With localisation, we hope to make the game accessible to more players.

Month 34 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Short one this month as we near launching out of Early Access. Main focus has been for us to get the game translated into more languages. 

Read on for more.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Localisation Setup

Most of the month has been spent getting the localisation documents ready to be sent off for translation. Still no confirmed word on what languages we’ll be translating into. Our plan is to look at international interest and proceed with support for the most popular languages.

British vs American English

A lot of the dialogue in Landlord’s Super is written with English colloquialisms. This can be a struggle for non-native English speakers to understand, so we’d like to add support for American-English to the game. 

To achieve this however, we’re asking the community for their help. Can you write in English? Want to convert dodgy British slang into American English? The reach out on the discord. All contributors will be credited accordingly and you’ll get creative freedom over how best to word lines.

Community Highlights

This month MBP has a voxel Laika in the works, and VIC MK3 is producing artworks “Autobahn” & “Ghost Town”. Noice.

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