Landlord’s Super Has hit 1.0!

Landlord’s Super has left Early Access.

This month we review the development and release of Landlord’s Super. We also take time to consider what’s next for our studio. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Landlord’s Super Release

Firstly, Thanks to everyone who purchased Landlord’s Super. Whether you supported us during the Early Access period, waited for release or maybe couldn’t afford a copy but gave us a retweet anyway. We’re a micro studio of 2 people and getting a game to launch is both an emotional struggle and a financial one, so having people value our work really is everything for us. This is especially impactful during a cost-of living crisis. So thank you.

Also, big thanks to the Yogscast for taking a chance on the game way back in the end of 2018 when it was just a rough prototype of bricks and cement. The game would have never turned into a fully fledge life sim without their unwavering patience, trust and support. 

Landlord’s Super can comfortable be called niche. A simulation game framed around a piece of 1980s legislation. Available on one platform and currently only translated into 1 language (ignoring American). Landlord’s Super is also an incredibly self-indulgent creation. Drawing from Greg’s time working up and down the country as a concrete (and later steel) erector. All the while presenting itself in the style of Peter Mitchell’s oft forgotten photography

It’d be easy then, with the game taking such a long time to produce, and it not being in a current trendy genre, to say the game isn’t a hit. Critically and commercially it’s not set the world on fire. But it has paid for it’s own development cycle which is more than most games, and more than it probably has any right to.

Repairing Relationships

Before release, we’d reached out to Excalibur, the publisher of Jalopy, asking for a number to purchase the distribution rights from them. They responded and the number was fair. We now had a best case scenario goal for Landlord’s release. If we could hit a specific number, we’d be in a position to purchase these rights, and could get to work on a rerelease of Jalopy.

We’re nowhere near that number, but if we’re honest we expected that anyway. As mentioned, Landlord’s is niche and it paying for itself to exist is a win in of itself. But even without the capital the Jalopy dream needn’t be dead in the water.

We’re in civil discussion with Excalibur once again, which is a step in the right direction. Discussion based around how work on Jalopy can be continued. The current worry from our side is taking on the risk of producing a content update, only for them to use it to promote another game ala Guangdong. We’re not financially secure enough to take that risk at this time.

So What’s Next?

Support will continue for Landlord’s Super in the form of bug fixes and quality of life updates and we’ll continue rebuilding the relationship with Excalibur. Though major content updates for either game shouldn’t be expected anytime soon. 

We’re not yet in a position to reveal what the next game is, but we’re working on it now and fans of Jalopy should be pleased. It’s enjoyable work, and the theme and setting are interesting to me. I think it should also progress the CarPG genre forward in ways other games have yet to try. 

Final Thoughts

The lesson’s learnt during the development were nothing revolutionary. Development was too long, the project was too self-indulgent, design wasn’t simple enough. But when players send us their saves and we explore their worlds, it still gives us a special feeling. 

So please, continue to play and share your thoughts and we’ll continue improving the game. We’ll be going quiet for a few months whilst we work on something new, but updates will still come and feedback will still be read.

Jalopy Mod Support

More Jalopy mod support this month.

JaLoader released :

CustomTrabby and CameraPlacements updated for JaLoader Custom songs for radio:

Quake X Jalopy (

Help and info on mod support can be found over on the MinskWorks Discord.

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