Achievements now available in Landlord’s Super

Month 33 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Implementing controller support made February feel like the longest month in the year. Fortunately, we persevered and managed to get support out on InDev Branch on Steam for beta testing.

There’s an obesity epidemic in Sheffingham, but thankfully we’ve reworked and rebalanced how calories work, along with a bunch of other fixes.

Oh yeah, the game now has achievements.

Read on for more.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’ve added 25 shiny new achievements to the game. Can you roll a jackpot? Retire before 1984? Become obese? Prove it and share with the world how much of a grafter you are. We’ve even themed them on politcal badges from the period the game is set in. Cor, that’s nice.

Also worth noting that Landlord’s Super now supports Steam cloud saves. Noice.

Statistics Tracking

The game now tracks your stats, from cement mixed to calories consumed to steps walked. It’s all viewable from the in-game notepad.

Controller Support

Controller support has entered beta testing, available through the InDev branch on Steam. Please report any issues you have and we’ll work towards getting the changes into the next patch. You can change to InDev through the game properties on Steam, and by selecting the Betas tab.

Xbox and Dual shock support is added. With the way these are implemented, you should be able to setup Steam controller and Steam Deck compatibility. Though we are interested to hear if players on these peripherals have any issues.

0.12.00 InDev Update

Controller Support, quality of life changes to the tool shed and much needed calorie balancing are the standouts this update. Details below.

- Beta controller support added, support for Xbox and Dualshock pads now supported, please report any issues you find with these
- Added Input option to the controls menu, allowing players to select between “Keyboard & Mouse”, “Gamepad” & “Gamepad ALT”
- This should now fix the character spinning issue for players who have a wheel attached
- Fixed some Front End menu navigation with pad & keyboard input
- Fixed dishwasher job displaying pay as “£4.00”, now correctly shows “£1.50”
- Drop input now works for exiting menus and telephone
- Added input tooltip to bus schedule interaction
- Paint brush input now uses the assigned key from the control options (previously restricted to Left Mouse button)
- Rephrased “You might have a problem” achievement description to better explain the task
- Slight touch up of the Tools catalogue cover art
- Rewrote “Building a Roof” segment of the Notebook to better explain the process
- Building a Roof segment of the Notebook now unlocks after completing No-Fines task
- Player now burns 400 Calories whilst sleeping
- Player will no longer wake up with excess calories (2500 calorie cap)
- Added Jimmy tutorial lines explaining how to unlock the skip
- Calorie burn rates adjusted:
- Higher burn rate threshold lowered from 4000 calories to 3000 calories
- High burn rate lowered from 3000 calories to 2500 calories
- High burn rate increased from x1.5 to x1.6
- Low burn rate decreased from x0.75 to x0.65
- Lowest burn rate decreased from x0.5 to x0.25
- Fixed a bunch of UI interaction issues with Mitchell catalogue
- New UI for pouch consumables, tapes and ciggies
- Pouch UI can now be selected with keyboard navigation and controller navigation
- Fixed “,” being added to the end of the work bubble description when changing work amount
- New side entrance to the tool shed area
- New water point inside the tool shed area
- Fixed Tamsin’s brick wall placement issue
- Fixed being able to place bucket in paint or storage bucket storage ares, causing it to vanish
- Fixed being able to uninstall some starter house roof frames

Community Highlights

This month we share with you the magnificent cement mixer calculator by Reddit user Jmouse17. Never struggle to find the perfect mix again! Check it out here.

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