New Roadmap!

Month 22 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

With the Free Build update released and behind us, it’s time to take a look at what’s next for Landlord’s Super.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

New Roadmap

With the Free Build update released, the 2021 / 2022 roadmap is now complete. Though Early Access isn’t over yet. Let’s see what the road towards 1.0 looks like, with the new Early Access Roadmap for 2022.

Phase 1 will see us adding in additional furniture and tenant classes. These tenant classes will provide better rental income, be less raucous and also provide access to additional furniture catalogues.

Phase 2 will see the introduction of power tools and better energy management. Allowing players to get much more done throughout the day.

Phase 3 will then focus on introducing all the elements we need to get the game into full release. This includes an end-game state, localisation, achievements and accessibility options. 

Please keep in mind that once we hit 1.0, we may continue to update the game with additional features but that this will be entirely dependent on the sales life of the game.


While we’re giving what we can and are sure you’re well aware of the ongoing situation in Ukraine, we’d still like to ask you to consider helping through any of the following methods. 

Help Children of War in Ukraine:

Petition: Waive visa requirements for Ukrainian refugees:

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Thank you.

We’re delighted in presenting you with the Free Build update for Landlord’s Super.
Available on Steam Early Access Now.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator


We’re delighted to announce that access to the Free Build update for Landlord’s super is now available on Steam Early Access. If you have Landlord’s Super already purchased and downloaded on Steam, your game will automatically update. For everyone else, you can purchase Landlord’s Super Early Access here.

The Free Build Update marks our arrival at Version 0.6, and is our biggest single content drop so far. The Free Build dramatically enhances the construction gameplay, and finally allows players to design and build their house from the ground up. Stairs allow players to build multiple floors to their property. Buy, sell properties, and even trade their constructions with other players. Utilise more varieties of windows, doors, bricks and shingles. We’ve even improved the visuals and performance. There has never been a better time to jump back into the quintessential construction experience.

Overview & full patch notes below:


Knockdown the walls of your home and redesign the layout. Design and build the layout of your dream home!


Install staircases to access additional floors in your home. Up the wooden hill, son! 


Sell your constructions for profit. Purchase other players constructions. Work on other players properties by trading them through the community.


Enhanced interaction options for certain tool and objects. Just hold RMB!


Many new styles and colours for you to express your creative side with. 


Finally, privacy!


Completely revamped roofing, including shingle snapping to grid. Better balanced energy, for longer working days. Increased rental & sell prices. Properties now susceptible to price inflation!


Hundreds of fixes, optimisations and content changes to discover.


Landlord's Super 0.6 Update (The Free Build Update)


Fixed more instances of missing materials (pink renders)
Fixed brick placement at Tamsin Wall
Lout now continues looking for a job in the pub when not in the job centre
Can no longer drink Ronnies pint of Doyle
Fixed TV settings option usability 
Should no longer be able to pick up deliveries with bare hands#
Fixed issue with purchasing properties that have doorless front doors
Fixed issue where having no ceiling would cause property value to fall to zero

Fixed TV settings UI options
Increased LOD distances for various objects
Fixed Small-Medium window not being placeable on No-Fines
Pint glasses now break easily again
Rewrote Doyle & Landlords liquid shader to solve render issue
Added lintels to windows (can now place bricks atop windows)
Added lintels to doors (can now place bricks atop doors)
Reworked brick placement to snap to specific heights to prevent uneven bricks

Added Video Option settings “Target Frame Rate”. Can now set the game to limit FPS to between 24 and 240 frames per second
Fixed up silo dispensers art.
Global Fog re-enabled
Fixed brick_1_05 displaying graphical error (Brick patterned displayed issue)
Fixed potential issue where No-Fines couldn’t be added to Roof Frame size 3
Optimisation pass - Added a lot of LODs to the building elements. This should increase frames while in town.
Fixed some instances of transparency lacking depth values within fog
lowered the distance the backfire noise from rusty cars can travel
LOD distances are no longer changed with graphical setting changes
Muffled Phone engaged audio vocals
Fixed issue where Roof frames could become stuck even if all nails were removed
Fixed issue where couldn’t split shingle in two if placed on roof
Shingles snapping halved for better allocation
Fixed issue where Winston could stop making deliveries
Unsecured fixtures of sold / demolished housing will now fall to the ground instead of float in place
Fixed missing nail on one of the starting roof planks

Fixed issue where removing nails not connected to wood planks could still dislodge them
Fixed annoying UX issue where couldn’t place plank down if clicking on another plank
Fixed issue where placing wood plank could have the plank stuck in your hands
Fixed issue where Trowel wouldn’t pick up mortar from storage buckets if player had full No-Fines
Fixed issue where Foundation task wouldn’t complete
Fixed issue where painted walls could cause house purchasing to fail
Fixed issue with save / loading shingles
Note : Game has been ported to a newer version of Unity. Keep an eye out for any visual issues!


