Landlord’s Super Early Access ends on May 25th.

Month 35 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

It’s the final month of Landlord’s Super Early Access. The game leaves early access on May 25th.

This month we also look at the Jalopy mod scene.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Landlord’s Super 1.0

The game leaves Early Access on May 25th.

I’ll likely put together a post-mortem next month on what went wrong and what went right. If you’re adverse to Early Access periods and like building games, May 25th is the time to pick up the game.

The game will launch with support for the following languages: UK English, US English and German.

After next months post-mortem, it’s likely we’ll go on a hiatus while we work to get our next project revealed. 

Jalopy Mod Support

Jalopy has had a couple of mods released for it. 

Custom Trabbi by MeblIkea is a mod that allows players the change the Laika in various ways. Here is a video example.

Camera Placement also by MeblIkea is a mod that allows the placement of cinematic camera splines. Here is a video example.

Sprinting and Jumping mod by Leaxx is fairly self explanatory. Currently still in development.. Here is a video example.

Help and info on mod support can be found over on the MinskWorks Discord.


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