreaker, Train Sim World series, Garry’s Mod, Rust., Mount & Blade Bannerlord, My garage and, landlords supper of course, Landlord’s Super lol, rec room, SnowRunner, Rainbow 6 Siege, Beamng drive; Ready or not; Forza Horizon 5; Cartel Tycoon; Wrench, Arma 3, Factorio, Valheim, Project Zomboid, gregtech: new horizons, stardew valley, noita, Jalopy and Landlord’s Super ofc, Minecraft, Scum, 7 days to die, subsistence, Farming simulator all versions, Empyrion, Factorio, Landlord super. GTA v. Pc building sim, Animal crossing, garry’s mod, beanmg, DCS, msfs, stormworks, teardown, ats, My garage, dunno, Spintires, Minecraft, Landlords Super, Doors (a very good horror Roblox Game), Jalopy, Payday 2, Minecraft, I have not played any of the above, Games with good stories, assetto corsa (150hours quickly going up), beamnp.drive (stuck at 1020hours), automation (300 hours, i’ll hop on when theres an update), World of Tanks, Fallout 4, Jalopy :), Road 96 and Under the Sand, jalopy, Route 96, Snipe Elite, XIII, Psychonauts 1 & 2, my garage probably best if you could combine houseflipperand mon bazou and my summer car aspects into my garage you have best game ever, Landlord’s Super, Csgo, COD, Tarkov, Rimworld, Hearts of Iron 4, Europa Universalis 5, Victoria 3, (and many other paradoox games), Assetto corsa.

This question was optional and received 476 responses

Which of these genres do you enjoy?

The purpose of this question was to enhance the data gathered from the previous question.

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:
PLEASE MAKE MORE JALOPY PLEASE, Immersive Sims (I consider Jalopy, and to a certain extent LLS to kind of fall in this category), not bothered, Tactical Shooter, Adventure, Logistics, horror, MMO, 1950-1990s, management, Turn based tactics, Metroidvania, Mostly dynamic sandboxes, Driving a dilapidated old car through Eastern Europe with my crazy Uncle :), endless, Tower defense, jalopy, car mechanic games that open world and building, Automobile Sim, First-Person, cars, “Immersive life simulator” (my summer car is a great exemple), Business

This question was optional and received 488 responses.

Which of these game mechanics interest you?

The purpose of this question was, again, to enhance the data of the previous two questions.

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:
i wish yall would continue jalopy, its a very calm game with great lore and fun mechanics, Automation games, When I say that I like precedural generation and survival I don’t mean I like the 100s of survival crafting games out there., Life simulation much like MSC, perfect fit for landlords, Logic / automation, games like surviviing mars are the ideal game for me, it has all of the features i listed hear., idk, Puzzles, Mundane tasks, Base building, Automobile Sim, Intricate Storylines that make you really think about the game. Well Developed Characters that you can relate to., jalopy.

This question was optional and received 488 responses

Which of these art styles would you prefer?

The purpose of this question was to help determine the art style for our next game.

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:

whatever jalopy was like, thats what i like, The one Landlord’s Super and Jalopy used., I like all, as long as they look good, I feel like LLS videotape overlay felt a bit too much after a while and I hate Borderlands cel-shading with a passion, I don’t have a specific art style but more 3D than 2D, It doesn’t matter as long it’s well made, Any really if the story is rich, Minsk works, I guess it comes under minimalist but the artstyle in Jalopy and LS is perfect – keep your own artstyle., Anything but realism., I love all, I love good executions of all of the above, The type of design that is in jalopy and landlord super, Your current artstyle, ID dos shooters, Depends on the game, style matching feel of mechanics is priority, I really like landlord supers art style not sure which it is in the options if its there, The current Minskworks art style, ps2 retro, Whatever jalopy + LLS are, Hard to choose one as I like most, if not all. Art of Rally art style, looks great, Don’t have a preferred art style, You do what you think works!, A unique art style, anything, Whatever MSC/Landlords is considered as, Landlord’s Super’s <3, I like the current style of jalopy, I don’t know what that’d be considered, What your currently doing, Any other than pixel, honestly i love all of the options you gave, All of the above as long as they fit the game., Any, It’s really hard to say, I could dig any of these, any of the above minus realistic, Any, as long as it’s well thought of, like in Jalopy, Anything that runs well on low-end devices., IDK what half of them mean, I don’t know the rest of them. Realistic, kinda low poly and more without a name, All appeal, depends on the character of the game, No preference, the style that jalopy had, retro, realistic or minimalist i cant choose just one, Like landlords super style, whatever one jalopy was, All of the above, Anything except realistic, Art style had never bothered me., Same style as Jalopy, honestly it depends on the tone of the gameJalopy Style Graphics.

This question was optional and received 488 responses

Which would you like to see us work on in 2023?

The purpose of this question was to help us understand what the player-base expects from us as a developer.