Fixed issue where roof planks couldn’t be placed

Added some foliage to beyond the Railway bridge
Occlusion culling pass that should fix some graphical issues (needs further experimentation, I’m aware it’s not perfect)
Fixed several functionality issues that occurred after purchasing a property
Carpet, furniture and plasterboard should no longer block stair placement.
Dropping items should no longer damage the property, though throwing them at max strength should still cause damage
Fixed aggregate pricing UI mis-match issue
Added a scrap value to the starting scrap fences and boulders on the site
Much improved rain effects, including world wetness and cars now kicking up water and snow when in motion
T will now debug remove / replace site hoarding
Door holding positions changed to give better vision during placement
Pallet holding positions changed to give better vision during placement
Added metallic maps to several objects in the game - take note if something seems too shiny!
“Bowels” changed to “Bladder” in the UI - likely means no poopy feature coming, sorry
New Window close audio
Reworked how the pallet truck functions so that is should be a lot more accurate and reliable in picking up deliveries
Fixed an issue where pallet truck could causes No-Fines frames to render editor elements
Fixed some inaccuracy in Foundation task checks
Non-connected No-Fines Frames no longer counted to No-Fines task check
Should no longer be able to place No-Fines outside of the site
Fixed toilets colours not applying to the flusher part
Fixed placement issues with showers

Can now sell properties to the Council (use Mitchell Catalogue)
Can now purchase properties from the Council (use Mitchell Catalogue)
Players can swap save files with one another to load properties into their own game, allowing players to share their creations, or send houses for other players to fix.
Fixed several dialogues mentioning the old roofing system
Improvements to rain collisions should prevent rain appearing indoors
Bedroom Drawers now have correct open / close audios
Curtains now have correct open / close audios
Caravan toilet & shower doors now have correct open / close audios
Fixed red toilet seat mesh loading incorrectly
Fixed Silo purchase costs being set incorrectly
Fixed furniture duplicating after having Mitchell demolish the site
Fixed Roof Plank starting position on rear of house
Better camera angle for house photo generation
Fixed tenants not damaging player placed No-Fines walls
Added commas to high values and dynamic values for better readability
Fixed hole in road near Mitchell’s office
Fixed valuation bug where unfinished properties didn’t have correct valuation penalties applied
Fixed Shingles not adding value to the property
Fixed issue where picking up Shingles wouldn’t remove their value from property 
Fixed carpet, tiles and roofing tar lowering the value of the property
Fixed a bunch of mortar mesh issues to make mortar look more uniform on bricks
Fixed crash caused by tenants trying to damage bricks on properties that didn’t have any
Tenants now damage other parts of the house if they can’t find any shingles on the house
Tenants now damage other parts of the house if the can’t find any plasterboard on the house
New Tenant Damage chances (15% damage floors, 15% to damage No Fines, 10% damage brickwork, 5% chance to damage roofing, 40% chance damage furniture, 15% damage interior walls, with various fallbacks if any are not available to be damaged)
Tenants can now damage furniture, but should never be able to destroy their Bed or Sofa.
Tenants can now damage curtains
Added House price inflation
House price inflation is added per month and is historically accurate (reference West Midlands, government Land Registry up until the year 2008, where it will increase at a whopping 1% per season ad infinitum (constant housing growth what could go wrong!?)
No consumer price inflation or wage inflation has been added yet, so this could get weird.
Fixed Current Sell Profit Notebook listing NaN issue
Fixed 2 instances of the word “convenience” being misspelled 
Fixed issue where too much scrap would spawn upon destroying furniture
Fixed issue where having Ronnie search for tools wouldn’t unlock the mouse cursor
Fixed issue where plasterboard placement could sometimes be blocked by No-Fines frames
Changed how Painted surfaces are saved, in order to be able to save them when selling properties. This will unfortunately mean previous painted saves will be lost. 
Fixed Kashmiran line “You’re payment” to “Your payment”
Fixed a few visual issues related to doors
Fixed pathing for traffic to prevent them from mounting the curb when turning outside Mitchells
Mitchell Demolish site option now also demolishes furniture 

Fixed issue where players couldn’t drop items from their hands after sleeping
Fixed Tenant sat outside property / knocking on door with no answer issue
Fixed Players getting trapped in the house if they knocked on a door that was installed back to front
Fixed players getting trapped in the house if the ran through the door after conversation with tenant ended
Fixed issue where upgrading Silo wouldn’t increase strength till players loaded back into their game
Fixed issue where players could sometimes not fit roof planks into smaller gaps

Fixed Functional tall (0.6m) window screw loose position
Fixed a save load corruption caused by wood
Can now change the colour of Mortar (muck) by adding paint to the mix
Changed layout of Tool Shed area for optimisation purposes
General optimisation pass
Fixed weird zooming whilst holding paint can
Added Concrete, Mortar & No-Fines Silos, purchasable from Mitchell’s Catalogue
Mortar & No-Fines no longer infinite on Debug Enabled
Fixed Tile / Carpet placement on upper floors of the house

Fixed incorrect icon showing for a Paint Brush tool tip
Optimisation work on Shingles and Bricks
Player input should now be locked during eye closing transitions
Fixed issue where players could order site demolition without the required funds
Added Site Tiling Service to the Mitchell Catalogue
Adjusted AI Driving line to try and stop Winston crashing into the wall
Fixed Tall (0.6m) Traditional Window frame issue
Fixed Tall (0.6m) Traditional screw issue
Potentially fixed code that wasn’t firing for “slimming down” colliders on plasterboard, SHOULD mean plasterboard placement issues no longer pop up

Added ability to demolish site (See Mitchell’s catalog in front of the big man himself)
Fixed Blank tape unlock issue.
AI Cars & Lorry exterior now accumulate snow
Fixed birck task complete check not completing if a Large (Small) window frame was used
Fixed Large Functional Window (Small) screw placements
Fixed Snow glare
Added Ability to bulldoze the property (accessed through Mitchell’s document in front of his desk)

Fixed Screws for Window_01_Large_B
Fixed Curtains
Fixed text issue on windows in the Building Catalogue
Fixed Small Traditional Windows loading in the incorrect mesh
Fixed plasterboard placement for both 0.2m No-Fines frames
Slimmed down placement colliders on plasterboard to try and solve some placement issues
Fixed a bunch of No-Fines collider sizes which prevented plasterboard placement in specific situations
Fixed Cement, Aggregate and Sand bags found in the world acting weirdly when placed in WheelBarrow
Removed Cloth physics from Cement, Aggregate and Sand bags
Fixed No-Fines collider resizing on placement, which would allow for No-Fines to be placed overlapping one another
Fixed Green & White Tall (Small) window issues
Fixed missing Staining on Traditional windows
Fixed missing glass on small (medium) Traditional window
Fixed max order number for Roof Frames in the Building Catalogue

Fixed Roof Frame collision placement issues
 Fixed Roof frame orientation issue
Fixed No-Fines placement issue
Fixed a save issue tied to curtains
Fixed curtain nails loading in huge
Fixed curtain render issue

Fixed Small (medium) Post-Modern Window placement snap issue
Fixed tool tips for Paint Brush
Fixed Medium (Medium) Functional Window screw and window position
Fixed more plasterboard placement mis-alignment issues (Specifically tied to windows)
Fixed No-Fines placement state allowing overlap
Fixed various items not being collected on site clearance
Tenants can now answer all doors on the property
Tenants no longer remark on player smell when angry about property damage
Fixed Standing Lamp delivery issues

Fixed sink task not completing (Requires re-securing the sink)
Fixed furniture doors not closing on pickup
Fixed bolster not being sheathed on hammer drop
Cleaned up some mortar rendering issues with bricks and no-fines
Rewrote Mitchell dialogues to accommodate new features
Fixed Door and Window task caused by load issue
Fixed screws on small(small) functional windows
Fixed Furniture catalogue index navigation issues
Fixed Shingle rotation issue
Fixed Tall (medium) Brass Post-Modern window frame appearing incorrectly
Fixed Roof Frame placement issue when placed on frames of a certain angle
Fixed an issue where Roof Frames couldn’t be angled correctly after backing out of placement state
Fixed various Furniture catalogue UI issues
Fixed furniture not staying secured on load - and associated tenant issues tied to that

Fixed mesh on Small (wide) traditional window sets
Fixed general furniture placement issue
Fixed furniture roof ground placement issue
New Rotation solution for furniture placement, tap rotate for 90 degree angles, hold rotate with mouse movement for specific rotation
Plasterboard task no longer counts loose plaster frames

Reworked how No-Fines task is calculated and completed to make it more accurate

Fixed load issue caused by missing UI reference (Nargin issue)
Fixed Post-Modern Window being listed as Post-Modern Staircase
Fixed Screws on Post-Modern Medium (Medium) Window
Fixed Crash caused by closing unsecured windows
Fixed Interior Door Wood Frame not rendering at correct height
Fixed plasterboard snap placement issue on Single Pillar No-Fines
Fixed plasterboard snap placement issue on Door No-Fines
Right click no longer rotates Flat Shingles, instead shifts it’s position slightly
Fixed plasterboard snap placement issue on Medium Window (medium size) No-Fines Frame
Fixed plasterboard snap placement issue on Small Window (medium size) No-Fines Frame
Fixed No-Fines build task uncompleted when picking up a loose No-Fines frame
Fixed Build Task checks (Roof / Window & Doors) that prevented the furniture catalogue from being unlocked
Jimmy no longer talks about Roof Task

Added Smoking item name and details
Returned “out of bounds” bubble
Fixed screws on Functional medium window
Fixed Post-Modern Back door color consistency
Fixed Cement, Aggregate, Sand bags acting suspiciously in the environment
Fixed White, Black and Oak small (medium) sized windows not fitting into the No-Fines space allocated
Fixed area of the building site where brick and foundations couldn’t be placed
Fixed a rounding error that would mean foundations would continue to render their frame
Cement mixer added color should now reset when emptied
Fixed missing ground mortar for breeze blocks
Fixed area where players couldn’t place bricks
Fixed invisible mortar spots at the bottom of the starting breeze block wall