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:

a creative mode for landlord super or a prebuilt house so you can do interior decorating, New game and DLC for Landlords, which I appreciate may be impossible, What you want to work on, all of the above, A spiritual successor to Jalopy – where you ride a motorbike instead :), add ability to drive a car and buy a car from the scrapper or something, and the ability to drive new places would be cool (wouldn’t have to be anything big like) just a new city or smth, A new game similar to Jalopy, but open-world, Jalopy on Xbox, Anything that allows for narrative expansion, whether that means another Jalopy-like, narrative DLC for LLS or a new game., A pub simulator, I have a design document created for when I was planning on developing one in EU4, Dlc for landlord super or a new game, continue to improve landlord super, Foxus on one ghame and fix/finish it. landlord isnt even playable., All of the above, God console port, and jalopy 2.0h, Just keep up the good work bruv, I miss Jalopy but LS is fun enough to justify still following ya, I have no strong prefference all sound fun!, Successor to jalopy OR a new game :D, Jalopy + Landlord’s Super = gasm, Jalopy finished and working properly, New game with original mechanics, I’d love more content for Landlord’s Super if it’s possible ofc but if it’s not because of budgetary reasons I’d like a spiritual successor to jalopy, Spiritual successor to jalopy, DLC for landlord super, DLC for Landlord’s Super and just more update for it not just dlcs, A new game with a new gameplay, style and passion would be awesome, but a spiritual successor to Jalopy would be amazing too., The ability to build a council estate, More content for base game Landlord Super (I assume DLC would have to be paid for), Landlord’s Super and New game, Something like Open Sewer maybe. More story, post-soviet athmosphere, dark and dirty. Or a strategy game like Empire Earth (in your hands it would be high-quality art piece)…, I would welcome more content for Landlord’s Super. A spiritual successor to Jalopy would be awesome if it featured multiple ways to travel, inspired by 80 days around the world., Landlord’s Super, Even if you tell that there are no moreupdates for Jalopy: This game has a holy fucking ton of potential, like for real… I have a lot of ideas, just write me a mail, Spiritual Successor to Jalopy or update Jalopy and make it the best it can be, Mac port of Landlord’s Super.

This question was mandatory and received the full 492 responses

How would you prefer we fund out next project?

The purpose of this question was to help us understand if we need to reconsider how we approach funding and early access. We also wanted to know if this was something our community wanted us to refrain from talking about.

We included an “Other” option in this segment. Here are the responses:

Idk how just please, i bef of you make more jalopy or at least make it moddable, Very early access with possibility of being picked up by a publisher, Whatever means you feel is best, This shouldve been multiple choise, not single choice, However you wish, I have no preference, whichever wfor you guys best, As long as it has Early Access, I like Yogsm but I think you guys should decide on what is best, I don not have a preference, if I like the game and can see that has potential then I will support however I can., You choose, please don’t fund next project, keep up with landlord super, Whatever makes the most sense for the project. (but would prefer some sort of an early access), I’d like to buy it on Steam, either in early access or not. Don’t really care how you do it., I don’t lknow, Kickstarter, Patreon or Publisher funded with early access, Any medium that keeps you developing game as you have made 2 games and shows you can develop to reach goals. I will higly likely to buy your next game even if it is on EA., Without a publisher is preference but obviously this isn’t always feasible so publisher if fund gap needs to be covered, Where ever the most money is without having to loose control of ip or design, Whichever way gets you the most money without screwing you over in the long run., However the dev is most comforter, Dunno, its up to you., Don’t have a strong opinion, However you funded Landlords, I eat that early access shit up, the only thing people answering this question care about is the quality of the game, and none of them are even a little bit correct about how this question relates to that, Not really arsed. Early access has gone well with Landlords Super. The Dev on discord has been great throughout., A mixture of publisher and community funded, Publisher funded with Early Access, but make sure you get a good one this time. ;), Whatever is best, no preference, Whichever you think is best, I would be willing to donate., I don’t mind how it is funded, preferably what works best for Minsk., Kickstarter and Early Access, However you can! I wish I could help. I love Landlord’s Super, Whatever works best for you., Needs to have Early Access, what every way is confortable with minskwork although from an outsider looking in early access looks to be very benificial, Whatever works for you.

This question was mandatory and received the full 492 responses

So what’s next?

Sharing data is all well and good, but what does this mean for Minskworks?

Landlord’s Super is now at the point where it has done about as well as it can manage. This means that as a studio who need to keep the lights on, we need to get to work on a new game soon. Using the above data, we’re confident in knowing what our next project is. We won’t announce this until Landlord’s Super is out of Early Access.

Thank you all for your continued support. You enable us to be able to work on strange games about road-trips through Europe’s reunification period and Quintessentially British games about how a generation became landlord’s thanks to Right to Buy. It really is a pleasure.

Community Highlights

This month, MetalGuru118 shares his American build, TorturedGod is also going big with bricks and Adipat attempts to introduce the soviet block to sheffingham.

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