Increased tippy-toe max height from 2.0 to 2.5
Raised height of the Work Platform
These changes were needed to allow easier working with brickwork indoors. 
Removed the iron girder above support wall
Removed this as it allows players to place brick walls within the house as they please (or replace the old support wall with plaster walls, or remove it entirely to open up the property)
Removed the Interior Support Wall build task
Smoothed visuals on mortar blobs
Added Plaster Frames
Added Hot Bar
Hot bar allows better handling of things like changing mortar size, or frame size. Preventing the need to cycle through these selections with the RMB. 
Added Trowel Hot Bar functionality
Added Plaster Frame Hot Bar functionality
Added Plasterboard Hot Bar functionality (Rendering against brick only) 
Fixed save corruption caused by nail errors
The starting house is now slightly shorter, to allow for brick wall placements inside
Plasterboards and wall frames also needed resizing to fit this change
Fixed Magazine Rack item details name & description
Now much easier to place windows (windows will snap to correct height)
Added several new Newspapers
Newspapers delivered daily, with dynamic news headlines and tool tips
Newspapers now readable without skipping time
Fixed medium “Red haired lady” picture not being delivered correctly
Curved shingle halved in size (for new roofing)
Shingles can now be cut in half with the Circular Saw & Brick Bolter
Raised height of property area bedrock
Fixed a load of Building Supplies, Tools & Furniture Catalogue navigation issues
HUD UI now closer to outer edges
HUD UI no longer blocks Catalogue UI
Repositioned the Phone Dialogue bubble to prevent it from blocking UI view
Wealth UI while browsing catalogue now shows the title Wealth
Pause menu size reduced by 15% to prevent clipping with HUD elements
Various alignment issues fixed with the HUD
Fixed resolution of the catalogue selection UI
Fixed Bedroom Index navigation issues (furniture catalogue)
Furniture catalogue now better displays the selected style of furniture players are about to purchase
Added Curtains to the Furniture Catalogue
Fixed issue where Shingles loaded in would all look the same
Can now order Roof Frames from the Building Supplies catalogue
Can now order Roof Underlay from the Building Supplies catalogue
Totters Roof Job
Updated job to use the new Roofing system
Job now provides required supplies each time it is undertaken
Fixed issues with Job completing too soon / not completing at all
Fixed issue where Totter would give player the music tape again on multiple job completions instead of paying the player
Fixed issue where left over supplies would float next to the church after completing the Totter roof job
Fixed issue where jobs could be posted when not available
Base chance for residential damage (church roof, kashmiran foundations, tamsin’s wall) increased from 10% to 30%
NPCs no longer always sad / happy during conversation if the player talks to them while they smell
Paint colours have been redone for better range of colours, easier to match toward furniture and easier to mix colour ranges
Paint colours now better reflect the colour that ends up on the canvas
Plasterboard has been reworked to work with the new Wall placement and Roof placement systems
Added Wood paneling that can be applied to wall frames and roof frames
Optimized performance of collision checks on various items
New No-Fines Damage effects that show appropriately coloured chipping particles
Fixed some instances of No-Fines not producing correct debris when broken
Added new Roofing Tiles (Carlyle Clay, Flat Slate & Curved Slate)
New improved art for Bricks
Rebalanced various interactions to use significantly less energy
World Ambient audio delay spacing increased from 15-30 seconds to 45-240 seconds
Updated Minimum build requirements to accommodate the new Free Build system
Pallets that load in should no longer float
Fixed a long standing audio bug tied to the spanner (wrench)
Fixed issue where leaving half a pint on the bar, then ordering another from Tamsin could soft-lock the game
Better Aggregate, Sand & Cement bag visuals
Fixed issue where shovelling dirt into foundations would fill them as if using concrete
Text throughout the speech bubbles in the game should appear much crisper
Foundation Frames will now load in foundation stakes where they were previously placed and saved
Saving foundation frames is a can of worms so I’m hoping this is a better solution to simply losing the frame all together.
New ceiling and roof materials
Ceilings can now be painted with save and load support
Fixed issue where player couldn’t pickup a new colour of No-Fines if their trowel was full

Foundation tutorial text found within the Notebook has been updated to reflect the previous changes to foundation frames.

Buy, sell and trade houses with other players!

Month 21 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Free Build update will release soon (mid Feb). An extraordinary amount of work has gone into this update. If you haven’t played since the start of Early Access, Free Build provides a completely new experience. Read on to see what we’ve been working on.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Buying & Selling Property

Players have been asking for more properties since the start of Early Access. With the coming release of the Free Build update, they will finally be able to buy, sell and trade properties with one another. 

For performance reasons, we’re unable to allow the loading of more than 1 property in the game world at a time. This is unfortunately a concession that needs to be made with a construction game with as much depth and complexity as Landlord’s Super. This implementation method was chosen to give players the ability to build multiple properties, but without needing to reduce the depth and complexity of the construction elements in the game. Hopefully it’s a compromise players are happy with.

For the initial Free Build update release, players wanting to purchase properties will need to either build and sell them themselves, or trade with other players. We do plan on adding a selection of “fixer-upper” properties, but right now our focus is on bug-fixing and implementing missing features. That said, if any of you want to send over save files for a half-finished property that you think would make a fun fixer-upper, feel free to send them over and we’ll add them to the game.  

Annoying Stuff

If you’ve kept abreast of the patch notes the last few weeks, you’ll see that we’re finally making time to fix a lot of long standing and annoying features in Landlord’s Super. 
The Pallet Truck was causing players trouble with unloading their goods, so we’ve rewritten and reworked it to be far more reliable.
Dropping items has also been reworked. Players will now only damage thrown items and the property when launched with maximum charge. Essentially allowing them to place items down without worry.
The UI “Bowels” is now written as “Bladder”. This wasn’t a spelling mistake, originally there was going to be poop functionality in the game, but that has since been cut. 
The holding positions of certain items blocking view have also been adjusted so players can better place them. Work on the “annoying stuff” like this will continue over the coming months as the final game comes together. We appreciate the patience with this stuff!

Shiny and Rain Effects

Many objects now have metallic or specular maps allowing them to react realistically to lighting and reflections. Rain now also works similarly to snow, in that it persists within the environment through wetness depending on the current rain intensity.

Jalopy on Wikipedia

Thanks to MeblIQ’ERE for pointing out that Jalopy has it’s own page on Wikipedia. It’s touching to see that the game continues to leave a little digital footprint for players.

We Got a Bug Report Through the Post

This was great to receive, thank you Mikale and keep an eye on your post for our reply!

The community have been busy building throughout December

Month 20 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

In-between fixing bugs, introducing silos & mortar colour to Landlord’s Super, we’ve been busy with Yogscast’s Jingle Jam and visiting family for the Holidays.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Free Build Fixes

Majority of the work this month has been focused on attending to issues within the Free Build In Development version. With build 0.5.12, we’re now at the point where most of the significant issues are addressed and we can focus on getting the rest of the content in and pushing the update into the main branch. 

Mitchell Catalogue

To address the complaints of tedium and repetition in the game, we’re introducing the Mitchell Catalogue (or Document more specifically).
Mitchell’s catalogue provides the player with options in automating some of the more boring tasks (like demolishing the site and tiling exposed roof planks). The catalogue also provides opportunities for players to sell properties to the council, the option for players to retire into their home (end game state), and some more purchase opportunities like Pre-Mixed Silos.

Pre-Mixed Silos

Through Mitchell’s catalogue, players also have the option to purchase the Concrete, Mortar & No-Fines Silos. Once purchased, the Silos will appear at the Tool Shed, providing players with unlimited access to each.
Different strengths of mixture can be purchased as the player earns more money. To use the silos, players need simply push a button, and the silo will begin to fill the tub below it. Each tub has a maximum volume of 1000ltrs and can even be moved using the Pump Truck. 

Mortar Colour

With the introduction of new bricks to the Free Build update, it became clear we’d need to re-introduce mortar colour. Originally removed for performance, we think we’ve got a good solution in place for this. Though if you do find you’re experiencing poor performance, be sure to email Greg ( with your save data and a brief explanation on the issue.

Mortar Colour can be changed the same as Concrete & No-Fines; by simply pouring paint into the mixture.

Jingle Jam

A huge thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Jingle Jam and the Yogscast for running the event. The total raised for various charities was a jaw dropping $4,432,436.89. A great way to end the year!

Time to start building…

Month 19 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Access to the Free Build update is now available from the InDev branch on Steam. Details below.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Free Build update enters InDev

After many months of development, the Free Build Update is finally available through the InDev Branch!

What is InDev?

InDev is a separate branch on Steam that gives players access to updates earlier while they are still in development. It’s a great way to try out new features early whilst also helping to make updates release as polished as possible. Whilst InDev contains the majority of the content available in the upcoming Free Build update, players who opt-in should expect bugs, performance issues and some missing features.

What’s in Free Build?

Free Build is our biggest update yet. Removing all restrictions and introducing the ability to build homes from the ground up. Move and place walls, build an extension, install staircases and add multiple floors. With the Free Build update, Landlord’s Super leaps closer toward being THE Quintessential Construction Simulator!

How to Access InDev?

Details on how to access the InDev branch through Steam follow the patch notes below.

Free Build Patch Notes

  • Free Build
    It’s time to knock down the walls of your home and begin designing and building your dream home!
  • Staircases & Additional Floors
    Build staircases to gain access to additional floors in your home. Up the wooden hill, son!
  • Hot Bar
    Better interaction options for certain building supplies. Just hold RMB to open it up!
  • New Windows & Doors
    Many new styles and colours to install
  • New Bricks and Shingles
    Dozens of new bricks and shingles to really express yourself Can now place bricks freely
  • Improved Visuals
    Various improvements make the game look even better!
  • Curtains
    Finally, privacy
  • Balance & Quality of Life Changes
    Completely revamped Roofing including Shingles snapping to grid Balanced energy for longer work days
  • Many Bug Fixes 
    Details on this at a later date
Debug features are enabled in this build!
Q = free fly
N = add energy
M = add money
Additionally, the trowel will never run out of mortar / no-fines

How to Access InDev

  1. Right Click on your Landlord’s Super install in Steam and select “properties”
  2. Click the Betas tab and then select InDev In development access
  3. The InDev build should start to download on steam!

Note: Steam may require a restart after stage 2 for the InDev to download.

Special Thanks

With such a big update, we required a closed “testingbranch” period to ensure the game was stable and functional. A select group of players over on the discord elected themselves to help out. Without the help of these players, the Free Build update would likely not have made it into InDev before Christmas. So we wanted to give a special thank you to the following players.

Special thanks to Johnfister, Luke Capicchioni, Trust37, Sparkz, Nargin, steam train, kinghingle, Gyger, G1n_rumZz, Silky, BrownTown, gv05, ShawbertoCarlos, RustyShack, Im The Dronk Tracktore Man, Mulex, Hoopsure, markuzz, vanGogh, Inevitable K, tuinkers, Kapitan Elementu. 

Thank you all for the help, all your support, and all your patience during this period. 

Jingle Jam

Happy December 1st. But do you know what that means? Jingle Jam is back!

Over the last 10 years, people raised over $20 million for charities across the world. It’s honestly mind blowing. And this year we’re back again!

But what’s even better by making a donation (between 1st Dec and 14th Dec 2021) of at least £35 (around $47 USD) in a single transaction to one of the charities you will receive keys for 56 games!

List with all of the games and charities are in the link below.

Check it, maybe you will see something that you like!

Progress continues to be made on the Free Build Update.


Month 18 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

A short one this month, as we’ve entered another gear in order to get the update completed.

We’re looking at getting a test build of the Free Build update into the InDev branch before Christmas. Let’s look at how that will look.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Free Build? When?

Work on the construction elements is finally drawing to a close. However, development still needs to complete on two more areas of the game before the update can hit the public branch. 

First is making sure that the new construction gameplay is presented correctly. This means revisiting how the start of the game plays out. Answering questions such as “how do you complete tasks in the notebook with free build?”. Enhancing areas of the game such as the loan system, reworking how the tool shed is unlocked and of course, tutorials for the new mechanics. 

Second is bug fixing. Once we enter this phase we’ll share the game on the InDev branch where players can try the new features early and help us out with bug tracking.

Also of note; we’ll start releasing builds on InDev with debug tools. So you’ll be able to spawn money, refill energy, fly around, etc. This is to ensure playthroughs are faster and bug tracking is easier.

New Shingles, New Bricks

A variety of new Shingles and Bricks are making their way into the Free Build update. Each with their own price and style, allowing our players even more creative freedom.


The ability to build wooden housing has been a popular request, so we’re adding in the ability to panel your homes in plasterboard and wood panelling. Both the insides and outsides of your homes can be fully panelled and painted. 

We look forward to seeing how creative players get with this once Free Build is released!

Progress continues to be made on the Free Build Update.


Month 17 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

The Free Build update sure is taking a long time, huh? We appreciate players are probably starting to lose patience with it, so this month, we’ll be looking into why exactly this update is taking longer than previous ones, but it’s important to know that the guts of the game are really being torn out and refitted. We’re confident, however, that this work will give the game the longevity it deserves. 

We’ve also done a bunch of work on RoofingNewspapers and Curtains. We’ve even took on an extra pair of paws to help us speed along development.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Our Biggest Update Yet

The Free Build Update is by far our biggest update to the game thus far. Due to this, save data from previous versions of the game will not be compatible with The Free Build Update (oof). All players will need to start a fresh save when the update comes out.

There’s a justification for this. Big changes to how construction gameplay works have also meant reworking how the save and load system works. We understand that losing save data isn’t any fun, so we’re making sure to add as much new content to the game as possible. Starting a new save in The Free Build Update should feel like playing a whole new experience.

We’ve spoken over the last few months of the changes incoming. Interior Wall PlacementExterior Wall PlacementCeiling GenerationStaircasesHot Bar, and a raft of quality of life improvements and bug fixes. But there’s still even more to come. Let’s take a look.

Save data from previous versions will not be compatible with the Free Build update.

Newspaper Changes

Greg managed find time to sneak in a long-planned feature with the in-game newspapers. 

With how hidden some features are in Landlord’s Super, we’ve always worried that a lot of the depth of the game gets over-looked. Our Discord channel can usually help mitigate this, with users pointing out unknown features to new players, but we really wanted an in-game way to address this.

Newspapers are our chosen solution for this. They are now generated on a daily basis, come with a period appropriate headline – which have been drawn from an array of real-world press articles – and a “tool tip” headline hinting at some of the mechanical depth and hidden features of the game. It’s really neat!

Newspapers change on a daily basis, and can be viewed anytime a player used a toilet (We’ve adjusted the UI a bit so you can read without skipping time). 

Roofing Changes

After adding the ability for players to determine placement of both interior and exterior walls, we found that a solution for roof placement was also needed. Both the ceiling and base of the roof are generated automatically upon an exterior wall loop completing. Players can also place gable and square roof frames to build various slanted and flat roof styles.

We’ve also taken a look at addressing how fiddly roofing was. Roof planks can now be resized during placement. They also snap into place. Shingles also snap to grid, allowing quick and easy placement. 

Roofing is still a work in progress, with more on this coming next month. You can see this new feature in action here.

New Windows & Doors

Finally, players will be able to fit new colours, sizes and styles of windows and doors!

We’ve added 6 new sizes of window and 3 different style types (Functional, Traditional, Post-Modern). Each of these can be customized in a variety of colours or materials. Doors have also been given the same treatment, with a variety of new styles and colours to choose from.


Extra time this month meant we managed to sneak curtains into the game too. Finally, some privacy! 

UI Changes

Another thing we spent doing this month was tightening up the UI for the HUD and various catalogues. UI should no longer overlay elements. Phone dialogue should no longer obscure player view. Additionally, players can read the newspaper without skipping time now. The HUD has also been moved closer to the screen edge, with visual issues being fixed, allowing much more screen space to be dedicated to the game world. 

Discord Level Up

the Official MinskWorks Discord server has now been boosted to level 2! A huge thank you to discord users Tea, ShipMasterCaine, BLKWave , Rūta and 87isaiah8718 for server boosting us to level 2.

Level 2 means we are now eligible for server discovery, have a fancy new banner and most importantly, can share up to 50mb of in-development footage. Thank you all!

Meet Our Newest Hire

Welcome Bija, the newest member to the MinskWorks team!

Bija is a Cockapoo who is very sociable and loves stealing team members slippers. She is currently 13 weeks old and enjoys morning and evening visits to the bark park. She is also looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the coming update!

Progress continues to be made on the Free Build Update.


Month 16 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Apologies from us for missing a month. We were away visiting family in Lithuania for much of July, so there really wasn’t a lot for us to report on. 

Now we’re back and have been making good progress on the much anticipated Free-Build update.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Exterior Wall Placement

Something we teased back in July’s newsletter was the Interior and Exterior wall placement. Continued work on this has meant walls can now be placed on roofs – allowing for the addition of multiple floors to your property.

Greg has also spent sometime reworking and polishing how wall placement works. It now utilises a much more intuitive “drag & drop” system, which you can see in action linked below (twitter link in image).

Work has gone into making wall-placement feel more intuitive. 

Ceiling Generation

Ceilings are generated whenever the game recognises a closed loop between exterior wall segments. Greg got bogged down with making sure this generation worked as expected and without issues, it took a while but the system is now solid and means the game can support the construction of multiple floors! Access to multiple floors will require the use of something that’s been anticipated for a long time…


Planning on adding multiple storeys to your property? You’re going to want to order some staircases. Staircases allow access to the upper floors of your property. Place them on the ground and secure them with your spanner and you or your tenants now have access to a whole new area of the house!

With three different styles of staircase – each with multiple step designs and colours – you’ll also be able to match staircases with any of the furnishing styles you’ve decorated your property with.

Video example linked in the image below.

Catalogue Updates

“Staircases” and “Walls” pages have been added to the Q&Q catalogue. The Save & Load system now also supports both these features. Roofing is still to come but work on that will begin soon. More on that next month.

Quality of Life Improvements

For the Free Build update, we’re also looking at improving how comfortable the game is to play. For example, windows will now snap to the correct height, making them much easier to place. We’re also setting aside time to speed up roof construction, and implement grid-snapping for tile placement. We’d also like to add a better way to place items on the ground (one that doesn’t destroy the property!).

Other considerations we’d like to see make their way into the update are more involving ways to earn money, and more convenient ways to recover energy. If you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them!

Community Spotlight

Mar (@midmodmar, commissions open) created an amazing rendition of the player character H. Abiff and local landlady Tamsin. Człowiek Elementu provides the meme magic with not one, but two original memes. Finally, ASkeleton sets the game record for highest wheel barrow stack. Bravo all! 

The Landlord’s Super Soundtrack is now available for purchase on Steam.


Month 14 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

This month saw the release of The Landlord’s Super Original Soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Warmsley. Available for purchase now on Steam.

Steps are also being made towards the release of the Free Build update. Though we’re not yet at the stage where we can provide a release window.

Tragically, we’ve also had to say goodbye to an old friend. 

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Soundtrack Now Available

The Landlord’s Super Original Soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Warmsley, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Purchase now to receive 17 tracks, including the full in-game mix tapes and theme song, and support a talented and hardworking musician.

Free Build Progress Report

Development was slowed this month due to a house (and with it home office) move, but progress is now getting back to full steam. Here’s an overview of what we’ve worked on.

Interior Wall Placement

Players will soon be able to remove & place interior walls. Create an open-plan living space, or finally make that bathroom smaller.

Each Plaster Frame can also be resized using our new “Hot Bar” functionality (details further on).

Hot Bar

Relying on clicking the right mouse button to change the shape or selection for things such as the Trowel was proving to be annoying. We’d long planned to replace this solution with a hot bar system and finally, with the introduction of Interior Wall Placement, the Hot Bar is making it’s way in. 

Holding down the right mouse button for a short time will now open the Hot Bar (restricted to applicable items). From the Hot Bar, selections can be made to change the type or style or placement for the object the player is currently holding.

Objects that make use of the Hot Bar include the Trowel (for mortar placement), Plaster Frames (interior walls), No-fines Frames (exterior walls) and Plaster Board.

Exterior Wall Placement & Roof Generation

Along with Interior Wall Placement, we’ve now started work on Exterior Wall Placement. The aim of this feature is to allow players to remove and place exterior (No-Fines Frames) walls. Essentially, this will allow players to design the layout and size of their property. Making them both builder and architect!

Whilst in theory the execution of this feature should be the same as Interior Wall Placement, there’s a couple considerations needed. One thing to consider is how we handle roofing? Do you have players build the roof themselves? Do you generate the whole thing? How does the game decide then, what should be a flat roof or a gable roof?

The current solution is a mixture of both generated an placement. Once a full loop of the exterior wall is completed, a flat roof mesh will be generated (pictured). Placement of gable frames will then be allowed on this roof, so players can design what parts of their roof will be gabled and flat. 

There’s still a lot of work left to be done on this feature, but it’s looking promising that customising the layout and size of the house will be possible soon. 

Farewell Simba

Tragically, this month saw the passing of our dear friend and companion Simba. Simba was a Chihuahua who loved sleeping under the covers and watching Daniel Day Lewis films. He was a funny dog, wearing himself out with excitement before a walk to then take himself home for an early bed. Rest in peace dear friend, you will not be forgotten.

Simba you were a huge part of Jalopy and Landlord’s, thank you for all your support.

Furniture Update, out now on Steam!


Month 13 of Landlord’s Super Early Access.

Last month we finally released the Furniture Update into the main branch of Steam! Combined with the positive support of our fans, a couple of sales and some really great streamers picking up the game, the update really got the attention it deserves. 

With that milestone complete, we’re sure you’ll be interested in what’s next. Well, for us, we’ll be spending a little bit of time moving home, but once that’s out of the way it’s back into the next update for the game. Read on to find out what the plans are there.

The Quintessential Construction Simulator

Furniture Update Now Available

The Furniture Update is now fully available on Steam. If you missed the announcement, or patch notes, you can view them here. The Furniture Update not only adds in 100s of new pieces of furniture but also includes new music, jobs, and mechanics further enhancing the Landlord’s Super game experience. It is the biggest content update the game has had since starting Early Access, making it a perfect time to jump back in.

Try it now


As the core of the game becomes more fleshed out, we’ve started to add in a few moddable elements to the game. This is a trend we’ll likely continue if it’s something the community likes. For now, the moddable elements in the game are as follows.

  • Blank Tape Audio Files
    • Fill the blank tape with up to 20 .wav audio files of your choice, listen to a podcast, or load up the first album you ever purchased!
  • Blank Tape Texture
    • With the audio loaded, change the appearance of the tape so you can show off what you’re listening to
  • Paintings
    • There’s currently 5 paintings featuring Ruta’s beautiful art with more to come. Each one can be swapped out for any .png image through the StreamingAssets folder.


Those of you who have seen the current roadmap will noticed that the next planned step is shown as the Supper & Tea update. This won’t actually be the focus for the next update. Instead, we’ll be moving straight onto the Free Build update
The reason for this change is partly that the Furniture update took us longer than expected, but mainly because we’re uncomfortable being a year on from starting Early Access and still missing an end game.
The plan then, is to start work on this update as soon as we’re done moving. Bug fixes will be at a break for now, as the work required for Free Build will require rebuilding fundamental aspects of the game.
If you’re not comfortable waiting for an extended period of time for the content update – and are prepared for buggy content – we’ll be opening up the In-Dev branch again as soon as it’s available to do so, releasing content in phases.
The first phase of this update will likely focus on the removal and placement of interior walls. With us finding a workable solution for this that still allows tenants to rent the property. Then moving onto foundation and outer wall placement (the struggle here currently is figuring out how roof generation will work, but we’ll figure that out as we understand the problems better).
Regardless, this is likely be the hardest and most demanding change the game has had since starting EA last year, so we please ask for patience and understanding while we’re working away at it. We never originally planned for this, but we really don’t want to let the community down so we think it’s worth the effort.
Other than interior and exterior wall and foundation placements (Finally! Bigger properties!), we’ll be using this update to add an end game loop and game ending state, more jobs, pad support and hopefully open up the way to start localising the game. Though this last point is dependent on whether script files are complete.


In this month’s highlight we look at the exceptional interior design skills of Kallecarlund’s from over in the Discord, and also from the Discord, Horn shows us a unique perspective of Ronnies Supply Store. Nice!